Flick off Those Homesick Blues / 想家愁緒通通走

It was already late in the afternoon, and I was still rolling around my bed with a heavy body; I could have easily blamed the weather and the whole new atmosphere for my sickness but there was something more.

Homesickness. That thing that I labeled as a myth finally caught up with me and proved itself. No matter how much I had anticipated this new independence and change, it was affecting me physically.

It is an easier choice to stay indoors and sulk all day until the feeling wears off but push yourself to get out there and explore your surroundings. Remind yourself of why you were so excited about this new place in the beginning. If your schedule is too loose, fill it up and discover things that you truly appreciate. On the other hand, find ways to relax yourself if your days are too stressful; put down your book and go for a breather.

Meet new people; having friends that can support you whenever you feel down is what makes an environment a place to call home. We all need worthy individuals to whom we can pour out your time and effort.

There are few bits of ritual that I maintain whenever I crave for home; I would occasionally cook my dad’s chicken stew – it does its magic of taking me back to our family dinner table. However, it is still on its way to perfection.

There is no shame in wanting to reconnect with people that has been part of your previous daily routine. Be it a 30-seconds-call or a simple Facebook message, constantly keeping in touch with your loved ones will flick off those homesick blues.

Writer: Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Images: Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Some of us may be missing our family already. After all, they are our main source of support. You are not alone on that. We are happy to support you always. 新來的宿生可能已經開始想家了,畢竟在家千日好,家人永遠是你最好的支持。別怕,我們也在你的身邊支持著你!








文:Julianne DIONISIO(賽馬會敬賢堂)