Fire & Safety Marshals: A Big Step to Residence Safety / 消防安全大使:邁向宿舍生活安全的一大步


The Fire Marshal Training Scheme I attended was held in Wong Tai Sin Fire station on 23 October. All our young Fire & Safety Marshals from the Student Residence gathered in front of the station early in the morning, looking forward to exploring the world behind the door.

We started our morning with a lecture on Fire Marshals’ responsibilities presented by the Fire Services Department. We learned that Hong Kong once witnessed tragedies due to people’s lack of awareness on fire prevention. To avoid repeating the past, the Hong Kong Government introduced the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme to the public in 1998, aiming at raising fire safety awareness and equipping people with the basic knowledge in case of a fire. Everyone present felt the heavy responsibility on the shoulders since we all play a significant role in supporting the safety of our fellow hallmates.


The lecturer was an experienced fireman who kept us alerted and entertained with his great sense of humour. It was this lecture that made us realize how we had been risking our lives by neglecting so many dangerous factors in our daily lives (imagine yourself evacuating over a hallway full of obstacles)!  We felt that we really need to convey these knowledge to our hallmates and check on our floor safety more often.

Following the lecture, we were guided to handle different kinds of fire extinguishing installations which could also be found in our residence halls. With this experience, our Fire Marshals are more confident to perform our duties in case of an emergency.

Fire prevention is a safety issue that must be carefully attended by everyone. It is important for us to learn about how to prevent a fire and how to extinguish one.

At the end, I hope to add on these following tips to help you in case there is a fire in the Student Residence:

  1. DO NOT use the lift. Use the Emergency Stairs instead;
  2. Try to inform your floor mates by shouting “Fire!” before you leave the building;
  3. Inform the Security Office on G/F or call 3442-1999 for help;
  4. Break the glass of a fire alarm and press the button;
  5. Bring only phones and wet towels and do not waste time on bringing other valuables.

Be careful every day. What you have learned today may save a life!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Mr. Allen KONG (Student Residence Office)









  1. 切忌使用電梯,應使用緊急樓梯通道;
  2. 離開之前大喊「著火了!」以通知更多人及時逃生;
  3. 通知地面大堂的保安員或致電3442-1999求助;
  4. 擊碎火災警報器的玻璃屏障並按下按鈕通知消防人員;
  5. 不要浪費時間在搶救你的其他貴重物品上,只帶上手機和濕毛巾。


文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖:   江志雄先生 (學生宿舍處)

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