Freshmen Blues / 新生的煩惱



Life in college can be a whirlwind of a ride as much as it can be quaint and dull, many a consequence of ones exposure to the happenings on campus and large. I can remember those first few weeks of freshman year where social comfort would end well within those folk from your school, hometown and city, leaving room to get left behind from much adventure, especially regretful if you’re a non-local student. I would love to have spent that cozy little weekend before the midterms hiking up to Lions Rock than having waited after 2 years here to have checked that one-off, or having spent that first summer in the city skipping a trip down to Sai-Kung until the following winter; I shake my head. Not to worry there fellas, I’ve got a few tips that shall come to your rescue to wring those freshman blues.

  1. Spend time away from your room: Activities abound at all corners of the university: floor, hall, residence campus, university campus and even in other neighbouring Uni-s. Getting into sport clubs and societies would highly enrich social life in college while also helping you take care of your body-mind; I can still remember my Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings by the Shing-mun River in Fo Tan, training with the university row-crew, those sessions on the erg machine reminding my lower back of its present good fortunes. So GET OUT and GET BUSY.
  2. Grades, yes employers do care-earnestly: I’m slightly smitten with distaste remembering  advice I once followed from naysayers who cared little for grades; believe me, you need to maintain good grades-big league, and suggest that good attention be given to planning for deadlines and to submit college assignments on time. A more than a few studies care to show that falling grades are a major source of college blues and wavering emotion among freshman, so therefore PLAN PROPERLY.
  3. Volunteer: The best kind of service is the one that seeks nothing in return. Opportunities to get involved in the community and spread good will are amply available around us. To name a few like the City Youth Empowerment Project, the Food Angel soup kitchen and tutoring sessions at the Shek Kip Mei primary schools are a few ways to invest your free time for the benefit of our community around us. So start HELPING OUT!
  4. Campus jobs: A wonderful way to not only meet new mates but also get a little remuneration for your efforts would certainly come in handy on the Monday outings at Billy’s, so let’s WORK IT.
  5. HK Bustle: For a city that is ubiquitous for its nocturnal hustle, there is plenty of niche spots to visit for all times of the day. I’ll let you in on a list and you folk decide to make your own. Yes, ADVENTURE!

Writer:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)




  1. 別總是宅在房間裏:大學裏有數不盡的活動等待著你去發掘:樓層裏的活動,宿舍裏的,校園裏的,甚至是香港其他院校的活動。參加運動型社團能大大豐富你的社交生活,同時助你保持身心健康。我至今仍記得我曾經在火炭的城門河畔和城大划船校隊一起訓練的時光,正是那些在室內划船機上的練習造就了我現在健康的下背脊椎。所以走出房間,讓自己忙碌起來吧。
  1. 成績:你未來的老板一定會考慮你的大學成績:我至今仍爲自己曾聽從了一些老是否認GPA重要性的人的建議而感到懊惱;相信我,你需要保持優異成績——一個不小的挑戰,並且我建議提前做好學習規劃,按時交作業。許多調查都表明成績下降是大學新生感到煩惱和情緒不穩定的一個主要源頭,因此請制定適合自己的學習計劃。
  1. 義工:最有價值的服務便是義工這種無償服務了。我們身邊有很多這種讓我們能夠深入社區服務了解社會的機會。比如說「城青優權計劃」義工項目、惜食堂、到石硖尾小學替學童補習等等,這都是值得你投入閒餘時間來促進社區建設的項目。所以開始你自己的義工之旅吧。
  1. 校園兼職:一個不僅能讓你認識新朋友,還能讓你獲得一些酬金的絕佳途徑,所以開始找適合你的校園兼職吧!
  1. 探索香港:在這樣一個連夜生活都很豐富的城市,你全天都能找到適合你的絕妙去處。你一定能在下面的清單上找到你自己鍾愛的香港一隅。沒錯,開始你的探索之旅吧!

文:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)
譯:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)

Unforgettable Days in Thailand: The Chai Sui Kau Hall Social Service Study Tour / 難忘的泰國之旅: 陳瑞球堂社會服務團


Last May, Chan Sui Kau Hall held a meaningful study tour to Bangkok, Thailand. We visited Friends For All Children (FFAC), an orphanage in Bangkok, and sent can rings to the Prostheses Foundation Of H.R.H. The Princess Mother for prostheses creation.

All of us participants were determined to make a change from the very start of this trip. We tried our best to get involved in as much preparation work as possible–from handling can ring donations and encouraging residents to donate money, stationery or toys at lobby counters to the planning of voluntary services. It was especially meaningful because our entire team got to develop a better understanding of the meaning behind the trip. For most study tours or voluntary basics trips, participants only became involved to contribute during the trip. But for this project, we all found the preparation stage an excellent learning process.


I remember from the day of departure, we had to figure out ways to packed all collected toys and stationery into our luggage together as some were too large and bulky. Though it was time- and effort-consuming, we managed to pack up as much donated goods as possible, hoping to take them all to those in need.

The day we visited the orphanage was very hot. We had to carry our heavy goods to the orphanage with care. It was really exhausting. However, when we arrived and gave out those “new” toys to our 10 children, bright grins and smiles lighted up their faces by instant. It was difficult to imagine how happy they were from receiving our second-hand toys. In the orphanage, we also greeted a volunteer from UK who aimed to serve on a long-term basis. This visit had really allowed me to feel the need of the abandoned children. They obviously needed more care from the society. I was enlightened to think more about how to support passionate people in performing long-term services. I even thought of raise awareness of this situation to the government so that those abandoned children could have a better environment to grow up.

