A Winter Celebration to Remember: Joint-Hall Gala Dinner / 冬日裡的溫暖慶典: 聯舍晚宴


On Friday the 24th of February, the Student Residence was humming with excitement whilst preparing for their signature community event, the annual Joint-hall Gala Dinner. The theme for the year of 2017 is “Once Upon a City (小城大事). The organisers, Residents’ Associations (RAs) from our 10 undergraduate halls and the Student Residence Office (SRO), received an overwhelming sale response to the event from64 tables! As a result, a total of 770 people enjoyed and celebrated the event.

More than 770 students, staff, alumni and special guests gathered for a fun celebration of
More than 770 students, staff, alumni and special guests gathered for a fun celebration of “Once Upon a City”, Joint-hall Gala Dinner 2017. / 逾770名師生、校友和特別嘉賓參與了2017年聯舍晚宴《小城大事》。
The meaning behind the theme,
The meaning behind the theme, “Once Upon a City”, refers to all the great pieces of hall memories residents share together here in CityU, which will continue to inspire them for years to come. / 《小城大事》寓意宿舍生活中的點點滴滴在宿生的心目中永遠都有一片天,哪天回望過來,盡是美好的回憶。

When the evening rolled in, the Student Residence had been completely transformed. As you entered the residence, you could see the main stage set up to the left. When looking out from this point, rows upon rows of tables were scattered all around the area surrounding the Student Residence circle. Rainbow-like flags were hung up and flied in the wind. When the stunning bright lights were switched on, the Student Residence glowed in a kaleidoscope of colours. This was the setting of what would be a memorable night.

As most of us know, the Student Residence is situated on a hill, so during the winter season, the low temperature really tends to hit us hard. However, we were blessed that the rain stayed away from us. So even though an icy wind was sweeping across the Student Residence with great force, it seemed insignificant because wherever you turned, you were greeted with warm smiles from fellow students, alumni and special guests.

Students from all over the globe were invited as special guests to the eventful evening. / 來自不同地區和國家的同學們聚集在一起,共同歡渡聯舍晚宴。
Students from all over the globe were invited as special guests to the eventful evening. / 來自不同地區和國家的同學們聚集在一起,共同歡渡聯舍晚宴。
Our great MCs for the night (from L to R): Catherine WONG (Alumni Civility Hall), Issac HAN (Hall 11), Rose CHOW (Alumni Civility Hall), Walter WONG (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11), and Georgia IVERS (Lee Shau Kee Hall). / 色彩艷紅的一眾大會司儀(左起):黃靜(校友樂禮堂)、韓俊樂(舍堂十一)、周嘉怡(校友樂禮堂)、王瑞賢(李兆基堂)、Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)及Georgia IVERS(李兆基堂)。
Our great MCs for the night (from L to R): Catherine WONG (Alumni Civility Hall), Issac HAN (Hall 11), Rose CHOW (Alumni Civility Hall), Walter WONG (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11), and Georgia IVERS (Lee Shau Kee Hall). / 色彩艷紅的一眾大會司儀(左起):黃靜(校友樂禮堂)、韓俊樂(舍堂十一)、周嘉怡(校友樂禮堂)、王瑞賢(李兆基堂)、Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)及Georgia IVERS(李兆基堂)。

The event ran smoothly, thanks to the lively MCs from Hong Kong, India and Australia. The audience was constantly laughing, thanks to the entertaining “Best Costume Performance Competition”. For this, groups from the various halls came up with innovative ideas to stand out from the crowd – whether it was giant walking student IDs or singing kindergarten kids. In adddition, the student performances throughout the night were of the highest quality, ranging from the Korean dance group “URBANITE” to the Bollywood Fusion “DAZZLERS”. They all showcased how diversified and talented our residents are.

President Way KUO was impressed by the quality of the student performances. / 郭位校長對於同學們的演出讚不絕口。
President Way KUO was impressed by the quality of the student performances. / 郭位校長對於同學們的演出讚不絕口。

Hall performers, URBANITE, and DAZZLERS gave a series of dashing performances throughout, while C AllStar hit up the stage near the end of the night as the audience cheered in excitement. / 各大舍堂的表演好手施展渾身解數,盡情演出;韓舞團URBANITE及印度舞者DAZZLERS在台上發放萬丈光芒,魅力四射;到最後由表演嘉賓C AllStar將觀眾情緒推至高峰,聯舍晚宴終於完滿結束。

Here is what some people had to say about the event:

