A Warm Welcome to our RTs / RT茶會看過來


The Welcome Tea Session for Residence Tutors and Residence Masters 2016 began at 5PM in Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Thursday. The event was graced by the presence of our 10 elegant and handsome Residence Masters (RMs) as well as our passionate Residence Tutors (RTs). The atmosphere continued to brighten up as more people arrived to chat with one another and take photos together. They were eager to immerse themselves in joy and happiness.

“The questions often brought back memories from my freshman year and I felt like seeing my old self again!” ~ Sarina LEI (Hall 10)

I took the chance to speak with a few RTs and RMs. When asked about how she felt to be a new RT, Sarina LEI (Hall 10) smiled broadly, “The workload is way more than I expected. The new residents have been asking me a lot of questions everyday since they have moved in. The questions often brought back memories from my freshman year and I felt like seeing my old self again! I’m so glad that I can help them.”

In fact, both new and old RTs all described their job as challenging. Our new RTs worried that they might not be able to address residents’ problems efficiently thus being not welcomed, though they also saw hope and confidence in bettering themselves from future challenges. By contrast, the old RTs indicated that part of their pressure came from the unpredictable changes in traditional hall activities.

(From L to R) RTs Tracy CHEUNG, Steve WONG, RM Dr. Justin ROBERTSON, and Sarina LEI of Hall 10 / (從左至右) 來自舍堂十的宿舍導師張翠騫、黃嘉樂、舍監Justin Robertson博士及李莎莎
(From L to R) Prof. Ben LEUNG, RTs Catherine YIU, Phoebe YUNG, Lucy PUN, Francois YIP, Bauhinia HO, MO Ka Chun, and CK Khoo of Jockey Club Academy Hall / (從左至右) 賽馬會群智堂舍監梁國華教授、導師姚衍諾、翁曉欣、潘淑君、葉文浩、何曉瞳、巫嘉俊及邱子強
 RTs from Chan Sui Kau Hall and Hall 11 photographed with Dr. Ron KWOK (Dean of Students), RM Mrs. Bonny Ip (Chan Sui Kau Hall), and SRO Staff Ms. Esther LEE and Ms. Hydie CHEUNG / 來自陳瑞球堂及舍堂十一的導師們與學生輔導長郭致偉博士、陳瑞球堂舍監葉嚴仁敏女士及學生宿舍處職員李德芬小姐、張凱貽小姐合照留念

Dr. FANG Yulin, RM of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9), took over Hall 11 as the Acting RM this year. He was exploring the unique culture of Hall 11 currently and said that the RTs from both halls had been in close contact ever since. While the cultures of the two halls shared their own similarities and differences, Dr. Fang looked forward to host joint-hall activities between the two.

RM Dr. FANG Yulin (second to the left) with his RT teams from Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11 / 舍監方鈺麟博士與他的兩大導師團隊:胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一

Later at the opening ceremony came the SRO staff and our 10 RMs! Prof. Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs), conveyed his encouragement and expectations in his opening speech, “Our Student Residence accommodates more than 3,000 students from all over the world. It’s a miniature of the society and a mini-Hong Kong… My hope for you reflects in the responsibilities of our RMs and RTs, which is to maximize happiness and minimize unhappiness.” His words was highly motivating to those who were present.

The subsequent video screening of RT training activities captured our RTs’ never-failing spirit in challenging themselves to become better leaders in the residence community. Oh, and by the way, have you heard the beautiful music when you passed by MFH A that evening? That was the performance brought by our versatile RTs–Darian CHAN (Alumni Civility Hall), CHEUNG Sai Hung (Chan Sui Kau Hall), and Tracy CHEUNG (Hall 10)–in presenting Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

CHEUNG Sai Hung (Chan Sui Kau Hall), Darian CHAN (Alumni Civility Hall) and Tracy CHEUNG (Hall 10) performed A Thousand Years. / 陳瑞球堂導師張世洪、校友樂禮堂導師陳展楠及舍堂十導師張翠騫共奏一曲《A Thousand Years》。

When the Tea finally came to an end, the hope and desire to build a better hall life were sparkling in everyone’s eyes. The Tea has not only reflected their common belief to make the upcoming residential year a fruitful one, but it also symbolized their promise to carry out their responsibilities in full.

Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Translator:   Violet CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographers:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), Kelvin NG


上星期四傍晚五點半,坐標滿珍綜合禮堂(MFH A),一場低調奢華有內涵的茶會拉開帷幕。舍監們(RM)優雅帥氣, 導師們(RT)笑容燦爛.。是了,這是新學期RM與RT的歡迎茶會。說到這次茶會呀,精緻的小食種類不少呢!(咳,跑題了……)隨著大家陸陸續續到來, 會場逐漸熱鬧起來,大家互相交談拍照,不亦樂乎。

“新生剛搬進宿舍,每天有很多人問我各種問題,解答他們時,就想起我自己剛剛入學的時候,就像找回了幾年前的自己一樣!能夠幫助他們覺得很滿足!”~ 李莎莎(舍堂十)



(From L to R) RTs Melvin MO, Ivan SIU, Tim KWONG, Edly WAI, Charlotte YAO, Emma WONG and RM Dr. Roger Kwan of Jockey Club Harmony Hall / (從左至右) 來自賽馬會群萃堂的導師毛浩然、蕭澤平、江俊豪、衛嘉宜、姚明君、黃良蕙及舍監關偉康博士
(From L to R) RTs CHAN Wing Yan, Dennis CHAN, Karen NG, Bowie CHAN, RM Dr. Elaine AU, Dr. Ron Kwok (Dean of Students), Cynthia WANG, Jovian CHAN, CHAN Ka Yiu, and Ada FUNG of Jockey Club Humanity Hall / (從左至右) 來自賽馬會敬賢堂的導師陳詠恩、陳靖朗、吳凱琳、陳寶怡、舍監區廖淑貞博士、學生輔導長郭致偉博士、王詩雅、陳葭灝、陳嘉耀及馮倩瑩

胡應湘爵士伉儷堂的舍監方鈺麟博士今年接手管理舍堂十一,他表示正在熟悉舍堂十一的文化,並讓兩個Hall的RT們保持著緊密的聯繫。 因為兩Hall的文化既有相同之處又各有千秋,方博士很期待未來舉辦的聯舍活動,令兩座舍堂更加親近。

茶會終於要開始了,學生宿舍處的工作人員和舍監們隆重登場啦!副校長(學生事務) 葉豪盛教授給大家寄語和鼓勵:「我們宿舍住著三千多位來自世界各地的同學們,這是一個小社會,一個小香港… 我的期望和RM、RT的職責不約而同,便是將這裡的快樂放到最大,將不快樂最小化……」這番話振奮在場的每一位,也感動著大家。

Prof. Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs) / 副校長(學生事務)葉豪盛教授

回顧RT們在過去一個月裏接受培訓時的照片和短片,看到大家努力地為宿舍而成為更好的自己,RT們開心之餘亦感觸良多。對了,傍晚路過MFH A時你是否聽見了美妙的音樂和歌聲呢?那正是我們多才多藝的RT陳展楠(校友樂禮堂)、張世洪(陳瑞球堂)和張翠騫(舍堂十)為大家帶來最美好悅耳的享受。


A great start to the new year 2016/17! 新一年又開始了!

Selfie session of Alumni Civility Hall RM Dr. MA Ka Fai and his RTs Darian CHAN, Jerry ZHANG, and Tina ZHAO / 校友樂禮堂舍監馬家輝博士和他的導師們陳展楠、張嘉芮及趙藝婷歡欣自拍


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