Another meaningful part of this trip was our visit to the Can Rings Donation Point. Can rings are useless to most people and are often trashed away after use. However, this tiny little thing could be a grace to the needy. As they are seldom painted, can rings make the perfect material for prosthesis. We tried to contact different parties for can rings collection as no organisations in Hong Kong provided similar services. We had received tons of can rings.  It was beyond imagination. When we arrived at the Donation Point, we almost filled up their whole donation box!  The emptiness of the original box indicated that the general public did not have much awareness about this type of recycling. It reminded me of how this also plays true in Hong Kong where people care more about the economics than the environment. This inspired me to think more of how to make good use of the waste we discard.


Besides voluntary works, our team also got to explore different aspects and faces of Bangkok. The most unforgettable places I visited include the Train Market and the Water Market. They were quite unique because we do not have them in Hong Kong. While there are also many special and attractive places for us to explore in Hong Kong, we do not always have the time, mood and space allowing us to enjoy our environment as much as we did in Bangkok.

In conclusion, Thailand is a good place for students to visit. The living expenses in Thailand are relatively low which is affordable to most university students. I hope that I can have more meaningful trips like this around the world. Travelling is always a good way to learn if you are willing to contribute yourself and explore the cultures around you.

Writer: Andy WONG (former Residence Tutor, Chan Sui Kau Hall)
Images: Andy WONG (former Residence Tutor, Chan Sui Kau Hall)


今年五月,陳瑞球堂舉行了一次前往泰國曼谷的考察團,別具意義。我們不但到景區觀光,還到曼谷探訪孤兒院Friends For All Children(FFAC),並把罐頭環送去慈善機構The Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. the Princess Mother循環再造造義肢。








文: 黃啓曦 (前陳瑞球堂導師)
譯: 楊雅怡
圖: 黃啓曦 (前陳瑞球堂導師)

What NOT to Do with Your Roommate / 對待室友的7個不


The Student Residence is your home where memories stay for life. Your roommate is by your side at all time so never do harm to him/her. No matter where he/her comes from, treat them with the greatest Hong Kong hospitality! Last time, we talked about what to do with your roommate. Now, I would like to show you the not-to-do list:

  1. Abandon the room. It’s your very own room and a home between you two. It would be a shame if you are always absent from your roommate’s hall life.
  2. Be a slob. No one likes sweeping or vacuuming. However, by respecting each other and sharing common responsibilities with a roommate, it makes life easier. You can establish a schedule for chore shifts. Regular cleanup with your roommate polishes your living space and also your relationship!
  3. Produce unnecessary disturbance. When your roommate is studying, sleeping or trying to sleep, making noises is inconsiderate. You may keep the noise and light levels down. Don’t blast your music or have a loud conversation on your phone. You don’t want to be the reason for his/her failed English test the next morning.
  4. Leave the air conditioner on when you leave. Even though the fee is cheap, the hours add up and the cost will be a huge amount. Just press the button!
  5. Never bring your key along when you go out. When you go home, you may have someone to open the door for you (your parents or siblings). Now you are in the residence, your roommate is not going to be your doorman. Keep your key on you!
  6. Leave your toilet un-flushed. I’m not going to lecture you on personal hygiene. Just wish you luck when greeting flies, mosquitoes and other unimaginable creatures you wish not to see.
  7. Keep a pet. We know animal are our friends.  However, keeping animals in hall does not only cause hygiene issues, it is also a violation to hall rules and may receive a penalty as heavy as a hall suspension.  Volunteering for animal welfare organisation is a great alternative!

Writer: YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi
Photographer: Hydie CHEUNG (SRO)



  1. 丟下房間不管。這是你的房間,好比你兩口子的家。作為室友的你如果總是不在,你室友的大學生活將會黯然失色。
  2. 把房間弄得亂成一團糟。沒有人喜歡像灰姑娘一樣吸塵掃地,但要是能與室友互相尊重,一起分擔責任,事情就易辦了。你可以定下家務表或規則一起定期清潔,令居家環境眼前一亮。
  3. 製造不必要的騷擾。當室友正在溫習、睡覺或打瞌睡時,你在一邊吵鬧是很不貼心的。音量和光度可以盡量減低。不要大聲播放音樂、講電話。你絕不想成為他明早英文測驗不合格的幕後推手。
  4. 離開時忘了關冷氣。雖然費用挺划算,但加起來就一點都不便宜了。只要你一指之力按個按鈕而已。
  5. 總不帶/丟失門卡。任何時間回宿舍,都要個人幫你開門。以前有你媽,現在就變成你室友了,但他/她並沒有責任要給你看門,所以門卡還是隨身袋穩好了。
  6. 不沖廁。長氣說話不多講了,希望你不會遇到蒼蠅、蚊子或者其他難以想象的生物吧。
  7. 養寵物。雖知動物是我們的朋友,可是在宿舍飼養動物不但會影響環境衛生,更是一種違規的行為,違規者可被停宿。心癢的話,自個兒到動物保護團體當義工是另一種不錯的選擇!

文: 楊雅怡
攝: 張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)

Everybody Greets the Moon! / 世界陪你度中秋!


Happy Mid-autumn Festival to you all!

With the Festival coming up, Student Residence Office held its Joint-Hall Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration on the evening of the 13 September 2016. The event was organised for all residents to experience some of the festivities carried out during this celebration.

The festival is celebrated on the night of a full moon in August by the lunar calendar; hence, it is also sometimes known as the “Moon Festival.” One of the most important customs during this time is to gather with relatives and watch the moon together. This tradition supported the SRO’s initiative to encourage its residents to switch off all non-essential lights and go outside to gaze at the moon.

