TALK Music: Karton MA / 談音樂: 馬浩俊專訪


Apart from the successful stint at the U-basketball team, Karton MA (Alumnus, Alumni Civility Hall) had another gift to offer us all–his voice. From winning the university singing contest, runner-up at the ICMA Intercollegiate SingCon, and the Professor Edmund Ko Cup three times (but who’s counting), Karton moves as a man of few words and a vast repertoire of melodies.

Karton Ma was a 3-time solo champion in the Professor Edmond Ko Cup Inter-hall Singing Contest. / 馬浩俊(馬仔)是高彥鳴教授盃舍際歌唱比賽的個人演唱三連冠。

Having had the privilege to lose to him at the 2015 MUSO SingCon final, I did leave the event having more questions about Karton.  So I grabbed the first opportunity to circle back and catch him at his latest gig as a professional singer in our city. “I am working for my dad’s car business,” he told me modestly, following up with some good news of the label contract he recently signed under JL Music and the new management that works for him. Whilst getting an average of at least two shows or private performances a month, and the time spent at his dad’s auto, we can find him serenading around the week in the streets of HK with his busking crew. A multi-tasker, he for sure is.

His song writing moves along romantic lines and feels, capturing his own emotion struggles and pursuits in rhyme and verse.

“Songs-an escape, lyrics-a voice to the pent-up troubles, melody-the duvet that preserve the warmth from the cold onslaught.” – Unknown

On discussing his interests in music style and genre, Canto-pop does seem to be his choicest forte, but he prefers his songs to transcend genre and language and confide with the emotional quotient in each of us, which seeks companionship with the shared bittersweet sentiment. His tastes likened to contemporary pop tunes. Karton desires to study other genres with the aim to incorporate its nuances of feel into Canto-pop, and the dream to study in Berklee College of Music-Boston in the future.

Performing in public is no challenge to Karton. / 公開演唱?對熱愛音樂的馬仔來說可謂毫無難度。

With an illustrious hall life, he eulogises his years spent in the hall. “I am very grateful for Dr MA Ka Fai’s encouragement,” he says which helped boost his confidence and helping Alumni Civility Hall retain the PEK Singing Contest championship during his reign. Without the good friends he made in the hall, a usually shy and timid person by his own suggestion, would have been troubled to wring those nervous blues–forget getting in front of the mic! Being a non-instrumentalist, he is grateful to the close mates from Alumni Civility who helped and tutored him at the guitar and piano, which he largely uses as his song composition metre. Reminiscing the song he wrote during his recently culminated hall years, Karton beckons to take his life, memories and his pursuit to the top of the billboard charts onto the real stage, and we as the residence family are with him through and through.

Writer:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Images:   Karton MA (Alumnus, Alumni Civility Hall)



Non-stop applause followed after Karton’s unforgettable performance of Eason Chan’s “Exaggerated” at the PEK Sing Con in 2013. / 2013年在高彥鳴教授盃聯舍歌唱比賽中演唱陳奕迅的高難度名曲《浮誇》,為馬仔帶來觀眾如雷般的熱烈掌聲。

同樣對音樂充滿熱情的我在2015年音樂學會歌唱總決賽中曾不敵馬仔落敗,該天比賽後,我對於這位天才橫溢的得勝者確實留下了一堆問號。借著這次採訪機會,我決定把握良機,一解心中積藏已久的疑團。正在向著專業歌手路前進的他謙稱:「我在幫我爸打理汽車生意。」並透露最近他與新經紀公司JL Music簽約,每月都要出席起碼兩場私人演出,晚上還不時跟其樂隊到街頭獻唱。真是身兼多務,忙裡忙外的。


“歌是一種對生活的逃避,詞是一聲對煩惱的抗議,旋律是一張抵抗驟冷的暖被。” – 佚名


Karton looks forward to explore different styles and genres in mixing with Canto-pop. / 馬仔希望吸收更多不同的音樂風格,為廣東歌帶來更多變化和深度。

馬仔的宿舍生活豐富多姿,對於那些年他如是說:「我很感激馬家輝博士鼓勵我。」宿舍的生活令他自信倍增,更多次為校友樂禮堂奪得高彥鳴教授盃歌唱比賽冠軍。若沒有在宿舍認識到這班好朋友,他或許還是個羞羞怯怯的男生,更不用提在台上表演! 幸得校友樂禮堂的密友用心教他這個新手彈吉他和鋼琴,大大幫助他作曲。憶起當年作的曲,馬仔決心投身音樂、進軍樂壇、登上真正的舞台,而我們舍堂的大家庭會一路相伴相隨。

文:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   馬浩俊 (校友樂禮堂校友)

Fire & Safety Marshals: A Big Step to Residence Safety / 消防安全大使:邁向宿舍生活安全的一大步


The Fire Marshal Training Scheme I attended was held in Wong Tai Sin Fire station on 23 October. All our young Fire & Safety Marshals from the Student Residence gathered in front of the station early in the morning, looking forward to exploring the world behind the door.

