CityU Yoga Day: Embracing Peace & Harmony / 放鬆心情,淨化身心:城大瑜伽日紀實


On the 6th of November, more than 250 students and staff joined together to celebrate the CityU Yoga Day, since the previous year one had been such a total success and a hit amongst students. What better way to commemorate the end of midterms than a day of yoga?


Mr. Puneet AGRAWAL (Consul-General of India to Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR), Dr. David CHENG (Associate Vice-President, Global Services), Master Yogaraj C.P (YogaGuru-in-Residence and Founder and Director of Prana Yogam), Miss Ann Ho (Associate, Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation) and a few other officiating guests kicked off the event by conducting a Jal-anjali, a ritual that symbolizes the cleansing and purification of the earth.

After an opening speech by Mr. Agrawal followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. David CHENG, Master Yogaraj amazed us all by his yoga art, which he demonstrated with his performance partner, Ms. Coffee LAM. Master Yogaraj is a Guinness record holder, so his performance  left us breathless and constantly fascinated in awe. It was a performance of many shapes: yoga poses that require flexibility and strength that one can master only through sweat, effort and time.


The mass yoga practice started shortly afterwards and the team of Prana Yogam instructors spread around the area to help students perfect their poses. It was a very relaxing session as the wind blew softly on our faces and the relaxing voice of Master Yogaraj released any leftover tension in our bodies. For me personally, the best part was when he told us to lie on our backs and close our eyes. I could hear the birds chirping and the leaves rustling. It was the best remedy to de-stress.



The event, once again, was a huge success. A few residents were asked to describe their experiences:

How did you benefit from this event?

“It was a short session but I felt healthier after doing yoga. The free energy drink kept me hydrated the whole time too! It felt nice to have a day off to practice yoga and not think about the upcoming deadlines.”
–   Adelina TJOKRONEGORO, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 3, Finance, Indonesia

“I benefitted a lot from this event, both mentally and physically. The weather was perfect for doing yoga. Many people were doing the same thing so I didn’t feel awkward at all. Mr. Yogaraj was humorous too! Everyone laughed and that made me feel happy.”
–   Scott SHIH, Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 4, Finance, Taiwan

Do you think this event will encourage you to do yoga in the future?

“Yes! I’ve been doing yoga since secondary school, and the habit caught on till now.”
–   Brigitta Melvina WINATA, Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 3, Finance, Indonesia

How do you feel about the whole event?

“The whole event was marvelous. The Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation and Cultural and Sports Committee of CityU gave great support and sponsored the yoga mats for the participants. We are also thankful to Mr. Yogaraj and his team of coaches for coming to help and facilitate the whole event. This year’s event was definitely better than the last because every student got goody bags as well! Everything was well organized.”
–   Dr. David CHENG, Associate Vice President (Global Services), CityU

Writer:   Natasya Viona CHANDRA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographers:   Mr. Derek KWAN (SRO), Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Kelvin NG




印度駐香港特別行政區和澳門特別行政區總領事Puneet Agrawal 先生、協理副校長(環球事務)程星博士、瑜伽大師兼Prana Yogam創始人Yogaraj C.P 老師、Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation代表Ann Ho女士以及其他幾位嘉賓一起主持一個名為「Jal-anjali」的開幕儀式,象徵潔淨地球,滋潤大地,為活動正式拉開帷幕。

Agrawal 先生首先進行開幕演講,而後程星博士公開致謝,緊接著由Yogaraj 老師與他的搭檔林芊妤老師進行驚艷全場的瑜伽表演。Yogaraj 老師是世界健力士世界紀錄保持者,曾連續40小時做瑜伽。他的表演使大家著迷而又敬畏。瑜伽表演中的動作對身體柔韌性和力量要求很高,這些只有通過經年的不懈努力才能做到。

dsc_7885 batch_imgp4893

接下來是大規模瑜伽練習,Prana Yogam 的導師們走到場地各處糾正學生的姿勢。微風輕拂臉頰,大家都很放鬆,Yogaraj 老師輕柔的聲音使大家將體內的壓力都釋放出去。小編個人覺得最愜意的部分就是閉眼平躺了,聽著鳥兒鳴叫和樹葉的沙沙聲,是消除壓力最好的方式。



「雖然只是短短一小時,但做完瑜伽后覺得自己更健康了。主辦方提供的能量飲料幫助我補充了不少水分!將繁忙的生活放下,通過練習瑜伽來休息, 感覺很不錯。」
── Adelina TJOKRONEGORO (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂,金融系三年級,來自印尼)

── 石曜綸(賽馬會群智堂,金融系四年級,來自台灣)


「當然!我從高中就開始練習瑜伽了,一直堅持至今 。」
── Briggita Melvina WINATA(李兆基堂,金融系三年級,來自印尼)


「這是一次很了不起的活動。感謝Kishinchand Chellaram 基金會與城大文康委員會出資為參加者配置瑜伽墊。我們也非常感謝Yogaraj老師和他的導師團隊對本次活動的貢獻。今年的活動比去年更加成功,每位參加者更獲贈予禮品袋及免費瑜伽墊,想法週到!一切順利,圓滿落幕。」
── 程星博士(香港城市大學協理副校長(環球事務))


文:   Natasya Viona CHANDRA(賽馬會群萃堂)
譯:   王琪(舍堂十)
攝:   關允聰先生(學生宿舍處)、丁琳笠(校友樂禮堂)、文苳晴(李兆基堂)、吳啟楓

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