Residing in “Hall 12”: A Jockey Club House Feature / 走進「舍堂十二」:馬會樓專訪


For many of you, it must have been months and years since you have started studying at CityU. If you think you know everything about this university, did you know that we actually have 12 student residence halls on campus? The mysterious “Hall 12” is located by the Academic Exchange Building, named the Jockey Club House. Since the residence hall is a bit far from our Cornwall Street site, you may not be aware that we have 92 postgraduate residents living there. Want to know what it is like living there? Continue reading to find out!


The Jockey Club House is the oldest residence hall in CityU. Built in 1997, the hall is a six-story building. The first, fourth and sixth floors are for guys, and the second, third and fifth for girls. While the bathrooms and toilets on each floor are shared, most of the residents have their own single rooms, with some double ones. The corridor is decorated with white porcelain tiles and yellow wooden doors, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. In each of the rooms, there is a sink, mirror and shelf near the door. The size of the room is two-third of a double room in other halls – which is quite spacious for only one resident although the wardrobe is a bit small. In each floor, there is a common room for cooking and gathering, also a really big terrace for people to dry their clothes.


Just like the rooftops in many Japanese comics and dramas, the protagonist just lies there, soaking in the sun and chilling with friends, or simply leaning against the fence and feeling the breeze. If you ever have a chance to look at the view from the Jockey Club House, you will find it really relaxing, and perhaps you will be able to live up to some of your childhood fantasies. (If there were more flowers and greeneries, and perhaps a bit of a repainting would make the place look perfect!) Well, for now, it is still the best place to hang your laundry.


What is it like to be living at the Jockey Club House?

“The Jockey Club House really a very lovely place. I made a lot of friends here which is a major source of happiness. The hall is also very close to the campus and the MTR station! It is convenient for you to go anywhere.”

  • ZHANG Xukun, Jockey Club House, Year 3, PhD Public Policy, China

“We always organize different activities for ourselves, for example sushi night and guitar jamming and so on. Our benefit is that we are the closest to the MTR station, so basically the whole Hong Kong is our common room! Another benefit is that we can just take a lift ride down to Garden Café to eat. Our residents are all coming from different cultural backgrounds. I think eating together is the best way to unite everyone.

We also participate in activities held by the Student Residence Office. For example, the Joint-hall Mid-autumn Festival Celebration (with Hall 8), yoga classes, sports games (and PEK Cup–again, with Hall 8), etc. We hope that in the coming year, Jockey Club House can have more interactions with other residence halls in CityU. Hope we can communicate well with the others without the generation gap, after all, we are much older than them, haha!”

  • LAU Chun Kit, Residence Tutor of Jockey Club House, Year 4, PhD Management Sciencess, Hong Kong

Writer & Photographer: Betty WANG (Hall 10)









── 張旭坤(馬會樓,公共政策博士生三年級,來自中國)

「我們自己也會經常組織活動的,壽司之夜啊,大家一起玩結他啊等等,我們的優勢是離地鐵站特別近,整個香港都是我們的common room。另一個好處是樓下就是Garden Café,吃東西很方便。宿生的文化背景很不同,不過我發現食物是把大家聚在一起的好方法!


── 劉俊傑(馬會樓導師,管理科學系博士生四年級,來自香港,馬會樓tutor )

文及攝:   王琪 (舍堂十)

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