We started our morning with a lecture on Fire Marshals’ responsibilities presented by the Fire Services Department. We learned that Hong Kong once witnessed tragedies due to people’s lack of awareness on fire prevention. To avoid repeating the past, the Hong Kong Government introduced the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme to the public in 1998, aiming at raising fire safety awareness and equipping people with the basic knowledge in case of a fire. Everyone present felt the heavy responsibility on the shoulders since we all play a significant role in supporting the safety of our fellow hallmates.


The lecturer was an experienced fireman who kept us alerted and entertained with his great sense of humour. It was this lecture that made us realize how we had been risking our lives by neglecting so many dangerous factors in our daily lives (imagine yourself evacuating over a hallway full of obstacles)!  We felt that we really need to convey these knowledge to our hallmates and check on our floor safety more often.

Following the lecture, we were guided to handle different kinds of fire extinguishing installations which could also be found in our residence halls. With this experience, our Fire Marshals are more confident to perform our duties in case of an emergency.

Fire prevention is a safety issue that must be carefully attended by everyone. It is important for us to learn about how to prevent a fire and how to extinguish one.

At the end, I hope to add on these following tips to help you in case there is a fire in the Student Residence:

  1. DO NOT use the lift. Use the Emergency Stairs instead;
  2. Try to inform your floor mates by shouting “Fire!” before you leave the building;
  3. Inform the Security Office on G/F or call 3442-1999 for help;
  4. Break the glass of a fire alarm and press the button;
  5. Bring only phones and wet towels and do not waste time on bringing other valuables.

Be careful every day. What you have learned today may save a life!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Mr. Allen KONG (Student Residence Office)









  1. 切忌使用電梯,應使用緊急樓梯通道;
  2. 離開之前大喊「著火了!」以通知更多人及時逃生;
  3. 通知地面大堂的保安員或致電3442-1999求助;
  4. 擊碎火災警報器的玻璃屏障並按下按鈕通知消防人員;
  5. 不要浪費時間在搶救你的其他貴重物品上,只帶上手機和濕毛巾。


文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖:   江志雄先生 (學生宿舍處)

Seize the Opportunity, Explore Your Own Path to Success / 捕捉機會,探索成功


The monthly SPECIAL Hall Night Talk was held for the third time in Moon Chum Multi-function Hall on November 8th. Mr. Kevin CHAN, Founder of StoreFriendly, and Miss Nicolette  TONG, Executive Vice-President of The Wave, were invited to have a discussion with residents about how could we use space to create opportunities.

Although it was nearly the end of semester, many students still showed a great passion to participate in this talk. As an undergraduate student, WAN Yetong (HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 2, Finance) has many plans for her future career but finds it confusing sometimes about how to grasp an opportunity. Therefore, she looked forward to this talk and expected to be inspired from successful speakers’ experience.

Our speakers of the night: Ms. Nicolette TONG (The Wave) and Mr. Kevin CHAN (StoreFriendly).   /   今夜嘉賓: 陳啟豪先生(儲存易)及Nicolette TONG (The Wave)小姐。

Nine o’clock sharp, Mr. Chan arrived at the venue and had a relaxed and casual conversation with students. Miss Tong, joined afterwards with her teammates and enlivened the audience with her humorous and lively presiding style, which encouraged a lot of interactive discussions.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Chan shared his life story during his early struggling days. He talked about how he came up with the idea of storage business and those times when he only had 3 hours of sleep daily. He also discussed the future development plan of his company.

When a student asked him about what kind of ideas are required in running such a company, he said he saw StoreFriendly as part of his life so he could always find creativity and fun everywhere.