To start off the evening’s festivities, a traditional Chinese drum performance was conducted by the Hong Kong Chan Ka Fai Dragon and Lion Dance Association. It was a great chance for the non-local students to experience this spectacle live, allowing them to immerse themselves within the Chinese culture. Thereafter, two residents, Brittany WANG (Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 3, Social Work) and XU Shuang (Hall 10, Year 2, China Business) presented a beautiful dance number from the movie Painted Skin and Karton MA, an alumnus from Alumni Civility Hall, followed with a solo singing performance of For Her. Such entertainment added to the welcoming and lively atmosphere within the multi-function hall. A huge part of this event was the games. There were a number of activity booths scattered around the venue. These were provided by each of the Student Residence’s halls.

Residence Masters wished everyone a happy Mid-autumn Festival together. / 舍監們祝福宿生們有一個快樂的中秋節。
Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall was voted “My Favourite Booth
Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall was voted “My Favourite Booth”. / 胡應湘爵士伉儷堂奪得當晚「我最喜愛的攤位」獎。
Hall 7 resident Brittany WANG and Hall 10 resident XU Shuang performed a beautiful Chinese dance. / 群萃堂宿舍王炫月和舍堂十宿生徐爽翩翩起舞,以傳統中國舞蹈來慶祝中秋。
Hall 7 resident Brittany WANG and Hall 10 resident XU Shuang performed a beautiful Chinese dance. / 群萃堂宿舍王炫月和舍堂十宿生徐爽翩翩起舞,以傳統中國舞蹈來慶祝中秋。
Hall 3 alumnus Karton MA returned to the Student Residence to perform a song he first composed,
Hall 3 alumnus Karton MA returned to the Student Residence to perform a song he first composed, “For Her”. / 校友樂禮堂校友馬浩俊難得回到宿舍,為大家獻唱了第一首創作作品《為了她》。
Hall 5's Chocolate booth. / 陳瑞球堂的巧克力攤位。
Hall 5’s Chocolate booth. / 陳瑞球堂的巧克力攤位。

Writing on a lantern. / 燈籠題字。
Writing on a lantern. / 燈籠題字。
Childhood games called for nostalgia. / 懷舊遊戲喚起兒時回憶。
Childhood games called for nostalgia. / 懷舊遊戲喚起兒時回憶。
Happy selfie! / 自拍時間!
Happy selfie! / 自拍時間!

Below are a few words shared by some of our residents who attended the event:

From tonight, what have you have learnt about the mid-autumn festival?

 “Because I am Korean, we do celebrate this festival but I learnt we do it a little differently. For us, it is more about thanksgiving, like the farmers are thankful for good harvest, we thank our neighbours, pray to God and share food.”
Gayoung LEE, Jockey Club Humanity Hall, Year 3, Psychology, South Korea

“I learnt about the meaning behind mooncakes and I really enjoy eating them.”
Julien HSING, Jockey Club Humanity Hall, Year 3, Environmental Management, USA

What part of this event have you enjoyed the most?

“Definitely the food, one of the best I have tasted in a while.”
Jeremiah PUA, Chan Sui Kau Hall, Year 2, Economics, Phillippines

“The performances and food were really great. And also the fact that a lot of international people came and gathered in one place to experience a huge cultural exchange is amazing.”
Denis MOLDOVEAN, Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 2, Finance, Moldova

What hall booth game have you tried out?

“We tried Hall 1, the making of mooncakes and the writing of your own Chinese characters. We cannot write Chinese so it was a fun and interesting exercise.”
B’Elanna STAYA, Hall 1, Year 2 Creative Media, Indonesia
Megan PRATANA, Hall 1, Year 3, Finance, Indonesia

“I tried the Hall 2 puzzle game because after you complete the game, you get sweet dessert cakes, which are really nice.”
Jeremiah PUA, Hall 5, Year 2, Economics, Philippines

“I enjoyed the face painting, which was done by the Hall 10 booth.”
Gayoung LEE, Hall 1, Year 3 Psychology, South Korea

Writer:   Hanna LIM (Alumni Civility Hall)
Photographers:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), Unnat CHOUDHURY (Hall 11), Yikki LAM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)






ResLink writer Hanna Lim from Hall 3 (3rd from the left) enjoyed the evening with her friends. / 來自校友樂禮堂的《宿生緣》作者Hanna Lim(左三)與她的好友們共慶中秋。
ResLink writer Hanna Lim from Hall 3 (3rd from the left) enjoyed the evening with her friends. / 來自校友樂禮堂的《宿生緣》作者Hanna Lim(左三)與她的好友們共慶中秋。




── 李佳映(賽馬會敬賢堂,心理系三年級,來自韓國)


── Julien HSING (賽馬會敬賢堂,環境管理系三年級,來自美國)




── 潘金順 (陳瑞球堂,經濟系二年級,來自菲律賓)


── 摩爾多龍(賽馬會群萃堂,金融系二年級,來自摩爾多瓦)




── B’Elanna STAYA (賽馬會敬賢堂,創意媒體系二年級,來自印度尼西亞)、Megan PRATANA(賽馬會敬賢堂,金融系三年級,來自印度尼西亞)

「我玩了滙豐葉昕堂(Hall 2)的猜謎遊戲,完成遊戲以後可以得到甜點蛋糕,很好吃。」

── 潘金順(陳瑞球堂,經濟系二年級,來自菲律賓)


── 李佳映(賽馬會敬賢堂,心理系三年級,來自韓國)

文:   Hanna LIM(校友樂禮堂)
譯:   王琪(舍堂十)
攝:   丁琳笠(校友樂禮堂)、Unnat CHOUDHURY(舍堂十一)、林奕琪(李兆基堂)

Decorating Your Room——a Creative Outlet for You / 裝飾房間--一個發揮創造力的時刻


Have you ever thought about differentiating your room from others’? Have you ever thought about that the way you decorate your can put you in a good mood every time when you come back? Let’s decorate our rooms!

