Sandy TO: Running Ahead, Leading by Example / 杜穎珊:一路向前,模範光彩


Lee Shau Kee Hall’s very own residence tutor (RT), Sandy TO, shares her insight in balancing her school work, hall responsibilities and her role as a University Nike Icon (UNI) of 2015/16.

The 3rd year student of Environmental Policy tells us that with time management, stress shouldn’t be a problem. Sandy’s perseverance only got stronger as she took on the role of UNI since last November. Her determination was electrified through the long run events and to this day she is able to remind herself never give up on anything.

Sandy To / 杜穎珊

What is a Nike University Icon? This program is premeditated for local university undergraduates spreading Nike’s brand culture in Hong Kong. This puts Sandy in the spotlight acting as one of student role models in residence community. “Actually, it is a 1-year marketing internship for Nike,” She said, “I was selected out of over 100 applicants. I intended to learn some marketing skills of holding and organizing different running events on campus.”

She gets to observe on how a big brand work on their marketing field. “We have meetings like once a week. It takes time to prepare for every event. You need to brainstorm for ideas, plan rundown, go for site checking, recruit participants… It doesn’t really interfere but rather enrich my school life.”  She also did photo shooting for some advertisement. You’ll probably see her posters around Hong Kong!

Sandy (first on the left, bottom row) gains a variety of marketing training and experiences through the University Nike Icon programme and her love of sports. / 喜歡運動的穎珊(左下角)從University Nike Icons 項目中學習到不少關於市場推廣的知識。

She mentions that UNI is more about listening to different opinions and cooperating. As for a RT, a responsibility she got appointed this academic year, needs to take judgment from her own self like individually handling different support to students including emergency cases. Both roles need to act as role model to students in hall and in sports areas respectively.

Sandy (second to the right, bottom row) was the Sports Secretary of SIXHOLIC, the Residents’ Association of Lee Shau Kee Hall, from 2014-15. / 穎珊(前排右起第二位)曾是李兆基堂2014/15屆宿生會「六呵力」的體育幹事。

“What kind of personality have you developed? Do you use the same set of abilities for your RT obligations?” I asked.

“Sociable personality, we had the chance to talk to many students from different universities. We have to enlarge our social circle to invite more students to join our events. As for my RT role taking charge of the PEK Cup (Professor Edmond Ko Cup), a sociable personality is very important. You can communicate better with RTs from other halls.”

“Do you ever get stressed out? What advice can you give to students like me, ‘because I CAN be busy sometimes, juggling responsibilities?'”

“Time management is very important in balancing work. Never procrastinate on project work or assignments. It will definitely lead to very heavy workload!” Stress can take a toll on health. There were moments when Sandy’s busy life and intense physical activity have affected her well-being. One can avoid it by planning and looking ahead – do not put everything to the last minute.

An event promo for University Nike Icon. / University Nike Icon 的宣傳海報。

“If someone, I mean not me but if someone, wants to apply to be a UNI of 2017, how much running are we actually talking about?”

“I’m usually the pacer for the running events, meaning the one that leads and run in front of a running group. 3km used to be difficult and it is the minimum length of the run; but my physical strength has definitely improved.”

Sandy is currently serving as the 7/F RT in Lee Shau Kee Hall in charge of PEK Cup and hall facilities.  She is also an award-winning yoga practitioner in international yoga competitions and a member from the CityU Rugby Team.

Extended reading:
Fitness Tuesday‘s interview: “Sandy To: A Sweet Girl and Rugby Player!” (April 2016)

Writer:   Julianne Nicole DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Photographer:   Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Hydie CHEUNG (SRO), University Nike Icon @ Pictagram


最近訪問了李兆基堂宿舍導師杜穎珊(Sandy)。作為運動健將和模範領袖,穎珊向我分享了如何平衡學業、導師和擔任2015/16年度University Nike Icon(UNI)三項職責的看法。這位現修環境政策的大三學生告訴我們,只要懂得時間管理,壓力絕對不會成為負累。穎珊在十一月成為UNI後,人變得更加堅毅,鬥志更盛,總能夠督促自己,永不放棄。

Sandy To / 杜穎珊
什麼是UNI?這是Nike 推廣其品牌文化的宣傳項目,主攻本地大學生,這也使穎珊成為學生宿舍的模範學生之一。「事實上,這是一個為期一年的Nike實習項目。我在100多個候選人中被選中。我想要借此機會學習一些在校園組織和舉辦活動的市場宣傳技巧。」
Promoting for running with fellow athletes from other university campuses. / 和來自其他大學的精英運動員一起拍攝宣傳跑步的海報。
Sandy was the Sports Secretary of SIXHOLIC, the Residents’ Association of Lee Shau Kee Hall, from 2014-15. / 穎珊曾是李兆基堂2014/15屆宿生會「六呵力」的體育幹事。
At the Residence Tutor Training Camp in July 2016. / 宿舍導師訓練營2016。
With other UNIs at the NRC Women’s 10K. / 和其他UNI 一起參與了NRC Women’s 10K 的女子跑步盛事。
Performing with Master Yogaraj C.P., Guinness Record holder and Yoga-Guru-in-Residence, at the first CityU Yoga Day in November 2015. / 與世界紀錄保持者兼駐學生宿舍瑜伽大師Yogaraj C.P. 在2015年11月的瑜伽日一起表演。
文:   Julianne Nicole DIONISIO (賽馬會敬賢堂)
攝/圖:   文苳晴 (李兆基堂)、張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)、University Nike Icon @ Pictaram

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