The Unforgettable Smile of my Residence Tutor / RT 一笑很傾城

What? You ask me whether RT is edible or not? No-no-no, you should know what RT is when you come to stay with us in the CityU Student Residence. RT stands for “Residence Tutor”. Every floor in each hall has at least one Residence Tutor, whom we call Hall Tiu (呵挑) in Cantonese. You think that RT is someone who age like uncle,with a cool face and only responsible for ordering people? You are totally wrong. Normally, the post Residence Tutor will be taken up by Year 3/4 or PhD students. They are like our big brothers or sisters who are responsible for handling the daily tasks in hall and organizing activities for residents to bond.

When I was a freshman, I could not speak or understand Cantonese.  Everytime there were floor meetings, I could only sit aside in silence. My RT realized it and asked me whether I was not well. Most importantly, she suggested everyone to use Putonghua to communicate and let me integrate with other residents. She was there, shining in a bright and warm smile. That is why I say her smile could melt my heart. Although she was not exceptionally pretty, her smile was so warm and beautiful. I think that every RTs who have been kind and supportive shine from inside out.

Your family may not always be by your side during your stay here in the Student Residence, but you always have your floor RT here who will take good care of you! Their kindness and warmth would certainly help you to feel safe. If you are newcomer, try to find out who your RT is. They will certainly welcome you into the big family of your hall!

Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Translator:   Carmen YIU (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Image:   Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

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什麼?你問我RT能吃嗎?不不不,來了城大住進舍堂怎麼能不知道RT呢。吶,RT即Residence Tutor,每座舍堂的每個樓層都會有一位導師。如果你以為他們是一臉冷冰冰神龍見首不見尾,只負責發號施令的大叔,那就大錯特錯了,RT一般由大三大四的學生或博士生擔任,親切如鄰家的大哥哥大姐姐一般,負責管理樓層的各種日常事務,組織活動創造機會讓宿生們融入宿舍生活。

當小編還是一隻剛入學的菜鳥時,聽不懂也不會講廣東話 ,樓層聚會時我只能沉默坐在一邊,我的tutor發現了以後牽起我的手詢問我有沒有哪裡不舒服,建議大家暫時都講普通話,努力讓我融入聚會的氣氛,鼓勵我來日方長,一定可以慢慢聽得懂。“一笑傾城”這個詞就是在那時候闖進我的腦海,她長得並非驚為天人,但是在我印象里她親切溫暖的微笑的確美極了,我想每一位懷著善意和對宿生理解照顧的tutor 都是這樣美的。

住在舍堂,家人不在身邊,但tutor帶來的溫暖和善意,讓人覺得無比安心。新搬進舍堂的你們,快去聯繫你的tutor 吧,他們會真心歡迎你加入Residence大家庭。

文: 王琪 (舍堂十)
圖: 文苳晴 (李兆基堂)