Here are some tips for DIY decoration:

  1. Put up your creatively designed name tags on the door. This can impress your floor mates while informing them of your name at the same time.
  2. Before you start decorating your room, think and decide the overall style of the decoration. You can choose a Modern Simple style, Medieval theme, Fantasy style, etc. As long as you have decided the overall style, you can buy some fitting gadgets or small furniture.
  3. As for buying gadget, there are several wonderful shops where you can nearly buy all the items on your list at a relatively low price. IKEA and MUJI alike promote various Modern Simple styles, so you can always find a lot of well-designed gadgets or furniture there. Also, you can turn to online shops and buy customized, tailor-made products.
  4. Put up posters, stickers, paintings or photos you like on the wall or on the whiteboard. These things can show your personal features and even life mottos.
  5. Classify your personal items in the room. This habit can make your decoration stand out to a large extent as well as improving your efficiency of studying.

At last, if you think your room is the best room in town already, do enter our decoration contest——My Room Rocks Contest——to win a prize: Good luck!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)




  1. 設計自己的名字牌,張貼在房門上。這不僅能給途經的層友留下印象,還能讓他們知道你的名字從而更快的認識你。
  2. 在裝飾房間之前, 仔細考慮和確定裝飾的整體風格。例如,現代簡約風格、中世界風格、夢幻風格等等。接著你可以著手買一些相同風格的裝飾物件。
  3. 購買小物件?這些商店是你購買的不錯選擇:宜家,無印良品都主打現代簡約風格;你也可以在網店上私人定制。
  4. 在墻上或者白板上張貼中意的畫報或者照片,以彰顯你的個性或者人生信條。
  5. 將房間裏的東西分類歸置。這不僅能讓你裝飾的風格更突出,也能助你提高效率。

假如你說,不用了,我的房間已經是全城最美了,那歡迎你參加我們的【My Room Rocks Contest】以分享你的裝飾成果,贏取豐富獎品。請通過下面的網址獲取更多相關信息:。祝你好運!

文: 陳妍宇(舍堂十)

Global Get Together 2016 / 今夜天涯共此時


“Having the Student Residence bring us all together is amazing. Even though we are from different parts of the world, everyone is still so friendly. We all share the same understanding and tolerance to other people and their cultures.”

On the 12 September, the Student Residence of CityU hosted their annual Global Get Together. The event is aimed to provide CityU residents with an opportunity to gather and meet their international neighbours.

A sharing about the use of Thanakha in Myanmar by Aye Yu THWE (PhD student, Asian & International Studies, Jockey Club House) gave some insight over Myanmar’s customs. There was also a presentation about Hong Kong students by Residence Tutor Judy NG (Year 4, Marketing Information Management, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall) allowing residents to learn a bit more about the local culture. This mix of local and non-local, celebrated the cultural diversity we have within the Student Residence. The evening was kept interactive by having audience members play group games. This was a great opportunity for people to make new friends and get involved in teamwork. The audience was also given the chance to learn some basic Cantonese phrases.

“Did you know that Nigeria owns the second largest film industry in the world after Bollywood?” Dr. Justin ROBERTSON, Residence Master of Hall 10, kicked off the night by offering a fun quiz on world trivia. / 「你知道尼日利亞是僅次於印度寶萊塢的世界第二大電影產地嗎?」舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士以有趣的問答題,考驗同學們對世界軼事的知識。
Burmese student Aye Yu Thwe shared about the application of Thanakha as a traditional skin product as well as a cultural symbol. / 緬甸學生Aye Yu Thwe 與觀眾分享塔納卡作為傳統護膚品和文化象徵的意義。
Students were glad to meet new friends and old at Global Get-together. / 同學們從Global Get-together 活動中與新知舊友快樂共聚。
Students were glad to meet new friends and old at Global Get-together. / 同學們從Global Get-together 活動中與新知舊友快樂共聚。

To really capture the essence of what made the Global Get Together such a success, a few residents were able to describe their experiences:

Do you feel like you are learning a lot about other people’s cultures?

“Yes I have learnt a lot about other cultures tonight by meeting new people.”
Daniel ARNOT, Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 1 Management, South Africa

“Yes definitely. The more people I meet, the more cultures I get to learn about.”
Tabitha WILSON, Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 2 Linguistics, New Zealand

What is something you have learnt from tonight that you didn’t know about a country’s culture before? 

“I learnt that Myanmar uses this paste called Thanakha on their faces to protect them from the wind and sun.”
Martyn STRYDOM, Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 2 Economics, South Africa

“I found the use of Thanakha as the traditional makeup in Myanmar so fascinating because it is so different to the tradition of make up that is present today in other parts of the world.”
– Monisha SHCHERBAKOVA, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 2 Computer and Data Engineering, India

“I knew about Thanakha in Myanmar but I didn’t know that in primary schools, children put it on because it reflects how caring the parents are.”
Natalie CHAN, Hall 11, Year 3 Law, Canada

“I learnt a bit more Cantonese slang that I can use within the Student Residence.”
Tabitha WILSON, Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 2 Linguistics, New Zealand

What has left an impression on you from this event? 