“It was really fun to be a part of one of the student performances. I danced with URBANITE and it was so exciting to be part of something big that everyone could enjoy. It was kind of nerve-wracking to look out into the audience but the response was great. There were certain dance steps that received more cheers and that’s how you know people are watching.”
– Julianne Nicole DIONISIO, Jockey Club Humanity Hall, Year 3, Media and Communication

“I really loved to watch the performances because some of my friends were in them. It was nice to be able to support them and for others to see how talented they are!”
– JEONG Jiwon, Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 2, New Media

“I really appreciate the idea of such events that is inclusive to all residents from all halls, as it allows for the bringing of different people together.”
– Navakamol JAESIRI, Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 2, Business Economics

“First of all, I would like to thank all the organisers (including our Organising Committee [OC] and SRO) for all the efforts made towards ‘Once Upon a City’ in the past 2 months. We have never dreamed of hosting more than 60 tables. The day started off rough with a low temperature of 11°C and a strong wind. We were shivering in our OC hoodies, yet we managed to complete our rehearsals and venue set-up on time.  When I finally saw our 4 light boxes glowed on stage during the kick-off, it was worth all the hard work.”
– Yuki CHAN, Person-in-Charge of “Once Upon a City”, External Vice President of Six Noon Tong, Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 3, Chinese

(See full photo album here.)

Writer:   LIM Hanna Suchanya (Alumni Civility Hall)
Photographers:   Kelvin NG, Yikki LAM (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Emily JIA (Hall 11)



More than 770 students, staff, alumni and special guests gathered for a fun celebration of
More than 770 students, staff, alumni and special guests gathered for a fun celebration of “Once Upon a City”, Joint-hall Gala Dinner 2017. / 逾770名師生、校友和特別嘉賓參與了2017年聯舍晚宴《小城大事》。
The meaning behind the theme,
The meaning behind the theme, “Once Upon a City”, refers to all the great pieces of hall memories residents share together here in CityU, which will continue to inspire them for years to come. / 《小城大事》寓意宿舍生活中的點點滴滴在宿生的心目中永遠都有一片天,哪天回望過來,盡是美好的回憶。



Students from all over the globe were invited as special guests to the eventful evening. / 來自不同地區和國家的同學們聚集在一起,共同歡渡聯舍晚宴。
Students from all over the globe were invited as special guests to the eventful evening. / 來自不同地區和國家的同學們聚集在一起,共同歡渡聯舍晚宴。
Our great MCs for the night (from L to R): Catherine WONG (Alumni Civility Hall), Issac HAN (Hall 11), Rose CHOW (Alumni Civility Hall), Walter WONG (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11), and Georgia IVERS (Lee Shau Kee Hall). / 色彩艷紅的一眾大會司儀(左起):黃靜(校友樂禮堂)、韓俊樂(舍堂十一)、周嘉怡(校友樂禮堂)、王瑞賢(李兆基堂)、Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)及Georgia IVERS(李兆基堂)。
Our great MCs for the night (from L to R): Catherine WONG (Alumni Civility Hall), Issac HAN (Hall 11), Rose CHOW (Alumni Civility Hall), Walter WONG (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11), and Georgia IVERS (Lee Shau Kee Hall). / 色彩艷紅的一眾大會司儀(左起):黃靜(校友樂禮堂)、韓俊樂(舍堂十一)、周嘉怡(校友樂禮堂)、王瑞賢(李兆基堂)、Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)及Georgia IVERS(李兆基堂)。

來自香港、印度和澳洲的五位主持人風趣幽默,調動全場氣氛;「最佳服裝表演」讓觀眾笑聲不斷,每座舍堂都想出新奇的裝扮點子── 從行走中的巨型學生證,到唱歌的幼稚園小朋友。宿生們也為大家呈上高質量的演出,從舞蹈組合URBANITE的K-pop韓舞, 到DAZZLERS的寶萊塢印度熱舞。他們展現出我們的宿生多麼多元和多才多藝。

President Way KUO was impressed by the quality of the student performances. / 郭位校長對於同學們的演出讚不絕口。
President Way KUO was impressed by the quality of the student performances. / 郭位校長對於同學們的演出讚不絕口。

Hall performers, URBANITE, and DAZZLERS gave a series of dashing performances throughout, while C AllStar hit up the stage near the end of the night as the audience cheered in excitement. / 各大舍堂的表演好手施展渾身解數,盡情演出;韓舞團URBANITE及印度舞者DAZZLERS在台上發放萬丈光芒,魅力四射;到最後由表演嘉賓C AllStar將觀眾情緒推至高峰,聯舍晚宴終於完滿結束。



