[Hong Kong v.s. New York – Point of View of a Hong Kong Exchange Student] 【香港 vs. 紐約: 一個香港交流生的觀察】

“Concrete jungles where dream are made of… these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you…”

I have been singing this song since I was young. New York, to me, has always been a city of America, finance, technology, and a city of dreams. I have always thought that New York is a place to stay, and a place for me to achieve my dreams.

Having the opportunity as an exchange student to the United States, I visited this city of dreams for a little over a week. The city was exactly what everyone portrays – a city of diversity, a hustling financial hub, with countless skyscrapers and a beautiful harbor at the mouth of Hudson River.

It is an ideal city for a young girl like me, to explore the world, to chase after my dreams. However, it reminds me of a place. A place I call home.

At home, it not only has a blooming financial industry, a beautiful Victoria Harbor, even more skyscrapers, safer environment, cleaner streets, a better transportation system… but the important thing is that, it is a place I know I belong.

The smell of the food from the street vendors in Mongkok; the extremely crowded but very much safer and more organized MTR rides; hearing people speak your mother language almost every moment of your day; and the roads that I know how to walk by heart, without any help from the Google Maps…. Home is just a place that no where else can replace.

For me, personally, Hong Kong beats New York City hands down… Don’t feel offended if you don’t agree with me. Well, this is just a biased-writing from a girl, born and raised in Hong Kong.


【香港 vs. 紐約: 一個香港交流生的觀察】

文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)

譯: 張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)


「由夢想組成的石屎森林…… 那些街道會讓你感覺清新開朗,從城市的燈光中你會找到靈感……」




我的家鄉不止是一個經濟重鎮,環抱著一個美麗的維多利亞港,有更多的摩天大樓和更安全的環境,街道更加清潔乾淨,交通的四通八達比起紐約更是有過之而無不及…… 但最重要的,是那是一個我可以依靠的地方。

閉眼就能嗅到旺角各種香氣撲鼻的美食;地鐵車廂縱然擁擠,但永遠不需要擔心治安和人生安全,認路更是簡單至極;每天都聽見美好的母語如歌一般在耳邊響起;還有那些早已種在我心中腦中的道路,那些無需使用谷歌地圖,合上眼睛也能摸清的歸家之路…… 那就是家,一個任何城市都不能取締的地方。

對我來說,香港絕對比紐約要優勝很多…… 不同意嗎?請原諒我的偏見,畢竟我是一個土生土長的香港女孩。

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