“I was actually shocked to see how many country representatives are here in CityU.”
David TAY, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 1 English Studies, Indonesia

“Some of the Cantonese slang like, Sik Tea”
Liam COLLINS, Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 1 Accounting, South Africa

“This is a great chance to meet the different people living on the Student Residence and to network with people you’re going to be living with for the next few years. Having the Student Residence bring us all together is amazing. Even though we are from different parts of the world, everyone is still so friendly. We all share the same understanding and tolerance to other people and their cultures.”
Monisha SHCHERBAKOVA, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 2 Computer and Data Engineering, India

Writer:   Hanna LIM (Alumni Civility Hall)
Photographers:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), Kelvin NG, Hanna LIM (Alumni Civility Hall)

Daniel Arnot, Martyn Strydom, and Liam Collins from South Africa / 來自南非的Daniel Arnot、Martyn Strydom 及Liam Collins
Natalie Chan from Canada and Tabitha Wilson from New Zealand / 來自加拿大的Natalie Chan 及紐西蘭的Tabitha Wilson
Happy Global Get-together 2016!
Happy Global Get-together 2016!



9月12 日,學生宿舍處舉辦了一年一度的Global Get-together。本次活動旨在為宿生們提供一個機會去認識不同國度的朋友。

來自緬甸及馬會樓的亞洲及國際研究研究生Aye Yu THWE 分享了塔納卡的用法,讓參與者深入了解了緬甸的風俗。來自胡應湘爵士伉儷堂的宿舍導師吳穎茹也介紹了本地文化。大家雖然來自不同的地方,但共聚一堂慶祝多樣的文化。觀眾們也積極參與互動,大家組隊玩起了遊戲,這是交朋友並參與團隊合作的好機會。觀眾們也可以趁機學習基本的廣東話。

Residence Tutor Judy Ng from Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall shared interesting characteristics and trends from the local culture to prepare her international peers for their new lives in Hong Kong. / 胡應湘爵士伉儷堂導師吳穎茹為國際生介紹本地文化和潮流,期望為他們在香港的新生活帶來幫助。
Residence Tutor Judy Ng from Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall shared interesting characteristics and trends from the local culture to prepare her international peers for their new lives in Hong Kong. / 胡應湘爵士伉儷堂導師吳穎茹為國際生介紹本地文化和潮流,期望為他們在香港的新生活帶來幫助。
A student handled simple Cantonese phrases like “Gei chin ah?” (How much?) with ease under the instruction of Ms. Esther Lee from SRO. / 一位宿生在學生宿舍處李德芬小姐的指導下,輕鬆唸出廣東話「幾錢呀?(多少錢?)」的正確讀音。
Fun interactive games among the residents. / 宿生們進行了好玩的互動小遊戲。
Fun interactive games among the residents. / 宿生們進行了好玩的互動小遊戲。

是什麼使本次Global Get-together 如此成功?一些宿生描述了他們的感受:



── Daniel ARNOT(賽馬會群萃堂,管理系一年級,來自南非)


── Tabitha WILSON (賽馬會群智堂,語言系二年級,來自紐西蘭)



── Martyn STRYDOM (賽馬會群萃堂,經濟系二年級,來自南非)


── Monisha SHCHERBAKOVA (滙豐業昕堂,電腦及數據工程系二年級,來自印度)


── Natalie CHAN (舍堂十一, 法律系三年級,來自加拿大)


── Tabitha WILSON (賽馬會群智堂,語言系二年級,來自紐西蘭)



── David TAY (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂, 英語系一年級,來自印度尼西亞)


── Liam COLLINS (賽馬會群萃堂,會計系一年級,來自南非)


── Monisha SHCHERBAKOVA (滙豐業昕堂,電腦及數據工程系二年級,來自印度)

South African pals Liam Collins and Daniel Arnot enjoyed a delicious dinner with Monisha Shcherbakova from India / 南非好友Liam Collins 及Daniel Arnot 與來自印度的Monisha Shcherbakova 喜相逢

文: Hanna LIM(校友樂禮堂)
譯: 王琪(舍堂十)
攝: 丁琳笠(校友樂禮堂)、吳啟楓、Hanna LIM(校友樂禮堂)

Things You Don’t Know About 9GAG / 曝光9GAG不為人知的事


“Don’t start a company for the sake of starting one. “

The first Prosperians’ Talk organized by HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2) this academic year has attracted more than 50 students from all across the globe gathering at Multi-functional Hall B on 6 September. The special talk, “Go Fun Yourself”, was given by Mr. Ray CHAN, CEO/co-founder of 9GAG, to share his world-leading startup journey. The venue was fully packed as the clock struck 9PM.

The guest speaker has already graduated from university for over a decade. He didn’t put on airs or spare anything; instead, he created a casual and welcoming atmosphere. Students were very eager and curious to speak up. The talk was more like a Q&A session. Students raised questions after questions. He reminded us not to leak what he said out of the hall jokingly. So let me unveil his secrets of business here.

Many startup firms were established over the years but most of them failed. Why? Ray has his own interpretation. “Don’t start a company for the sake of starting one. We should always set a goal to solve problems and create value–remember, value doesn’t always equal the dollar sign.” He advised.

How did he end up launching his tech-hub then? Like all of us, when Ray was bored, he googled for “funny pictures”. Ironically, the results were not always funny. Then an idea popped up. He wanted a change. In fact, he made a big change himself: he quit his stable job and moved out of his comfort zone to bring laughter to the world.

You may wonder if his employees would laugh all day long in such a fun working culture and environment. “Actually, not all of our team members have a sense of humour, including myself,” he confessed, “Though we are open and willing to appreciate funny stuff.”