── Julianne Nicole DIONISIO(賽馬會敬賢堂 / 媒體與傳播系三年級)


── JEONG Jiwon(賽馬會群智堂 / 新媒體系二年級)


── Navakamol JAESIRI(李兆基堂 / 商業經濟系二年級)


── 陳竟瑜 (聯舍晚宴負責人 / 六結糖外務副主席 / 李兆基堂 / 中文系三年級)


文:   LIM Hanna Suchanya (校友樂禮堂)
譯:   王琪 (舍堂十)
攝:   吳啟楓、林奕淇 (李兆基堂)、賈藝琛 (舍堂十一)

A Journey Back in Time: Indonesian Night / 印尼之夜:回溯時光之旅


Often, the word most associated with Indonesia is ‘Indomie’. For those who has never heard of Indomie, it is God’s gift in the form of instant noodles. It’s so good! Honestly, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out in life. In this year’s Indonesian Night on 15 Feb, the Indonesian students in CityU wish to show the world that they have more to offer than just Indomie.

This year’s theme was Batavia. Batavia is the capital of Dutch East Indies, but now more familiarly known as Jakarta. As you step inside MFH A, a hall of fame greets you. On the walls are faces that most of you find unfamiliar, but for Indonesians, they are important figures that changed their country in many aspects. Our Indonesian hosts wanted the guests to experience an integral part of their culture, thus they had visitors sitting on the floor to mimic how it’s like back home. They opened the event with a tradition called ‘potong tumpeng’. Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice surrounded by Indonesian dishes and the tradition is to cut the top most part of the cone to indicate the opening of a ceremony.

While people were busy admiring the decorations around the hall– traditional batik draperies on the sides and a map of Indonesia in front– they were greeted with yet another surprise. International students from South Africa, India, Philippines, Taiwan and Turkey greeted us with traditional Indonesian costumes from all around the region.

The event was a full-house. There were abundant food and drinks, personally taste-tested by the organizers to make sure the guests get to taste the best of Indonesian food. The desserts were quite weird in shape. One of them was green and glutinous with coconut shavings in the middle. It is definitely not something you eat on a regular basis in Hong Kong!

While others are eating dinner (some savoring it and lining up for more!), the Indonesian students put up a live music performance. Hums and melodies of Indonesian songs fill the room and other Indonesian students sing along to their favorite songs. The guests are also entertained with a few familiar English songs.

The event ended smoothly on a happy note. I went around and interviewed some people:

What created the initial idea of organizing Indonesian Night?

“We wanted to bring you back in time. Jakarta is now known as a modern city of high skyscrapers and bustling traffic, however, we also wanted to show you another Jakarta, one that’s still close to heart. We wanted to show our history and culture to other students!”

–    Megan Trivitha PRATANA, Jockey Club Humanity Hall, Year 2, Finance, Indonesia

How did you, as an organiser, feel about the whole event tonight?

“Organising Indonesian Night this year was one of the best experiences in my life! We had to plan everything from point zero and make good use of the limited resources we have. It was definitely challenging, but because of this experience I get to be more creative and courageous.”

–    Maria Glenda OCTAVIENNA, Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Year 2, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Indonesia

What was your overall impression of Indonesian Night?

“I did not have any prenotion about Indonesia. However, this event opened my eyes to a new culture. Personally, I really liked the drama. The fashion show was impressive as well. It was very successful, so many participants!”

  • Chengyi CAO, Hall 10, Year 2, Marketing, Mainland China

What was the best part of the whole event?

“The food. It was interesting to find out that Indonesia also has interesting looking desserts, like India. The food was particularly delicious”

–    Ishwara HEGDE, Hall 10, Year 2, Economics, India

Writer:   Natasya Viona CHANDRA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographers:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), REN Ling (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)


提到印度尼西亞,人們馬上會想到 ── 營多撈麵,這種速食麵簡直是神的賜予。如果你還沒吃過,你實在是錯失了人間難得的美味。今年的印尼之夜,來自印尼的學生希望給世界展示,印尼的魅力可不只限於營多撈麵。

