SPECIAL Hall Night Talk: Start Your Marvelous Journey of Coding / 業昕之夜:開啟你的奇幻編程之旅


The SPECIAL Hall Night Talk co-organized by HSBC Prosperity Hall and SRO was held in Multi-function Hall C at 9PM, October 5. Miss Michelle SUN, founder of First Code Academy and Mr. LAU Ming-wai, JP, President of Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, were invited to the Student Residence to discuss whether all university students should learn coding.

Dr. Ray CHEUNG (Residence Master, HSBC Prosperity Hall), Miss Michelle SUN, Mr. LAU Ming-wai JP, Mr. Wilson LAM (Director, SRO) / 滙豐業昕堂舍監張澤松博士、講者辛婥琳小姐、劉鳴煒太平紳士及學生宿舍處處長林健先生

Before the presentation of honored guests, I interviewed some students randomly about their opinions on coding and programming.

“Coding is obviously useful, as computers are so commonly used in our modern society and nearly all career paths involve the use of computer. If we can design apps by coding ourselves, we can work with higher efficiency.”

  • HUANG Xinyi, Jocky Club Humanity Hall, Year 1 English Studies, China

“While coding can improve your calculating ability, being interest in the subject is another important factor. I look forward to the speakers’ sharing on their entrepreneurial and working experiences.”

  • LI Jia, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 4 Information Management, China

“I do think that everyone should learn programming. Programming is not just about coding, but about cultivating a new way of thinking in yourself. We can break a problem into small parts and solve each of them step by step. Programming doesn’t require talent. All you need to do is to start with the basics.”

  • Robin, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 4 Computer Science, from India

Dressed in a smart and professional attire, Mr. Lau started the evening by sharing his personal experiences. He had no background of computer until he acquired programming skills from his friend. He reckoned that people did not realize programming was more an approach to solving problems than mere coding.

Miss Sun then stepped onto the stage next. Originally an investment research analyst in Goldman Sachs Bank, she was determined to focus in the technology field when she founded First Code Academy in 2009 to offer coding lessons for children age 6 and up. She graced the night with her signature smile as she introduced the prospects of a technology career and the significance of programming. She emphasized that coding was a key to new markets, especially in Hong Kong. In terms of whether common university students should all learn coding, she said, “Coding is not a career path for everyone. It is more like a paintbrush that turns your idea into reality. What coding teaches you is to solve a problem instead of brushing it aside. We can never spell out a perfect code–which is similar to life.”

Coding is not only a life skill, but a piece of marvelous tool to influence our personalities and lives. So, are you ready to start this amazing journey to coding now or not?

Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Translator:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographers:   Ray KE (HSBC Prosperity Hall), Unnat CHOUDHURY (Hall 11)


10月5日晚九點,綜合禮堂C。滙豐業昕堂和學生宿舍處邀請了First Code Academy創辦人辛婥琳小姐和華人置業集團主席劉鳴煒太平紳士兩位重量級嘉賓來舉行「業昕之夜」,與大家討論大學生是否都應該學習編程。

Students showed interest in connecting coding and their career planning. / 同學們對於如何將編程融入於他們的職業規劃甚感興趣。
Students showed interest in connecting coding and their career planning. / 同學們對於如何將編程融入於他們的職業規劃甚感興趣。



── 黃馨誼(賽馬會敬賢堂,英語系一年級,來自中國)


── 李佳(滙豐業昕堂,信息管理系四年級,來自中國)


── Robin(滙豐業昕堂,電腦系四年級,來自印度)


辛婥琳小姐隨後上台。她本是美國高盛投資銀行的投資顧問,2009年辭職創業,致力於科技領域,創立First Code Academy,為六歲以上的孩子開設編程課程。她面帶笑容,親和力很強。她介紹了科技領域的前景以及編程的重要作用,尤其在香港,編程是打開新市場的一把鑰匙。而對於普通的大學生是否都應該學習編程,她說:「不是每個人都以編程作為職業規劃的,但它像一支畫筆,可以將想法變為現實。編程可以讓你在問題出現的時候想法子去解決它,而不是迴避它。寫出的程序永遠都不是完美的,人生不也正是這樣嗎?」


文:   王琪 (舍堂十)
攝:   柯行健 (滙豐業昕堂)、Unnat CHOUDHURY (舍堂十一)


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