Noting many young people share an entrepreneurship spirit nowadays, Mr. Chan suggested,”We cannot start with only professional knowledge. We need to learn to collaborate and look for the desired market.” His opinion of not starting a business with your best friend surprised the audience, as he explained irrational treatments might occur. A clear contract to ensure a smooth progress was necessary. The speakers then encouraged our students to actively express their ideas to others, not to worry too much about being imitated. Absorption of different ideas and put them into practice might be one step closer to success.

Students were interested in learning about how to maintain work-life balance between university life and startup preparation.   /   作為大學生,有同學好奇該如何分配大學生活和創業的時間和準備。

Some undergraduate students were curious about how to allocate their times balancing both university life and startup preparation. Mr. Chan shared his story of looking for good classmates at the CS Lab and recruiting them as co-workers. The university provides various resources including a wealth of talents of all disciplines. He suggested us to try using time at school smartly and identify helpful resources.

At the same time, he emphasized a person’s ability to make every effort concentrating on one thing. “Stay somewhere for at least 5 years and make yourself an expert.” Young people do not need to worry about losing as they do not have burdens. He suggested a good practice by staying in an interested field for five years or longer if you had a nice idea. Youngsters should be willing to take time and learn to endure and persist when encountering a problem.  Be more energetic and enthusiastic too. One might not be able to handle everything and may even lose something in other aspects, but one thing for sure is that you will get rapid growth and brighten up your lives in what we focus on all the time.

Success is never easy, but if you find the proper way and stick to your goals, it is within reach. Opportunities may just be hiding around the corner. Let us draw on others’ experiences and define our own path to a successful future.

Writer:   Iris LU (HSBC Prosperity Hall)
Photographer:   Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall)


11月8日,一月一會的「業昕之夜」又在滿珍綜合禮堂如約而至。此次到場的兩位嘉賓包括儲存易創始人陳啟豪先生The Wave執行副主席Nicolette Tong小姐就我們如何利用空間創造機會展開了講座的話題。


Mr. Kevin CHAN shares his early struggling days when he first started StoreFriendly.   /   儲存易創辦人陳啟豪先生分享他在創業早期的奮鬥故事。




Many students nowadays share an entrepreneurship spirit nowadays and hope to learn from the expert.   /   不少學生對創業深感興趣,希望能從講者的經驗中學習一二。


同時陳先生強調,要敢於專心的為一件事情傾盡全力。「在一個領域堅守至少五年,讓自己成為這個領域的專家。」 初入社會的年輕人們,沒有包袱,不必擔心失去。他提議,我們不妨在擁有一個想法之後,為它堅守五年十年甚至更長,捨得花時間,學會忍耐和堅持,多一些精力和熱情。人們無法面面俱到,也許我們會在別的方面有所失去,但是在所專注的事情上,我們會得到升華,飛速的成長。


文:   高雅 (滙豐業昕堂)
圖:   文苳晴 (李兆基堂)

Alcohol, Devil or Angel? / 酒精:惡魔還是天使?


Just imagine this scene: you are lying in bed with a bottle of Vodka in hand, looking out of the window at the night sky. Maybe there are even more empty beer cans around. Isn’t this a classical scene in films when a character falls into the lowest point of his/her life? Well, bottles are never a useful treatment for your stress. All it can do is merely providing you with a brief escape from the dark side of your life. What else can you get after all the unconsciousness and false comfort?

I know clearly that university life can be full of stress. A failure of an important exam or interview, a broken relationship, financial burdens or some emotional problems you are afraid to expose to others… these can all become triggers of alcohol abuse. But look around, what else do you have? Don’t forget that you still have people backing you up. Give a call to your parents or old friends, to those who are there for you all the time; put on your sportswear and go for a run at night, letting the stress evaporate with your sweat; visit the SDS Counselling Service to receive help on dealing with your emotional problems, as pouring negative emotions out is the best way to alleviate your stress.

A bit of social drinking may be relaxing and comforting. However, you cannot pretend that everything is fine with bottles of wine. Sometimes it gets worse. Alcohol abuse will bring you even more emotional turmoils, let alone physical harm. As drinking is a personal choice, just bear in mind the following tips for safe drinking:

  1. Eat something before and while you drink.
  2. Don’t drink too fast.
  3. Think before you combine anything.
  4. Try to avoid drinking games.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)





  1. 喝酒之前和喝酒時都吃點東西;
  2. 不要喝得太快;
  3. 不要隨便混合不同的酒類;
  4. 盡量不參加喝酒遊戲

文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)