Since 2008, 9GAG has grown into a popular social media platform with nearly 70 million viewers per month. Still, Ray’s team stays humble all the time. “The worst is yet to come, we often tell ourselves.” They keep experimenting to maintain the momentum. Failed projects are valued as precious lessons. “It is not only about the number of success we reached, but we count the magnitude of success also,” he stressed.

Thanks to enormous efforts from Residence Master, Dr. Ray CHEUNG, and his Residence Tutors, the talk was a great learning experience to all participants. “Gaining a deep insight into behind-the-scene stories of kick-starting a company in the  fast-evolving innovation industry boosts my confidence on developing my own ideas.” said Leah MURPHY, a programming savvy exchange student from Hall 2.

The next upcoming sharing will be held on 5 October featuring Ms. Michelle SUN, founder and CEO of First Code Academy, and Mr. LAU Ming-Wai, Chairman and CEO of Chinese Estates Holdings Limited. Join us and learn your potential!

Writer:   YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi
Photographer:   YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi

Full house at Multi-functional hall B. Students asked questions after questions for Mr. Ray Chan. / 當夜綜合禮堂B全場爆滿,同學們一個問題緊接著一個問題,互動多多,氣氛輕鬆。




Ray 離開大學已超過十年,但為人沒有架子,願意毫不保留地分享個人經驗,甚至一些囧事。他營造出輕鬆開放的氣氛,同學都十分踴躍發言。講座像是問答環節,同學的問題一個接一個。Ray 開玩笑地叫我們別把他的話流出,就讓我在這裡為大家揭秘吧!

近年,愈來愈多新興公司擴展,但更多的半途而廢了。Ray 語重心長地忠告我們:「不要為開公司而開,要為解決問題、創造價值而做。當然價值不是金錢那種價值了。」




多得舍監張澤松博士與一眾舍堂導師一番心力,講座反應熱烈。來自業昕堂的交流生Leah Murphy 是一名程序開發發燒友,她雀躍地說:「創意產業日新月異,我認識到創業背後的故事,使我更有自信,勇於構思自己的想法。」下一次分享會將於十月五日舉行,講者將為First Code Academy 創辦人Michelle SUN小姐及華人置業集團主席劉鳴煒先生。屆時記得報名,發掘自己的潛能和興趣!

文: 楊雅怡
攝: 楊雅怡

A Dynamic Beginning of a CityYOU Story / 元氣滿滿開始你與城大的故事


For many new Mainland students, residence life in university is a completely new experience. To help them adapt to the new environment, a Talk held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Undergraduate (CSSAUG) was organized at Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Saturday to offer them with information and advice about their new life in the residence halls.

Dr. FANG Yulin, Residence Master of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11, delivered a short speech first to welcome all new Mainland students. He provided some basic information about hall life in order to help students adapting themselves to their new living environment as soon as possible. The core point of his speech, however, was to prepare students for the multi-cultural environment they are surrounded with. “You should equip yourselves with a global perspective by trying to integrate into this international environment.” Dr. FANG said. This was not only his expectation for the Mainland freshmen, but one of the significant goals of CityU. After Dr.FANG’s speech, a student representative shared his experience in CityU and encouraged the freshmen to engage themselves in a diversity of student activities and stay exposed to the different cultures around them.

Dr. FANG Yulin, Residence Master of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11 / 胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一舍監方鈺麟博士
Mr. Derek KWAN and Mr. Issac KIU from Student Residence Office joined the sharing / 學生宿舍處職員關允聰先生及喬駿先生加入分享會

The sharing was followed by a second-hand book sale. Student helpers of CSSAUG piled up all the books collected from students on a desk. A large number of students flocked in, searching for the books they wanted. When they queued up to pay for the books, I interviewed some of them.

When asked about whether there was anything different from her expectations of CityU, LI Yuting, a resident from Jockey Club Humanity Hall, shared with me her initial fear to be isolated as a non-local student, while the truth was that local students were rather friendly and willing to help her. “I thought I may suffer from prejudice as a Mainland student, but local students offered me a lot of help! I’m looking forward to my new life here!” I also interviewed a gentleman about his prospect of study and life in this university. GUO Jinxu from Jockey Club Academy Hall spoke of his wishes with pleasure but not without shyness–that he did not only expect to achieve great academic performances, but also a sweet romance within his four years here. When he was asked to give advice to improve the book sales, he offered some suggestions on technical support, “Maybe a computer system is needed for such an activity so that the working efficiency could be improved and students could get the books they want quicker.”

“I thought I may suffer from prejudice as a Mainland student, but local students offered me a lot of help! I’m looking forward to my new life here!” said LI Yuting from Jockey Club Humanity Hall / 賽馬會敬賢堂的李玉亭同學分享說:「我曾擔心作為一個中國大陸學生,我可能會遭受一些偏見,但本地學生給了我很大的幫助!我很期待在這裏未來的生活!」

This activity aimed to provide students with used textbooks at a relatively low price. New textbooks could be expensive if students were to buy them at bookstores. A second-hand book sale did not only reduce the financial burden on students, but it also benefited the environment. Freshmen received warm help from their upper classmates both in study and in life. I believe that they will remember these kindness in their hearts forever.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall)



A Talk held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Undergraduate (CSSAUG) was organized at Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Saturday to help Mainland freshmen to adapt their new living environment / 為了幫助來自中國大陸的新宿生盡快適應新的環境,香港城市大學中國內地學生學者聯合會(CSSAUG)於上週六在滿珍綜合禮堂組織了內地新生談話會,為他們提供關於宿舍生活的信息和建議。