今年的主題是「巴達維亞」 。巴達維亞是荷屬東印度群島( 印尼的舊稱)的首都,也就是今天的雅加達啦。一走進滿珍綜合禮堂,就能看到一大群名人在迎接你。你可能對墻上的那些面孔並不熟悉,但他們卻是在各個領域改變了印尼的重要人物。我們的印尼生請參加者們席地而坐,就像回到家裡一樣。活動以印尼的傳統習俗potong tumpeng開場。 Tumpeng是一種錐形的黃薑飯,周圍擺放著印尼菜,印尼的傳統是,切去錐形的頂端,表示慶典正式開始。

當人們正在盡情欣賞周圍的精美裝飾 ── 蠟染針織布和前方的印尼地圖時,他們不知道,另外一個驚喜等著他們呢。來自南非、印度、菲律賓、台灣和土耳其的國際學生穿著印尼各地區的傳統服飾迎接我們。






── Megan Trivitha PRATANA(賽馬會敬賢堂,金融系二年級,來自印尼)



── Maria Glenda OCTAVIENNA(賽馬會群萃堂,工業工程與工程管理,來自印尼)



── 曹承怡(舍堂十,市場學系二年級,來自中國大陸)



── Ishwara HEGDE (舍堂十,經濟學系二年級,來自印度)

文:   Natasya Viona CHANDRA (賽馬會群萃堂)
攝:   丁琳笠 (校友樂禮堂)、任伶 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

Working Through the Differences / 難過難過仍捱得過


For the longest time, there’s a well-known curse among us Indonesians at CityU, that we are to be single as long as we are at this school. Yes, it only applies to Indonesians and Indonesians at CityU. However, whether you are single, in a relationship, or whether you are not Indonesian, I think you can definitely learn from Korean residents MYEONG Jinyoung (Residence Tutor, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 4, Asian and International Studies) and KIM Dok Rae (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 3, Information Management).

The compassionate behaviour of the other was what interested both ends at first. Jinyoung in particular, displayed a lot of affection to Rae when he was the newbie in her circle. And although her friends were not as supportive, Jinyoung was committed to keep the relationship going. Their gradual change from strangers to good friends eventually led to a serious relationship as a romantic duo. Jinyoung, having dated a local, working professional, said that the language barrier caught up with both of them. With Rae, she could express herself way better. Nevertheless, like most couples, their conflicting personalities challenged the relationship in the beginning. In the interview, Jinyoung admitted that she was okay with texting/contacting 3-4 times a week, whereas Rae displayed his need of meeting/contacting her girlfriend everyday.

However, despite their differences, it was evident that both sides made the conscious effort to building a strong, mutual respect. Rae gave the advice that when having troubles in relationships, talking in person is the way to go. No texting, just talk. Jinyoung complemented the advice by saying that while our tendency of reaching out to friends for advice is okay, working things out within themselves has helped them bring the best out of the relationship.


For those who are single:

Jinyoung: I think it’s better for them (potential couples) to be friends first, because that was what we did.

Rae: You get to see each other in a casual setting first.

Jinyoung: And if he happens to be the right person for her, or vice versa, the relationship will continue.

Rae: It’s nearly impossible to know whether that person is right for you (in the beginning). You have to date for at least one year to get to know him/her.

For those who are looking to building a healthier relationship, or those in a struggling relationship:

Rae: You have to talk everyday. Don’t just talk about your problems through text, you have to see them in person.

Jinyoung: If you have something in your mind, don’t keep it to yourself.

Rae: You’re gonna fight a lot, but if you overcome those difficulties, that person could definitely be the right man/woman for you.

When asked about future plans, the couple revealed their frequent discussion due to Jinyoung’s upcoming graduation and Rae’s enlistment to the military. However, no solid plans have been made.

To end, ResLink would like to thank Jinyoung and Rae for doing this interview and being very open about their relationship. Wish you the best!

Writer:   Dazi CREMONITA
Images:   MYEONG Jinyoung (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall), KIM Dok Rae (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)













譯:   黎彥東 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)
圖:   明真榮 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)、金德來 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

Go Green! A Small Garden on Your Desktop / 迷你盆栽工作坊


Everyone wishes to have a beautiful garden inside their homes. Sadly, it is almost impossible to happen in Hong Kong. Well, perhaps a mini potted plant may help you making this wish comes true!

GreenWise: D.I.Y. Mini Potted Plants Workshop guides students to create their own take-home miniature landscapes to symbolise a micro-level sustainability cycle at home. GreenWise is a series of programmes initiated by recipients of Joseph’s Catering Outstanding Student Leader Awards 2015/16, Tina ZHAO (Residence Tutor, Alumni Civility Hall, Year 4, Accounting)and Sadhika NANDA (Residence Tutor, Hall 11, Year 3, Asian & International Studies).