Soaring High: A Visit to Airshow China 2016 / 壯觀與震撼: 2016中國航展


Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

As a “Go Global” initiative, 5 members from the newly-elected Hall 11 Residents’ Association, including Marco YIP (Promotion Secretary, ELEVOLUTION, Year 1, Physics and Materials Science), Ken LI (Welfare Secretary, ELEVOLUTION, Year 1, Public Policy), Charisse CHAN (External Secretary, ELEVOLUTION, Year 1, Marketing), Venus FONG (External Vice-President, ELEVOLUTION, Year 3, Public Policy) and myself, traveled to Zhuhai on 7 Nov to attend the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (a.k.a. Airshow China) 2016, the only international exhibition of this kind held in China since 1996.

As a gateway for international enterprises to showcase their latest aviation and aerospace technology, the gigantic venue was full of hustle and bustle, and flooded with people rushing in to see the whole series of aviation hardware ranging from civil planes to military aircrafts, spacecraft and space equipment, rocket engines, armament and military hardware for airborne troops, air defense system, radar stations and navigation equipment for airports.

Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

What attracted us the most were helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, huge military Y-20 large transport aircrafts with 66 tons of carry-ons, and in particular the splendid debut flying display of the J-20 radar-evading fighter developed by China, which was said to be as powerful as its rival F-22.

After a busy trip and seeing so many lethal weapons, we concluded peace was paramount–and even more importantly, a buffet lunch! What a happy and fruitful Sunday trip!

Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

Writer & Images:   Raymond WAN (President, ELEVOLUTION, Hall 11, Year 1, Information Engineering)


Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)



Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)



Visit to Airshow China 2016 (7 Nov 2016)

圖文:   温峻文 (舍堂十一宿生會嶄域拾壹主席 / 資訊工程系一年級)

Why Living in the Halls is like Going on a Working Holiday? / 為何在宿舍居住與工作假期無異?


Being famous for having the fastest pace of life, students in Hong Kong seldom get the chance to go on working holidays. However, you are actually experiencing a similar life of working holiday just by living in hall!


On one hand, living in the halls provide you with various learning opportunities to enhance personal development. You are able to meet people coming from different places such as Germany, Korea, and Mainland China, etc. It’s just like traveling around the world to meet new friends from different countries! You are highly encouraged to chat with exchange students in this multicultural community. Through interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, you get to know more about cultures and values of different countries, and hence develop cultural sensitivity and competence!

On the other hand, inter-hall competitions such as basketball, soccer and table tennis, or performing arts like music and photo-taking organised by halls bring you opportunities to engage with these non-local residents as well. Throughout these competitions, you learn various sports’ skills and appreciate arts of different styles. Don’t you think this experience is similar to the life of working holidays when you have the chance to interact and compete with foreigners. The hall life in CityU is offering you with similar, valuable experiences!

What’s more, you will be trained to be independent with improved communication and problem solving skills without the need of going abroad. Similar to the working holidays, you have to take good care of yourself and manage your time effectively. You have to face challenges on your own rather than seeking help from your parents.

To sum it up, living in halls is simply a mini local “working holiday” experience! Without traveling overseas, you are able to enrich your university life and enhance your personal development by living and interacting with residents in this multicultural residence community!

Writer:   Dilys HO (Lee Shau Kee Hall)








文:   何柏妮 (李兆基堂)

Running for Charity: The Sedan Chair Race / 抬轎比賽:爲慈善歡呼奔跑


It’s been the third year Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9) takes part in Sedan Chair Race, a charity run that supports less-known charitable organizations with very limited resources to do fundraising themselves. This year, the race was held on Saturday morning, 30th of October.

The Hall 9 team was ready from early in the morning with a lot of excitement. We took the bus together to Matilda Hospital at the Peak where the race was held. Besides the runners, Dr. Yulin FANG (Residence Master, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall) and his family, residence tutors and our lovely cheering team also went along to support the event. The weather was a perfect combination of cool wind and warm sunshine after a few days of heavy rain.

It has been a tradition for every runner to dress up and decorate their sedan chair in different themes. This year, our hall decided to adopt Miyazaki’s Japanese characters from Studio Ghibli: Chihiro, Haku and No-Face from Spirited Away, Totoro and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service whereas our sedan chair was decorated as CatBus by the Hall 9 decoration team.