兼任胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一舍監的方鈺麟博士首先發表了簡短的講話,歡迎所有大陸新生。他提供了有關宿舍生活的一些基本信息,幫助學生盡快適應新的生活環境。 他講話的核心點,是學生所處的多元文化環境。 「你們應該具備全球視野,努力融入國際環境。」這不僅是他對大陸新生的期望,更是城市大學的辦學目標之一。 方博士的演講結束後,學生代表分享了他在城市大學的經驗,鼓勵新生參與不同的學生活動,接觸多元文化環境。

此後,二手書銷售活動開始。 CSSAUG忙著將收集回來的二手書堆放在桌子上。大量學生隨後來到禮堂,尋找他們想要的書。當他們排隊支付的時候,我采訪了其中的一些同學。

當被問及城市大學的生活和預期中有什麽不一樣的時候,來自賽馬會敬賢堂的李玉亭同學告訴我,她原本以為作為一個非本地學生,她可能會感到孤立,而事實是本地學生都十分友好。 「我曾擔心作為一個中國大陸學生,我可能會遭受一些偏見,但本地學生給了我很大的幫助!我很期待在這裏未來的生活!」此外,我還采訪了一位男生有關對未來學習生活的展望。賽馬會群智堂的郭金旭臉上帶著羞澀的微笑說,他不僅在學業上想要拿到好成績,也期待在大學四年間找到一段浪漫的感情。當被問及對此次活動的看法時,他提出了技術層面的一些建議,「或許這樣的活動需要一個計算機系統,可以提高工作效率,學生可以更快找到想要的書籍。 」

Freshmen GUO Jinxu from Jockey Club Academy Hall did not only expect a great achievement in academic performances, but also longed for a sweet romance before he graduated. / 賽馬會群智堂的郭金旭臉上帶著羞澀的微笑說,他不僅在學業上想要拿到好成績,也期待在大學四年間找到一段浪漫的感情。



Life Hacks: How to Make the Most of Your Space / 生活小技巧:如何充分利用你的空間



It is almost common sense, that Hong Kong has been one of the cities on earth with the most expensive housings for several years. However, international and exchange students might not know that the residence halls you are now living in CityU – is among the most expensive districts in Hong Kong.

With an average of HK$12,285 per square feet, you are actually living in a 13-square-metre luxury mansion.

To make the most out of your dorm room, here are some tips you can consider:

  1. Utilize your wardrobe doors with sticky holders 
    • Since sticking holders on the wall often damages the paints, you can stick them on the wardrobe doors instead – to hang towels, the clothes you are going to wear, pocket hangers and etc.
  2. Share the shelf (the one next to the wardrobes) with your roommate
    • Make the shelf as a ‘sharing station’, and put nothing else but things that you share with your roommate. Toilet papers, tissues, food, cooking utensils and etc… When you share, you can save a lot of money, and also space.
  3. Organize your stuff with storage hacks
    • Go on a shopping spree at IKEA, get some cheap storage containers… There are many ways you can organize your things without making your room and shelves look like a battlefield. There are a lot of “storage hacks” ideas online that you can learn from.

Don’t hesitate to make the most of your space. After all, you should enjoy living in one of the most expensive areas in Hong Kong. Local students always tell this joke, “We live on top of the hill of Kowloon Tong… Well, not the mansions, but right next to one.”

Writer:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)






  1. 在衣櫃門上貼黏鉤
    在墻上貼黏鉤可能會造成油漆剝落,所以你可以貼在衣櫃門上── 掛毛巾,要穿的衣服,掛口袋的架子等等。
  1. 和室友共用衣櫃旁邊的架子
  1. 整理物品時運用一些小技巧



A Warm Welcome to our RTs / RT茶會看過來


The Welcome Tea Session for Residence Tutors and Residence Masters 2016 began at 5PM in Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Thursday. The event was graced by the presence of our 10 elegant and handsome Residence Masters (RMs) as well as our passionate Residence Tutors (RTs). The atmosphere continued to brighten up as more people arrived to chat with one another and take photos together. They were eager to immerse themselves in joy and happiness.

“The questions often brought back memories from my freshman year and I felt like seeing my old self again!” ~ Sarina LEI (Hall 10)

I took the chance to speak with a few RTs and RMs. When asked about how she felt to be a new RT, Sarina LEI (Hall 10) smiled broadly, “The workload is way more than I expected. The new residents have been asking me a lot of questions everyday since they have moved in. The questions often brought back memories from my freshman year and I felt like seeing my old self again! I’m so glad that I can help them.”

In fact, both new and old RTs all described their job as challenging. Our new RTs worried that they might not be able to address residents’ problems efficiently thus being not welcomed, though they also saw hope and confidence in bettering themselves from future challenges. By contrast, the old RTs indicated that part of their pressure came from the unpredictable changes in traditional hall activities.

(From L to R) RTs Tracy CHEUNG, Steve WONG, RM Dr. Justin ROBERTSON, and Sarina LEI of Hall 10 / (從左至右) 來自舍堂十的宿舍導師張翠騫、黃嘉樂、舍監Justin Robertson博士及李莎莎
(From L to R) Prof. Ben LEUNG, RTs Catherine YIU, Phoebe YUNG, Lucy PUN, Francois YIP, Bauhinia HO, MO Ka Chun, and CK Khoo of Jockey Club Academy Hall / (從左至右) 賽馬會群智堂舍監梁國華教授、導師姚衍諾、翁曉欣、潘淑君、葉文浩、何曉瞳、巫嘉俊及邱子強
 RTs from Chan Sui Kau Hall and Hall 11 photographed with Dr. Ron KWOK (Dean of Students), RM Mrs. Bonny Ip (Chan Sui Kau Hall), and SRO Staff Ms. Esther LEE and Ms. Hydie CHEUNG / 來自陳瑞球堂及舍堂十一的導師們與學生輔導長郭致偉博士、陳瑞球堂舍監葉嚴仁敏女士及學生宿舍處職員李德芬小姐、張凱貽小姐合照留念

Dr. FANG Yulin, RM of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9), took over Hall 11 as the Acting RM this year. He was exploring the unique culture of Hall 11 currently and said that the RTs from both halls had been in close contact ever since. While the cultures of the two halls shared their own similarities and differences, Dr. Fang looked forward to host joint-hall activities between the two.

