[Hong Kong v.s. New York – Point of View of a Hong Kong Exchange Student] 【香港 vs. 紐約: 一個香港交流生的觀察】

“Concrete jungles where dream are made of… these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you…”

I have been singing this song since I was young. New York, to me, has always been a city of America, finance, technology, and a city of dreams. I have always thought that New York is a place to stay, and a place for me to achieve my dreams.

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[Not Being Heard is No Reason for Silence] 【不被聽到,不是沉默的原因】


[Not Being Heard is No Reason for Silence]

By Dazi CREMONITA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: Vogue

Robert Downey Jr., Obama (twice!), Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Macklemore, Emma Watson among (a lot of) others have seen it. I have only heard not good, but stellar reviews of Hamilton: An American Musical, which tells the story of the youngest, most driven, and most prolific founding father Alexander Hamilton. Written by and starring the ingenious Lin-Manuel Miranda, this melting pot of 90’s hip-hop, paired with incredibly diverse cast has be called revolutionary and life-changing countless times. Just to give you a measure how much people (including me) want to go see this, the ticket for Miranda’s last show on July 9 can go up to USD 10,000.

One of the fascinating themes of Hamilton is how our circumstances today do not determine our future.  With a provocative opening – “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman … turn out to be a hero and a scholar?” – and a delicate closing – “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” – Hamilton succeeds in churning audience’s minds every night. Our future and legacy is never a topic to leave our minds. We keep asking whether what we do is ever enough or too much, whether we made a difference in someone’s life, whether we’ve said whatever we needed to say. Effective self-expression is not only getting people to hear your ideas, but also getting them to understand your ideas. Find a medium that can convey your ideas best: music, painting, dance, food, formula, or whatever. By the time he died at age of 49, Alexander Hamilton has written 27-volume worth of written work. He famously proposed his own kind of government, talking extemporaneously for six hours. He wrote like he was running out of time.

Check out Hamilton: An American Musical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBkI_9cr1Ws


文: Dazi CREMONITA (賽馬會群智堂)

譯: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: 《美國時尚雜誌》

羅拔·唐尼、奧巴馬、比爾·蓋茨,史提芬·史匹堡、麥可莫、愛瑪·華生…… 很多名人都看過《漢密爾頓》音樂劇。這部講述了最年輕,最有財富基礎的美國開國元勛亞歷山大·漢密爾頓的音樂劇,一直以來我聽過對《漢密爾頓》的評價,總是有讚無彈。這部劇由才華橫溢的林·曼努爾·米蘭達編寫和主演,它因融合了九十年代的嘻哈文化,同時擁有非常多元化背景的演出陣容而被人們無數次評價為一部顛覆性的、令人震撼的音樂劇。七月九日那次由米蘭達主演的尾場票價更高達一萬美元,我想從這個數字你或許可以知道有多少人(包括我)想去一睹它的風采。

《漢密爾頓》最精彩的主題之一是告訴了觀眾我們的當下不會決定我們的未來 。一個振奮人心的開場「一個私生子、孤兒、妓女和蘇格蘭人的兒子,是如何成為了一個學者和英雄的?」和一個耐人尋味的結尾「誰還活著,誰已死去,誰來講述你的故事」,《漢密爾頓》所講述的故事扣人心弦。我們的過去和未來是一直會被談論的話題。我們一直在問,我們是不是做得太少或是太多,我們是否給其他人的生活帶來了影響,我們是不是說了應該說的話。有效的自我表達不只是讓人們聽到你的聲音,而是讓他們去理解你的想法。找到一個可以最好表達你的想法的媒介:音樂、美術、舞蹈、食物、公式等等。亞歷山大·漢密爾頓在四十九歲去世時已經完成的文學作品,多到可以集成二十七卷厚厚的書。提及對國家的見解與治理時,他更曾滔滔不絕地說了六個小時。在寫作上他也總是爭分奪秒,對他來講,似乎時間總是不夠用。





[Long Distance Friendship] 【跨越空間的友情】


[Long Distance Friendship]

By: Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)

Image: quotesgram.com


Do you have a long-distance friend?


If you are or were an exchange or international student, you will know how tough it can be, having a dear friend that you don’t see for months – some even for years.


You can go on months without meeting or speaking to these people. However, you know you will always have a heart-felt connection to them, as they are one of the most important people in your life.


It is never awkward when they suddenly message you or call to chat. You always update them when anything important happens. You are used to spending a lot of time on the phone texting and skyping them. You love to reminisce together, pulling out old photos or inside jokes that only you guys knew about. You love to plan future visits to each other’s place, and the best part? Knowing that you will always have a place to stay.


Having a long-distance friend can sometimes be hard and difficult. However, no matter if you are 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 miles away, you know that they will always have your back, and that you have a friend forever.


“True friends never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.”

~Helen Keller



文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)

譯: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: quotesgram.com














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[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love] 【你有沒有愛上香港的夏天】


[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Images: LCSD

The sun is strong, the air is heavy. The days are getting longer while your hair is getting shorter. Water from air conditioners is dripping down on Mongkok while you wait for the rain over in Kowloon Tong. And then, on a sweltering afternoon in June, here comes the rain! The rain- how relieving it is, for all of five minutes before you realise you wore your nice shoes today!

To me, all of this truly epitomizes a Hong Kong summer; not to forget the sunglasses and summer dresses, the beaches and clear blue skies and most importantly, the relief of Festival Walk’s air-conditioned, ice-cool air after the walk down from the Student Residence!

But here is why I truly, with all my heart love a good Hong Kong summer:

  1. The Colours
    Don’t get me wrong- I love grey winter coats and black leather boots just as much as anyone else, but there is something else about seeing everyone dressed in happy colours. Everyone and everything, too: the flowers are abloom, and the trees have their lush once again.
  2. Longer Days

The sun sets after 7 P.M. every single day of summer. It is an unparalleled feeling to see daylight for 12 hours a day- imagines waking up from an afternoon nap and still having enough time to make it to the Peak for sunset!

  1. The Views

Hong Kong has spoiled us all with its breathtaking sky-high buildings and the views that come with. And there is no time like the summer to catch these views at their best- with no clouds tainting your experience, and the lights dazzling in the warm air.

  1. Art Month!

This aspect is our summer’s most unique: the season starts with March, Hong Kong’s unofficial month of art. While art adorns the streets of our beloved city, there is no dearth of places to visit to immerse oneself in Hong Kong’s culture of art. March kick starts summer on the best note possible- with passion.

Go on, then. Beat the heat- by embracing it.



文: Sadhika NANDA (陳瑞球堂)

譯: 高路延

圖: 康文署




  1. 夏日的顏色


  1. 更長的白晝


  1. 香港的美景


  1. 藝術的盛宴