Runners and cheering team of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall.   /   胡應湘爵士伉儷堂的參賽代表隊伍和啦啦隊。

Mickey Jane SALIM (Year 3, Marketing Information Management), one of our runners from Hall 9, said it was her second year joining the race. “I really enjoy Sedan Chair Race. Besides having the purpose of this run for charity, everyone here looks so happy and dresses up in really creative costumes. It feels like a Halloween celebration! Moreover, it gives me a great chance to know my hallmates better because we definitely need teamwork and good coordination to carry the sedan chair.”


Our runners in the race.   /   比賽進行中的參賽者隊伍。

As soon as the race began, everyone stood by the racing path to cheer for the runners. The most exciting part was the moment when our hall won the 1st runner-up in the Andy Naylor Encouragement & Recognition of Team Effort awards. We are so proud of everyone’s involvement in this event including those who donated their money. You guys make this event unforgettable! We also want to thank our special donor, Hong Kong PHAB Association, a charity group which devoted to promote social integration and welfare services for both people with and without disabilities.

Our cheering team.   /   我們的啦啦隊。

Writer:   Charlotte WEN & Mickey Jane SALIM (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)
Images:   Charlotte WEN & Mickey Jane SALIM (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)





Runners and cheering team of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall.   /   胡應湘爵士伉儷堂的參賽代表隊伍和啦啦隊。

應湘堂跑手之一的Mickey Jane SALIM(工商管理系三年級)說這已經是她第二年參加這個比賽了。「我真的非常喜歡抬轎比賽,不僅是因為它是以慈善爲目的,而且每個參賽者都打扮得創意十足,看上去十分享受比賽,就像一個萬聖節狂歡會!這也給了我一個絕佳的機會去更好地了解我的宿舍夥伴們,因為我們需要團隊合作和極佳的配合來抬着轎子賽跑。」


Our runners in the race.   /   比賽進行中的參賽者隊伍。

比賽一宣布開始,所有人便站在賽道旁為參賽者加油助威。最激動人心的部分莫過於我們舍堂在Andy Naylor 團隊協作獎項中獲得了第二名。我們為每個參與到這次活動中的人感到驕傲,包括那些捐贈了錢的同學們,是你們的努力付出使得這次活動無比難忘!我們也想對一直以來不斷促進社會殘障人士和非殘障人士互助融合的香港傷健協會表示感謝,為他們對社會福利服務發展作出的貢獻,更為他們對我們的贊助支持。

Our cheering team.   /   我們的啦啦隊。

文:   文雅及Mickey Jane SALIM (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)
圖:   文雅及Mickey Jane SALIM (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

No Music, No Life / 沒有音樂,談何生活


Music, a magical world of which we can indulge ourselves into all emotions;
Music, a tiny spark that lights up the dull darkness;
Music, a paradise in which we can stay who we are without worrying about being judged by others;
Music, a word to be interpreted into thousands of meanings.

The audience sat to absorb the beautiful singing by mixed-hall group “A Sharp”. / 由來自多個舍堂的組合A Sharp 演唱的《當》令觀眾們聽得如癡如醉。

This year’s Halloween week came with not only “ghosts and spirits” but some different excitement as well. The much-anticipated Joint-hall Jam Nite was organized by Hall 10 in Multi-function Hall C on 27 October 2016. When I entered MFH C, the helpers were busy setting up the fancy stage with light bulbs of different colors, snacks and drinks, and all the technical devices. More performers were there to join the acoustic feast than last year. Taking a closer look at the performance list, I saw solo singing, musical instrument ensemble, semi-chorus and so on. All of which were in distinctive styles. The Violin duo duet MA Ruoying (Year 2, Total Quality Engineering) and LI Jiamin (Year 2, Computer Science) from Hall 10 was filled with ups and downs when performing “Koi Copy”. The semi-chorus “When” by mixed-hall performance group A Sharp was intoxicating and skillful; while the Flute and Piano Ensemble “The Changing Seasons” by ZHANG Dingyu (Year 2, Applied Sociology) and me was gentle and beautiful with a hint of sadness.

ZHANG Dingyu performed “The Changing Seasons” with me by flute. / 擅長長笛演奏的張丁予同學與我一同演奏《季節回轉》。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents.   /   舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents. / 舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。

LEI Sasa (Residence Tutor, Hall 10, Year 1, MA Integrated Marketing Communication), one of the organizers of the Jam Nite, was a great singer herself. To appreciate all the performers and audience present, she decided to sing one song by her favorite Taiwanese singer: Hebe TIEN. It was the second residence activity she involved as a PIC since she became a Residence Tutor. “Although I’ve just finished my tough midterm, and felt quite tired as I worked till late night, I never regret what I have contributed to the Jam Nite. Luckily, it was successful!”