On the event day, people arrived at the venue in great excitement. They couldn’t wait to make their own mini potted plant! Our GreenWise helpers explained the steps to us carefully while we worked on the mini landscapes.

After putting a portion of dry moss and soil, we cut a piece of moss into an appropriate size that suited our individual designs. Then we placed our plants and different decorations unto it. After a few steps, we finished our own DIY mini potted plant! It was so easy to make!

As the day following the workshop was Valentine’s Day, many participants were eager to make it a gift to their loved ones. What a good and GREEN idea!

Writer:   Carmen YIU (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographer:   Emily JIA (Hall 11)


翠綠山丘、青青小草、流水淙淙…… 優美的園境,定是不少人所嚮往的。香港串金呎土,擁有花園又談何容易呢,不過,迷你盆栽就可以滿足大家的願望。

GreenWise 迷你植物工作坊是由兩名「嘉年華美食到會有限公司傑出學生領袖獎」得主趙藝婷(校友樂禮堂導師/會計學系四年級)和Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一導師/亞洲及國際學系三年級)所舉辦的活動。是次工作坊是GreenWise 的其中一個活動,另一個活動是電影放映會,一系列的活希望向同學推廣環保、保育環境的意識。




活動結束後,參加者臉上都掛上滿足的笑容,並且逼不及待要與自己的成品合照!氣氛樂也融融。把盆栽放於房間一角可以為房間帶來一點點生機,亦添上一絲絲悏意。當然,要記得每幾天幫盆栽澆水!否則…… 盆栽便命不久矣了!

文:   姚嘉敏 (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   賈藝琛 (舍堂十一)

Survival: Friend-zone Edition / 收好人卡的倖存者


A friend and I were walking back to the Student Residence, and bumped into a pair of hall acquaintances and they were holding hands. After saying the conventional hi-bye and brief how-are-you, my friend turned to me with wide eyes, asking “SINCE WHEN?”

The best kind of relationship is one that nobody could’ve predicted before – James LO (Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 4, Marketing Information Management) and Olivia FRANSLAY (formerly Hall 10, Year 3, Finance) were best friends for the longest time and only recently have they pursued a romantic relationship with each other which got the whole Student Residence talking. They graciously accepted my request for an interview and here was how it went.

Let’s go way back when you first met each other, what was it like?

“2014. One of the hiking events by the International Society.” answered James.

“No, no. We actually met at Global Get-together. It’s just he didn’t remember me,” jumped in Olivia, “We kept bumping into each other during international events and just ended up talking a lot. So, we became really good friends.”


Olivia and James had this spoken rule that they were not going to date each other and continue to be best friends. But obviously that didn’t work because I’m doing this interview with them now. After James got back from the Taiwanese army just last semester, they started going out.

James recalled, “We had a drink that night and then we took a walk in the park – and then she asked me out.”

Olivia immediately jumped in. “WHAT? that’s not what happened, it was James who confessed and then I just said yes! Please, Julianne, believe me.”

And how did your friends react when you told them?

“It was like a world disaster! Everyone was so confused. Because everyone knows that we friend-zoned each other but it just changed.”

Olivia is going on exchange in Austria this semester. Do you think that that will be a difficulty? Do you have advice for couple undergoing in the same situation?

“No, it’s not a difficulty for me,” James replied instantaneously, “I consider exchange [experience] really important and it will benefit her a lot and she will enjoy it. She will be meeting a lot of new people which is great – and for me as well since I’m in my final year and I will need to focus on finding a job.” They were both excited for the changes that these next months are about to bring as they will allow it to be a mature timing for them.

“Just trust each other,” answered Olivia firmly, “When you’re having a long distance just trust each other. The key to a successful long distance relationship is trust.”

Okay, any advice for single people like me?

“Just wait for the right moment. What is the point of dating if you’re not happy – you’ll just be wasting your time.”

“Don’t look for a partner. If you actively look for a partner, you’ll be wasting your time. Good partners won’t come if you’re on a lookout – there will be the right person and he will just come into your life – just focus on what you’re interested in and what you’re passionate about. DON’T LOOK FOR IT.”

What does it feel like to look at the future?

“I think it’s going to be fun. We’re going to face a lot of challenges but it’s fine – life without challenge won’t be fun, you won’t have stories to tell.” closed by Olivia.

