Seize the Opportunity, Explore Your Own Path to Success / 捕捉機會,探索成功


The monthly SPECIAL Hall Night Talk was held for the third time in Moon Chum Multi-function Hall on November 8th. Mr. Kevin CHAN, Founder of StoreFriendly, and Miss Nicolette  TONG, Executive Vice-President of The Wave, were invited to have a discussion with residents about how could we use space to create opportunities.

Although it was nearly the end of semester, many students still showed a great passion to participate in this talk. As an undergraduate student, WAN Yetong (HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 2, Finance) has many plans for her future career but finds it confusing sometimes about how to grasp an opportunity. Therefore, she looked forward to this talk and expected to be inspired from successful speakers’ experience.

Our speakers of the night: Ms. Nicolette TONG (The Wave) and Mr. Kevin CHAN (StoreFriendly).   /   今夜嘉賓: 陳啟豪先生(儲存易)及Nicolette TONG (The Wave)小姐。

Nine o’clock sharp, Mr. Chan arrived at the venue and had a relaxed and casual conversation with students. Miss Tong, joined afterwards with her teammates and enlivened the audience with her humorous and lively presiding style, which encouraged a lot of interactive discussions.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Chan shared his life story during his early struggling days. He talked about how he came up with the idea of storage business and those times when he only had 3 hours of sleep daily. He also discussed the future development plan of his company.

When a student asked him about what kind of ideas are required in running such a company, he said he saw StoreFriendly as part of his life so he could always find creativity and fun everywhere.

Noting many young people share an entrepreneurship spirit nowadays, Mr. Chan suggested,”We cannot start with only professional knowledge. We need to learn to collaborate and look for the desired market.” His opinion of not starting a business with your best friend surprised the audience, as he explained irrational treatments might occur. A clear contract to ensure a smooth progress was necessary. The speakers then encouraged our students to actively express their ideas to others, not to worry too much about being imitated. Absorption of different ideas and put them into practice might be one step closer to success.

Students were interested in learning about how to maintain work-life balance between university life and startup preparation.   /   作為大學生,有同學好奇該如何分配大學生活和創業的時間和準備。

Some undergraduate students were curious about how to allocate their times balancing both university life and startup preparation. Mr. Chan shared his story of looking for good classmates at the CS Lab and recruiting them as co-workers. The university provides various resources including a wealth of talents of all disciplines. He suggested us to try using time at school smartly and identify helpful resources.

At the same time, he emphasized a person’s ability to make every effort concentrating on one thing. “Stay somewhere for at least 5 years and make yourself an expert.” Young people do not need to worry about losing as they do not have burdens. He suggested a good practice by staying in an interested field for five years or longer if you had a nice idea. Youngsters should be willing to take time and learn to endure and persist when encountering a problem.  Be more energetic and enthusiastic too. One might not be able to handle everything and may even lose something in other aspects, but one thing for sure is that you will get rapid growth and brighten up your lives in what we focus on all the time.

Success is never easy, but if you find the proper way and stick to your goals, it is within reach. Opportunities may just be hiding around the corner. Let us draw on others’ experiences and define our own path to a successful future.

Writer:   Iris LU (HSBC Prosperity Hall)
Photographer:   Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall)


11月8日,一月一會的「業昕之夜」又在滿珍綜合禮堂如約而至。此次到場的兩位嘉賓包括儲存易創始人陳啟豪先生The Wave執行副主席Nicolette Tong小姐就我們如何利用空間創造機會展開了講座的話題。


Mr. Kevin CHAN shares his early struggling days when he first started StoreFriendly.   /   儲存易創辦人陳啟豪先生分享他在創業早期的奮鬥故事。




Many students nowadays share an entrepreneurship spirit nowadays and hope to learn from the expert.   /   不少學生對創業深感興趣,希望能從講者的經驗中學習一二。


同時陳先生強調,要敢於專心的為一件事情傾盡全力。「在一個領域堅守至少五年,讓自己成為這個領域的專家。」 初入社會的年輕人們,沒有包袱,不必擔心失去。他提議,我們不妨在擁有一個想法之後,為它堅守五年十年甚至更長,捨得花時間,學會忍耐和堅持,多一些精力和熱情。人們無法面面俱到,也許我們會在別的方面有所失去,但是在所專注的事情上,我們會得到升華,飛速的成長。


文:   高雅 (滙豐業昕堂)
圖:   文苳晴 (李兆基堂)

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