At the Jam Nite, you could appreciate music presented by people across different cultural backgrounds, make friends with like-minded people and exchange your opinions about music, and find everyone tied by an invisible bond simply because you share a similar music taste!

Music makes us one. It connects us regardless of language barriers and cultural differences. One will never feel lonely as long as he/her is with music.

No music, no life. Let’s thrive with music!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Yikki LAM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)



The audience sat to absorb the beautiful singing by mixed-hall group “A Sharp”. / 由來自多個舍堂的組合A Sharp 演唱的《當》令觀眾們聽得如癡如醉。

今年的萬聖節週不只有「鬼魂」,還有一些其他的精彩節目等著你。沒錯,由舍堂十主辦,萬眾期待的聯舍音樂之夜在10月27日在宿舍綜合禮堂C拉開序幕。當我走進禮堂C的時候,現場的工作人員正忙著搭建舞台、裝飾燈、準備小食等等。今年參加表演的人比去年更多。看看表演清單就知道了,有個人獨唱、樂器合奏、小合唱等等。所有的表演都風格各不相同。舍堂十小提琴二重奏馬若滢(全質量安全監控工程學系二年級)和李嘉敏(電腦科學系二年級)演出的《錦鯉抄》 跌宕激昂,小合唱A Sharp 演唱的《當》 則令人陶醉不已,還有由我和張丁予(舍堂十,應用社會學系二年級)鋼琴長笛合奏 《季節回轉》 柔和婉約,帶著淡淡的惆悵。

ZHANG Dingyu performed “The Changing Seasons” with me by flute. / 擅長長笛演奏的張丁予同學與我一同演奏《季節回轉》。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents.   /   舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents. / 舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。





文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
攝:   林奕淇 (李兆基堂)

Culture ‘Carnival’ / 文化「嘉年華」


Time and again you hear the terms ‘globalisation’, ‘global village’ to refer to a closely connected world of ours, and nothing epitomised this better than at the Moon Chun Multifunction Hall two weeks ago. The Global Festival Night (GNF) kicked off with much fanfare and frolic, with an ensemble of performances lined up, a plethora of lip-smacking food from different countries all at a totally affordable student budget-all for free! With representation from 20 countries, spanning 4 continents, the party started off with an inauguration which was graced by President Way KUO himself along with other members of the Global Services Office (GSO) and Student Residence Office (SRO) and a representative from each participating booth.

With the conclusion of the opening statements, and perhaps to the sound of very noisy bellies, the gauntlet was submitted and food was ready to be served. I, for instance, was lucky enough this time to be just close to the Canada booth and didn’t waste too much time queuing up for some good old poutine and the deliciously sweet beaver tail, all to the sound of Justin Beiber’s-Baby, the country’s illustrious ambassador.

Conveniently, our good buddies from Pakistan were next door serving the famous Chicken Biriyani–an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss. While sneaking a second serving just before getting the ornate looking sweet-jalebi, I managed to speak to Sagar PINJANI (Residence Tutor of Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 3, Finance), organiser of the booth, who told me that it took them around 7 hours just to prep for the night’s event. It was an effort that paid off as it won the best food later that night.

Hopping from booth to booth and getting a taste of the various cultures present was both fun and insightful for it helped people exchanging experiences through food. Hong Kong Day, our very own representatives from Hong Kong, enlightened its patrons with the understanding of its ubiquitous game-Mahjong–among other things to get non-local students overcome the much complex nature of it. Apple LEUNG (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall) an elated representative of the group, felt happy with the participation turnout at the table and the overcoming of schedule conflict of its members during the preparation week.

A good amount of recognition was due for the effort of Abir HUSSAIN (Hall 10, Year 1, Mechatronic Engineering) from the Bangladesh booth.  In order to prepare for this event, he had to convince his professor to reschedule his exam which strongly showed the effort and passion that went into the making of the event. On a side note, the chat puti, pakoda, dhoodhkoli pita and semai were lip-smacking treats to the patron!