Writer:   Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Images:   James LO (Jockey Club Academy Hall), Olivia FRANSLAY



羅靖順(James)(賽馬會群智堂/營銷資訊管理系四年級)和Olivia FRANSLAY(前舍堂十宿生/主修金融系三年級)是多年的摯友,直至最近他們的友情進一步昇華。二人的戀情傳出後,立即引來熱論。事主更大方的接受本欄的採訪,接下來一起看看他們戀愛的心路歷程和小貼士吧!



Olivia(跳起來):「不是啊!其實我們早已在宿舍的迎新會Global Get-together見過,只是他不記得我而已。因為經常在宿舍的活動中碰面,交流多了所以我們成為非常好的朋友。」






Olivia 現正在奧地利交流一個學期,你覺得這會不會是一個難關呢?情侶們又可以怎麼面對?

James(笑): 「怎會難倒我?交換的經驗是非常重要的,可以從中獲益良多並且樂在其中。她在奧地利會遇到很多新朋友,而我則要專心找工作,畢竟我也快畢業了。」






Olivia: 「一定很有趣,我們將會面對很多挑戰,但不要緊,人生中沒有挑戰、沒有經歷分享的話,你說是多沒趣的呢。」

文:   Julianne DIONISIO (賽馬會敬賢堂)
譯:   黎彥東 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)
圖:   羅靖順 (賽馬會群智堂)、Olivia FRANSLAY

A Love Story Begins on the Valentine’s Day / 情人節--愛情故事的開始


“I never knew what love was until I met you,

then when distance pulled us apart,

I found out what true love is.”

Dear all, Happy Valentine’s Day! Today may be just an ordinary day to those who are single, or an extraordinary day to couples. Yet, to Nana TSOI (formerly Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 4, Chinese) and Jones NG (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 4, Public Policy & Politics), Valentine’s day is not just the largest seasonal gift-sending occasion of the year between couples. What makes it even more remarkable is that it is their anniversary as well! Want to know more about their romantic story? Let’s read and follow up my interview with the lovely couple!


How did you two meet and get together?

Nana: Although we were studying the same programme before (BSocSc Public Policy, Management and Politics), we did not know each other even though we participated in the same orientation camp. It was not until my friend invited me to a social gathering held in Hall 9 that I first came to know this boy. I lived in Hall 6 at the time and Jones lived in Hall 9. We both like cooking homemade meals as living in hall has definitely distanced us from our families. Although the physical distance is not big and we still stay close with our families, cooking and sharing home meals together make us less homesick. Therefore, we always cook and dine together in hall. Magically, having home meals did not merely connect us with our families, it connected us too and turned our friendship into romance. When it came to the Valentine’s day a year ago, both of us joined our friend’s birthday party in Hall 9, and that was the day we decided to get together.


What is the most unforgettable experience that you two have shared?

Jones: We traveled to Kinmen, Taiwan during the last semester break. That was the first time we left our comfort zones and went to a place that we were not familiar with. One night, we were riding on a motor scooter back to our B&B but it soon ran short of battery. The surrounding was really dark. We went through the tunnel–a challenging twenty-minute ride–together. I felt really grateful to have Nana accompanying me all the time. Even when we were facing difficulties, she never left me alone.

Nana: There was one time when we decided to reconcile and met each other in the hall area after an argument… no words could fully describe my feelings at that moment. What I felt was love. He then made the most unforgettable and sweetest speech, saying he would always be willing to accept my weaknesses and faults. The reason why I did not realised that was because he had already accepted me and stopped complaining.  He had already forgiven me, even my weaknesses.


What do you think about having a university relationship, especially in hall?

Jones: We used to meet and stick together every day and every moment. Living in hall provided us with opportunities to meet more often, as well as living like a married couple. I cooked for her, and she would tidy up the room for me when she was free. There was a period of time that both of us were addicted to playing table tennis, so we often went to the Multi-function Hall C and engaged in exciting matches till late night. Yet, here comes the challenge of distance. I am still living in hall this year but she no longer does. We need to spend an hour on travelling before meeting one another because she lives far away from CityU. One thing left unchanged is: I still cook for her very often. Although it can be tiring, we realize the fact that distance does not matter. As long as we love each other, even if we do not meet very often, our feelings of missing each other never decline. This tells me the meaning of true love.

So… happy first year anniversary to Nana and Jones! When asked about what they are going to do on this Valentine’s day, the answer was not surprising… yep! They are going to cook and have homemade meals in hall again! Although this planning may seem a bit boring to you, the couple is so satisfied with it. What an incredible and memorable love story! Thanks for sharing with us, Nana and Jones, and on behalf of all the hall couples and ResLink, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!


