Why Living in the Halls is like Going on a Working Holiday? / 為何在宿舍居住與工作假期無異?


Being famous for having the fastest pace of life, students in Hong Kong seldom get the chance to go on working holidays. However, you are actually experiencing a similar life of working holiday just by living in hall!


On one hand, living in the halls provide you with various learning opportunities to enhance personal development. You are able to meet people coming from different places such as Germany, Korea, and Mainland China, etc. It’s just like traveling around the world to meet new friends from different countries! You are highly encouraged to chat with exchange students in this multicultural community. Through interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, you get to know more about cultures and values of different countries, and hence develop cultural sensitivity and competence!

On the other hand, inter-hall competitions such as basketball, soccer and table tennis, or performing arts like music and photo-taking organised by halls bring you opportunities to engage with these non-local residents as well. Throughout these competitions, you learn various sports’ skills and appreciate arts of different styles. Don’t you think this experience is similar to the life of working holidays when you have the chance to interact and compete with foreigners. The hall life in CityU is offering you with similar, valuable experiences!

What’s more, you will be trained to be independent with improved communication and problem solving skills without the need of going abroad. Similar to the working holidays, you have to take good care of yourself and manage your time effectively. You have to face challenges on your own rather than seeking help from your parents.

To sum it up, living in halls is simply a mini local “working holiday” experience! Without traveling overseas, you are able to enrich your university life and enhance your personal development by living and interacting with residents in this multicultural residence community!

Writer:   Dilys HO (Lee Shau Kee Hall)








文:   何柏妮 (李兆基堂)

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