Next, with the performances underway, the stage was set on fire with a round of dazzling dances, skits, and band performances. It kicked off with an ensemble of performances from Hong Kong and China, with a creative display of tactful juggling and a steamy K-Pop choreography, warming up the effervescent crowd to the Bollywood performance that followed from the Indian crew which also deservedly won the best performance of the night. Later winning the best booth award, the Taiwanese enthralled the audience with an energetic choreography, peppered with pop-cultural Taiwanese references and a chorus in unison. The Malaysians followed suite with a resplendent performance, echoing a chorus that rang-proud Malaysian heritage!

Before drawing close the curtains, the crowd was treated to a sneak peak of Fame-the Broadway style musical, with an energetic and crowd-thumping dance-skit by the showmen. Denis MOLDOVEAN (Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 2, Finance) and dancer/actor of the group, excitedly encouraged “All must come for FAME on 9th and 10th of November! Believe me, it’s a ‘YUUGE’ show, bigly!”, and after the snippet from last night, the guests were definitely left wanting more .

All-in-all, the GFN was a fantastically organised and executed event, with all cheers and praise to the International Society!


Writer:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographer:   Unnat CHOUDHURY (Hall 11), William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)


是的,世界文化夜(Global Festival Night,簡稱GFN)就在11月2日當夜大張旗鼓地開始了。這裡的文化表演和特色美食統統免費!有著來自20個國家橫跨4個大洲的學生代表們,這次狂歡的開幕式我們有幸邀請了郭位校長、隨同來自環球事務處和學生宿舍處的職員及每個文化攤位的一位代表。
隨著開場白的結束,或許還有肚子的抗議,食物也準備就緒了。就拿我自己來說吧,十分幸運的是我這次剛好就在加拿大攤位旁邊,所以我沒花太多時間就排到了經典的肉汁乳酪薯條和美味的油炸甜面圈,耳邊一直迴響著這個國家「文化大使」賈斯丁·比伯(Justin Biber)的成名作《Baby》。巧的是,我們來自巴基斯坦的好兄弟也就在加拿大攤位旁邊供應著雞肉炒飯,這個絕佳的機會我絕對不會錯過。
正當我一邊排隊等著享用炸糖圈一邊狼吞虎咽地吃著第二份炒飯的時候,我有幸和本次活動的組織者之一 Sagar PINJANI(李兆基堂導師、經濟系三年級)交談一番,他告訴我光是準備這次活動就花了7小時。不過付出的努力都是值得的,因為他們稍後就贏得了本次晚會最佳食物的榮譽。
我在各個攤位之間徘徊著,親身品嘗不同的文化美食是一件有趣又有意義的事,食物能幫助不同文化背景的人們交流。「香港日」,也就是來自香港的代表組合,通過香港文化中無處不在的打麻雀游戲來使非本地學生領略麻雀深邃的內涵,看來我們極有可能在以後的麻雀活動中看到更多外國朋友。胡應湘爵士伉儷堂宿生Apple LEUNG作為是次活動的香港代表,對香港攤位極高的參與率感到高興。代表們此前一周都克服了很多時間安排上的困難來准備這次活動,努力沒有白費。
這次世界文化夜的成功很大程度上都要歸功於來自孟加拉的Abir HUSSAIN(舍堂十、機械電子學一年級),為了這次活動,他努力說服他的教授同意改動自己的考試時間,付出的努力不言而喻。不得不提的是,孟加拉攤位的特色美食如chat puti、pakoda、dhoodhkoli pita 和 semai 都是膾炙人口的美味。
文:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)
譯:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
攝:   Unnat CHOUDHURY (舍堂十一)、William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)

Our Xinjiang Beauties – Blooming in Hong Kong / 綻放在香港的新疆花兒


There is a Chinese proverb that goes, “Hami is known for cantaloupes; Turpan is known for grapes; and Xinjiang is famous for pretty girls”. And with much honour, I am able to interview two beauties from two Chinese ethnic minority groups – Brittany WANG (Jockey Club Harmony Hall) and Dilireba TALIFUJIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall).

With pale skin and big smiling eyes, Brittany is of Russ descent who is currently a Year 3 student studying Social Work at City University of Hong Kong. Dilireba, with darker skin tone and deep facial features inherited from her Uyghur genes, is a freshman of Civil Engineering and Architecture major.

