New roommate? New hall life! / 新室友?新生活!

New semester is starting soon. Are you excited to meet your new roommate? After a year living in Hall 4, I can tell you that those times were the best part in my U-life! You can also create your own memories!

First of all, foooooooood… Friendship can always be bonded over food. Buying ingredients from markets nearby after class, then cooking your signature dishes in the common room can get you familiarized with each other’s eating habits or culture. What a day to begin with a homemade breakfast and end with sweet soup!

After filling your stomach, it’s time to move around. Each hall has its own recreational corners providing all sorts of board and card games. If you prefer more active activities, a wide range of events like room decoration competitions, singing contest, food tasting parties, and cultural nights welcome you to partner up and join!

Don’t forget to attend classes the next morning. An advantage of having a roommate is like having a human alarm. Often times, your roommate is more likely to be bothered by your alarm clock than you do. After class, you spend those precious time sitting together back to back, studying for the same course (or not) with the same spirit – let’s nail it together!

Time flies for my first year in CityU. So will yours. Let’s share the fullest of it with your closest pal!

Writer: YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

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Enjoy cooking with your new roommate. 與你的新室友共享廚藝秘訣。





不過翌日別睡過頭,忘了要上早課。有室友的好處是他可以發揮人肉鬧鐘的作用。很多時候,被鬧鐘吵醒的不是自己,而是你室友。然後他再喚「早安」叫你起床。下課後,背靠背坐著自修,雖然不一定是在努力同一門課,卻抱著同一樣的精神 – 要過三爆四!


文: 楊雅怡(賽馬會群智堂)

Share your life’s joy and sorrow with your new roommie. 人生中的喜與悲,可與你的室友共扶持。

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