Writer:   Dilys HO (Lee Shau Kee Hall)
Images:   Nana TSOI, Jones NG (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)





各位親愛的,情人節快樂!對單身的人而言,這可能只是個普通日子。對情人而言,則可能是個特別的日子。但值得高興的是,對於蔡嫚娜(Nana)(前李兆基堂/中文系四年級)與吳鎧忠(Jones)(胡應湘爵士伉儷堂/公共政策與政治系四年級)而言,這個情人節不只是每年最受情侶們隆重其事的節日,令此節日更非凡的是…… 情人節就是Nana與Jones的週年紀念日!想知道更多關於這對情侶的愛情故事?細閱下文,和我一起訪問這對情侶吧!



Nana: 雖然我和Jones之前都屬於公共政策學系,但我們參加迎新營的時候卻沒有留意過對方。直至有一次,朋友們邀請我到他們在宿舍舉辦的聚會,我才認識他及開始聯絡。我當時住在李兆基堂,而他則住在胡應湘爵士伉儷堂。由於住在宿舍的我們都十分想念家中的飯菜味道,因此二人均十分熱愛烹煮及品嚐住家飯。雖然家和宿舍距離並不遠,但偶爾還是會想家。自此以後,我們經常約定一起煮飯。明明吃住家飯的目的是要將我們與家人的關係更加拉近,但卻在不知不覺間把我和Jones 連繫了起來,使我們由朋友昇華為戀人。去年的情人節,我們一起在宿舍為一位朋友慶祝生日,而在那個晚上,我們在一起了!



Jones: 之前和Nana去了台灣金門旅行,那是我們第一次一起遠行到一個我們都不熟悉的地方。有一個晚上,我們一起騎電動車回民宿,路途上選擇了一條沒有街燈的路,非常非常的黑,而且有隧道,電動車也快將沒電,幾乎上不了坡,離民宿還有至少二十分鐘的路程,最後很辛苦地終於捱到目的地。我真的很慶幸經常有她陪着我,即使遇上困難,她仍然沒有離開過。

Nana: 有一次吵架難過了好幾天,最後和好如初,在宿舍樓下再聚的那刻,是我們至今都非常難忘的。最記得他對我說話的一番話,他說他常常包容我,而我說我怎麼不覺得呢?他回答我,因為他已經包容了我,不介意我的缺點。我又怎會知道,原來他已做了那麼多。



Jones: 以前一起住宿舍的時候可以想見就見,日夜也黏著。在宿舍拍拖讓我們擁有很多時間見面,亦能夠像夫婦般生活,我為她煮飯,她有空會來為我收拾好房間等等。記得有一陣子我們都愛上了打乒乓球,常常在晚上一起到Mul C(綜合禮堂C)打乒乓球直至關門,我們才會依依不捨地各自回到自己的宿舍,現在回想起的確是快樂的時光。現在Nana沒有住hall了,只有我還住在宿舍,就多了一重挑戰。因為她住得比較遠,我們每次見面也得花大概一小時的車程。雖然很累,亦少了見面,但是我們的關係比以前更好了。有一樣沒有變的就是,我仍然常常煮飯給她吃。其實,只要我們愛對方,就算不再在同一個地方居住,亦不會減少我們對大家的掛念,這就是的體驗到的真愛。

看到這裏,讓我們一起恭喜這對小情侶一週年快樂吧!被問到這一年情人節他們會怎樣慶祝的時候,這對小情侶不約而同地答了同一個答案…… 沒錯,就是留在宿舍煮飯仔了!這是一個很簡單,亦很幸福的安排呢。他們這個純樸的愛情故事真的十分美好及難得!有情人終成眷屬,我們《宿生緣》也祝願各位有情人,天天快樂,日日開心!


文:   何柏妮 (李兆基堂)
圖:   蔡嫚娜、吳鎧忠(胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

The Single’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day: Do’s and Don’ts / 單身自救小秘訣:如何幸福地度過單身情人節?


Tis’ the season of love! To your left, couples are hugging. To your right, couples are holding hands. Anywhere your eyes roam, you just can’t avoid the public display of affection. Your eyes burn, you feel trapped. It’s okay, dear friends, we single people should unite to defeat this plague called Valentines Day.

I am here to help you survive valentine’s day without being a complete mess.