Brittany of Russ heritage performs traditional Xinjiang dance at the Wellness Night back in April 2016. / 來自俄羅斯族的王炫月曾在今年四月份的Wellness Night 康體活動中大跳新疆民族舞。
Uyghur girl Dilireba enjoys the sunshine and city life in Hong Kong. / 來自維吾爾族的迪麗熱巴· 塔里甫江十分享受香港的都市生活。

Q: What do you think about Hong Kong?

D: I think Hong Kong is a place that respects the freedom of religion. It is really comfortable for me to live here. A few days ago I joined the “Feast of Sacrifice” hosted in the Student Residence, and it was a blast! As a Muslim, I have a diet that I need to stick with, and my friends are always attentive of my needs. There was a time when we went for a hot pot dinner and they took care of me and ordered food that I could eat.

B: Hong Kong is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. When I first came here, the city was in a politically sensitive situation, which I experienced a period of “coldness”. But since my major is social work, I get to learn about the real side of Hong Kong gradually. Although the city is fast-paced, people are actually very kind and compassionate.

Q: Is there anything that you are not used to living in Hong Kong?

D: I am not used to cooking. But it is inevitable since there is little halal food available in the school canteens. Actually there are not much halal restaurants in Hong Kong to be honest, and they are often far away from school. Also, I am not used to the humid weather here in Hong Kong, which is why I get allergies on my face.

B: It is so humid here! We are used to the sunny and dry climate in Xinjiang. After we came, we find it a little frustrating since clothes and blankets are hard to dry. Also, the fruits here are not tasty at all.

Q: Can you tell us more about your ethnic group?

D: My ancestors are of Turks. Ethnic identity and religion influence our culture a lot. We have many traditional festivals, for example Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Fast-breaking), and Nowruz (Persian New Year). Nowruz is our biggest festival of the year. To celebrate, We eat Nowruz rice, wear flower hats, dance, etc.

B: My ancestors are Russians. As we did not follow any specific religions, we have had intermarriages with the Han Chinese since a long time ago. This has weakened our ethnic traces. Now, only the older generations know how to speak Russian. At home, my mother sometimes calls me Roya. It is a Russian name, meaning “the prettiest moon in the sky”.

D: My name means, “Loved by everyone, anywhere”. (She held her cheek with her hands like a flower)

Q: Not long ago, Brittany performed a Xinjiang dance in a hall activity. Do you plan to organize any activities so that people can learn more about your ethnic group and culture?

D: There are very few Xinjiang students here, not to mention students from the same ethnic group. It would be difficult to gather people to help organize activities.

Q: In fact, we would like to organize a cultural exchange activity with students from the 31 other provinces in China. We can be one of them, and at least let everyone know that Xinjiang is not located in the northeast of China.

Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Translator:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)
Images:   Brittany WANG (Jockey Club Harmony Hall), Dilireba TALIFUJIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)


中國有句俗語:「吐魯番的葡萄哈密瓜,新疆的姑娘一枝花。」今天小編有幸採訪到兩位來自中國新疆少數民族的大美女──王炫月(賽馬會群萃堂)和迪麗熱巴· 塔里甫江(李兆基堂)。


Russ girl Brittany enjoys the hall life very much in CityU. / 來自俄羅斯族的王炫月十分投入城大的宿舍生活。
Uyghur girl Dilireba enjoys the sunshine and city life in Hong Kong. / 來自維吾爾族的迪麗熱巴· 塔里甫江十分享受香港的都市生活。


熱巴:「香港是個非常尊重信仰的地方,在這裡生活很舒服。前幾天我還去參加了在宿舍舉辦的『伊斯蘭之夜(編按:宰牲節)』, 非常開心!因為信仰原因,所以平時飲食需要格外注意,大家都非常照顧我,甚至有次打邊爐,朋友們都細心買了我可以吃的肉和底料。」

炫月:「香港是個『外冷內熱』的地方,我剛來香港的時候恰好趕上政治敏感的時期,經歷過這裡的『冷』, 我的專業是社會工作,所以我會接觸更加真實的香港,所以慢慢我發現,這裡是個節奏快,但很有人情味的地方。」






炫月:「我們的祖先是俄羅斯人,因為沒有宗教信仰,所以很早以前就與漢族通婚,少了很多少數民族的痕迹,也只有老一輩的人會講俄語了,不過在家里我媽媽有時叫我Roya (音),這是俄語名字,意思是『空中最美麗的月亮』。」





文:   王琪 (舍堂十)
圖:   王炫月 (賽馬會群萃堂)、迪麗熱巴· 塔里甫江 (李兆基堂)