RM Dr. FANG Yulin (second to the left) with his RT teams from Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11 / 舍監方鈺麟博士與他的兩大導師團隊:胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一

Later at the opening ceremony came the SRO staff and our 10 RMs! Prof. Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs), conveyed his encouragement and expectations in his opening speech, “Our Student Residence accommodates more than 3,000 students from all over the world. It’s a miniature of the society and a mini-Hong Kong… My hope for you reflects in the responsibilities of our RMs and RTs, which is to maximize happiness and minimize unhappiness.” His words was highly motivating to those who were present.

The subsequent video screening of RT training activities captured our RTs’ never-failing spirit in challenging themselves to become better leaders in the residence community. Oh, and by the way, have you heard the beautiful music when you passed by MFH A that evening? That was the performance brought by our versatile RTs–Darian CHAN (Alumni Civility Hall), CHEUNG Sai Hung (Chan Sui Kau Hall), and Tracy CHEUNG (Hall 10)–in presenting Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

CHEUNG Sai Hung (Chan Sui Kau Hall), Darian CHAN (Alumni Civility Hall) and Tracy CHEUNG (Hall 10) performed A Thousand Years. / 陳瑞球堂導師張世洪、校友樂禮堂導師陳展楠及舍堂十導師張翠騫共奏一曲《A Thousand Years》。

When the Tea finally came to an end, the hope and desire to build a better hall life were sparkling in everyone’s eyes. The Tea has not only reflected their common belief to make the upcoming residential year a fruitful one, but it also symbolized their promise to carry out their responsibilities in full.

Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Translator:   Violet CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographers:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), Kelvin NG


上星期四傍晚五點半,坐標滿珍綜合禮堂(MFH A),一場低調奢華有內涵的茶會拉開帷幕。舍監們(RM)優雅帥氣, 導師們(RT)笑容燦爛.。是了,這是新學期RM與RT的歡迎茶會。說到這次茶會呀,精緻的小食種類不少呢!(咳,跑題了……)隨著大家陸陸續續到來, 會場逐漸熱鬧起來,大家互相交談拍照,不亦樂乎。

“新生剛搬進宿舍,每天有很多人問我各種問題,解答他們時,就想起我自己剛剛入學的時候,就像找回了幾年前的自己一樣!能夠幫助他們覺得很滿足!”~ 李莎莎(舍堂十)



(From L to R) RTs Melvin MO, Ivan SIU, Tim KWONG, Edly WAI, Charlotte YAO, Emma WONG and RM Dr. Roger Kwan of Jockey Club Harmony Hall / (從左至右) 來自賽馬會群萃堂的導師毛浩然、蕭澤平、江俊豪、衛嘉宜、姚明君、黃良蕙及舍監關偉康博士
(From L to R) RTs CHAN Wing Yan, Dennis CHAN, Karen NG, Bowie CHAN, RM Dr. Elaine AU, Dr. Ron Kwok (Dean of Students), Cynthia WANG, Jovian CHAN, CHAN Ka Yiu, and Ada FUNG of Jockey Club Humanity Hall / (從左至右) 來自賽馬會敬賢堂的導師陳詠恩、陳靖朗、吳凱琳、陳寶怡、舍監區廖淑貞博士、學生輔導長郭致偉博士、王詩雅、陳葭灝、陳嘉耀及馮倩瑩

胡應湘爵士伉儷堂的舍監方鈺麟博士今年接手管理舍堂十一,他表示正在熟悉舍堂十一的文化,並讓兩個Hall的RT們保持著緊密的聯繫。 因為兩Hall的文化既有相同之處又各有千秋,方博士很期待未來舉辦的聯舍活動,令兩座舍堂更加親近。

茶會終於要開始了,學生宿舍處的工作人員和舍監們隆重登場啦!副校長(學生事務) 葉豪盛教授給大家寄語和鼓勵:「我們宿舍住著三千多位來自世界各地的同學們,這是一個小社會,一個小香港… 我的期望和RM、RT的職責不約而同,便是將這裡的快樂放到最大,將不快樂最小化……」這番話振奮在場的每一位,也感動著大家。

Prof. Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs) / 副校長(學生事務)葉豪盛教授

回顧RT們在過去一個月裏接受培訓時的照片和短片,看到大家努力地為宿舍而成為更好的自己,RT們開心之餘亦感觸良多。對了,傍晚路過MFH A時你是否聽見了美妙的音樂和歌聲呢?那正是我們多才多藝的RT陳展楠(校友樂禮堂)、張世洪(陳瑞球堂)和張翠騫(舍堂十)為大家帶來最美好悅耳的享受。


A great start to the new year 2016/17! 新一年又開始了!

Selfie session of Alumni Civility Hall RM Dr. MA Ka Fai and his RTs Darian CHAN, Jerry ZHANG, and Tina ZHAO / 校友樂禮堂舍監馬家輝博士和他的導師們陳展楠、張嘉芮及趙藝婷歡欣自拍