Culture ‘Carnival’ / 文化「嘉年華」


Time and again you hear the terms ‘globalisation’, ‘global village’ to refer to a closely connected world of ours, and nothing epitomised this better than at the Moon Chun Multifunction Hall two weeks ago. The Global Festival Night (GNF) kicked off with much fanfare and frolic, with an ensemble of performances lined up, a plethora of lip-smacking food from different countries all at a totally affordable student budget-all for free! With representation from 20 countries, spanning 4 continents, the party started off with an inauguration which was graced by President Way KUO himself along with other members of the Global Services Office (GSO) and Student Residence Office (SRO) and a representative from each participating booth.

With the conclusion of the opening statements, and perhaps to the sound of very noisy bellies, the gauntlet was submitted and food was ready to be served. I, for instance, was lucky enough this time to be just close to the Canada booth and didn’t waste too much time queuing up for some good old poutine and the deliciously sweet beaver tail, all to the sound of Justin Beiber’s-Baby, the country’s illustrious ambassador.

Conveniently, our good buddies from Pakistan were next door serving the famous Chicken Biriyani–an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss. While sneaking a second serving just before getting the ornate looking sweet-jalebi, I managed to speak to Sagar PINJANI (Residence Tutor of Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 3, Finance), organiser of the booth, who told me that it took them around 7 hours just to prep for the night’s event. It was an effort that paid off as it won the best food later that night.

Hopping from booth to booth and getting a taste of the various cultures present was both fun and insightful for it helped people exchanging experiences through food. Hong Kong Day, our very own representatives from Hong Kong, enlightened its patrons with the understanding of its ubiquitous game-Mahjong–among other things to get non-local students overcome the much complex nature of it. Apple LEUNG (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall) an elated representative of the group, felt happy with the participation turnout at the table and the overcoming of schedule conflict of its members during the preparation week.

A good amount of recognition was due for the effort of Abir HUSSAIN (Hall 10, Year 1, Mechatronic Engineering) from the Bangladesh booth.  In order to prepare for this event, he had to convince his professor to reschedule his exam which strongly showed the effort and passion that went into the making of the event. On a side note, the chat puti, pakoda, dhoodhkoli pita and semai were lip-smacking treats to the patron!

Next, with the performances underway, the stage was set on fire with a round of dazzling dances, skits, and band performances. It kicked off with an ensemble of performances from Hong Kong and China, with a creative display of tactful juggling and a steamy K-Pop choreography, warming up the effervescent crowd to the Bollywood performance that followed from the Indian crew which also deservedly won the best performance of the night. Later winning the best booth award, the Taiwanese enthralled the audience with an energetic choreography, peppered with pop-cultural Taiwanese references and a chorus in unison. The Malaysians followed suite with a resplendent performance, echoing a chorus that rang-proud Malaysian heritage!

Before drawing close the curtains, the crowd was treated to a sneak peak of Fame-the Broadway style musical, with an energetic and crowd-thumping dance-skit by the showmen. Denis MOLDOVEAN (Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 2, Finance) and dancer/actor of the group, excitedly encouraged “All must come for FAME on 9th and 10th of November! Believe me, it’s a ‘YUUGE’ show, bigly!”, and after the snippet from last night, the guests were definitely left wanting more .

All-in-all, the GFN was a fantastically organised and executed event, with all cheers and praise to the International Society!


Writer:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographer:   Unnat CHOUDHURY (Hall 11), William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)


是的,世界文化夜(Global Festival Night,簡稱GFN)就在11月2日當夜大張旗鼓地開始了。這裡的文化表演和特色美食統統免費!有著來自20個國家橫跨4個大洲的學生代表們,這次狂歡的開幕式我們有幸邀請了郭位校長、隨同來自環球事務處和學生宿舍處的職員及每個文化攤位的一位代表。
隨著開場白的結束,或許還有肚子的抗議,食物也準備就緒了。就拿我自己來說吧,十分幸運的是我這次剛好就在加拿大攤位旁邊,所以我沒花太多時間就排到了經典的肉汁乳酪薯條和美味的油炸甜面圈,耳邊一直迴響著這個國家「文化大使」賈斯丁·比伯(Justin Biber)的成名作《Baby》。巧的是,我們來自巴基斯坦的好兄弟也就在加拿大攤位旁邊供應著雞肉炒飯,這個絕佳的機會我絕對不會錯過。
正當我一邊排隊等著享用炸糖圈一邊狼吞虎咽地吃著第二份炒飯的時候,我有幸和本次活動的組織者之一 Sagar PINJANI(李兆基堂導師、經濟系三年級)交談一番,他告訴我光是準備這次活動就花了7小時。不過付出的努力都是值得的,因為他們稍後就贏得了本次晚會最佳食物的榮譽。
我在各個攤位之間徘徊著,親身品嘗不同的文化美食是一件有趣又有意義的事,食物能幫助不同文化背景的人們交流。「香港日」,也就是來自香港的代表組合,通過香港文化中無處不在的打麻雀游戲來使非本地學生領略麻雀深邃的內涵,看來我們極有可能在以後的麻雀活動中看到更多外國朋友。胡應湘爵士伉儷堂宿生Apple LEUNG作為是次活動的香港代表,對香港攤位極高的參與率感到高興。代表們此前一周都克服了很多時間安排上的困難來准備這次活動,努力沒有白費。
這次世界文化夜的成功很大程度上都要歸功於來自孟加拉的Abir HUSSAIN(舍堂十、機械電子學一年級),為了這次活動,他努力說服他的教授同意改動自己的考試時間,付出的努力不言而喻。不得不提的是,孟加拉攤位的特色美食如chat puti、pakoda、dhoodhkoli pita 和 semai 都是膾炙人口的美味。
文:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)
譯:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
攝:   Unnat CHOUDHURY (舍堂十一)、William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)

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