Getting Up to Morning Classes On Time? Not a Dream! / 上早堂不是夢


Yesterday was the first school day.  After a long, long holiday, it would be a big challenge for students to wake up early and attend morning classes. Here are some suggestion which you may give a try.

  1. Set up an alarm every five minutes until you can get up. If you sleep like a pig, it might not work and you should try the following one.
  2. Similarly, set up multiple alarms to wake your roommate up. Your roommate will certainly wake up in anger to shout at you.
  3. Okay. Maybe your roommate also sleeps like a pig and the alarms are useless to you both. Perhaps you can try connecting your phone to a speaker. When your alarms ring, you will be able to wake up your whole floor and your floormates will flock to your room and urge you both to wake up (I suggest locking your door though and do not answer the angry mob).

Of course, the best way to guarantee your waking up early is to sleep early. Yet, hall life is so attractive that it can be difficult to achieve at times, so perhaps chatting with your best friends overnight until dawn is also a method. Remember, sleeping late is bad for our health so do try to sleep early sometimes. If you have enough guts and courage, you can try the above methods too. 🙂

Writer:   YIU Ka Man, Carmen (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Image:   NG King Foo, Anson



  1. 調好並設定每五分鐘響一個鬧鐘,直至可以起床為止。若果你是一個睡得像昏迷了般,再多的鬧鐘都吵不醒你的人,可參考以下其他方法。
  2. 同樣地,設定多個鬧鐘,這樣可以把你的同房吵醒,這時,相信你的同房一定會十分生氣地把你叫醒、打醒、甚至…… 可能你會長眠不起了。
  3. 若果你的同房和你一樣,睡得像豬一般。可以把你的手機連接至喇叭,當鬧鐘一響,全個樓層也會聽到,然後全層的人也會幫忙叫你起床了。不過,這個時候,我建議你和你的同房都不要開門,因為你們的下場可能會很慘喔。還有,記得要鎖好房門和廁所門哦,否則…… 後果會不堪設想。


文:   姚嘉敏(賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   吳景富

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