  1. Splurge on (discounted) chocolates


It’s okay, your scale understands. Diet starts tomorrow, anyways. You are allowed to buy as many Ferrero Rocher as you want. Splurge on those Hershey’s! Indulge in those sweet gooey goodness called chocolate because you need extra TLC today. We got your back.

  1. Netflix (and maybe chill?)


Dive into your cheesy chick flicks movie marathon. Bawl your eyes out to The Notebook or any other sappy Nicholas Sparks movie. Realise that there are 60 million other people doing the exact same thing like you today. You’re not alone! Hoorah for single people around the world!

  1. Stay in


It’s freezing outside! Why even bother going out? Restaurants will be occupied with couples and you would probably have to wait (in the freezing cold!) to get a table… for one. Spare yourself the effort and order a take-out. Better yet, stay warm inside your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy your me-time.

  1. Swipe away


Your best friends might be out with their S.O. and you have no dinner plans. Who’s telling that you can’t swipe away on Tinder today (or any other day) really? You might get an impromptu date or even just find friends to hang out with.


  1. Drunk dial your ex


It’s okay to feel lonely, but once the booze kicks in and you feel the utmost urge to dial your ex, stop. A quick ‘hi’ will turn into an ‘I miss you’ and nothing good ever comes out after that. You don’t need that extra drama in your life, trust me.

  1. Wallow in self-pity


All jokes aside, it’s great to be single! We have the freedom to do whatever we want. We don’t have to worry about gift buying, planning surprises or picnic dates. We don’t have to spend time on Pinterest, searching for the most creative heartfelt gift that takes ages to make. We literally just saved our self all that hassle. And honestly, you don’t require anyone to make you happy. Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you, they feel happy too.

  1. Complain on social media about how ‘single’ you are


Don’t be a party pooper. Instead call your loved ones (family, friends, cousins, pets… and the list goes on) and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Don’t be salty about being single and not receiving love, when you can be spreading love elsewhere.

As cliché as it sounds, spreading love shouldn’t be a one day occasion. Especially with all the pain in the world right now, one of the things we can do to help is to keep spreading love and positivity, not only to your significant other but also the world.

I hope you have a great valentine’s day because I sure will!

Writer:   Natasya Viona CHANDRA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Images:   Pinterest





1 吸收大量(減價)巧克力



2 Netflix



3 別出門



4 滑交友apps




1 喝醉了打電話給前任



2 自憐自艾



3 在社交網站訴苦




文:   Natasya Viona CHANDRA (賽馬會群萃堂)
譯:   駱嘉時 (賽馬會群智堂)
圖:   Pinterest

Bucking the Trend – the Brain Behind Snapask / 教育界的革新 - Snapask


HSBC Prosperity Hall is delighted to have Mr. Timothy YU, founder of Snapask, as the guest speaker of the first SPECIAL Hall Night Talks in 2017. The sharing took place in Multi-function Hall B on 17 January 2017. The attendance was incredible and filled the venue to overflowing.

Bucking the Trend – the Idea of Snapask


Timothy kicked off the special evening by sharing with us his journey towards a successful entrepreneurship. When he was a Year 2 university student, he set up a small tutoring group for secondary school students. The business expanded quickly. With the support from his friends, they set up a small tutorial centre together. However, after running the centre for 2 years, he realised that it was hard to further scale up the capacity of his business.

“There is a trend in the tutoring industry that many centres attempt to expand their business by opening more classes and replacing live tutors with recorded teaching videos, I wanted to change this trend.” said Timothy.

Timothy went on to explain that the tutoring industry is inefficient as the tutors do not try to understand their students but only focus on spoon-feeding them with exam materials.

To facilitate understanding and efficiency in teaching, Timothy believes that one-on-one teaching is the optimal mode of tutoring. Such belief drove him to think of alternative ways of teaching and learning. For example, he tried to have smaller groups of students every class, instead of a traditional big class with up to 50 persons. However, soon later, he realised that the plan was not feasible. He then turned his head to the possibility of using mobile app to achieve one-on-one teaching-and-learning. This is the skeleton idea of Snapask – a mobile application that is now worthy of HKD$100,000,000.

Today, at the age of 27, Timothy is already the CEO of Snapask Co., a company that have over 150,000 users in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, with a market valuation over one hundred million Hong Kong dollars.

Snapask – The “Uberfication” of Education

Snapask is an allocation to match students with tutors online. It allows students to ask questions and receive replies from tutors within a very short period of time, if not immediately. This mode of tutoring takes care of the special needs of each individual students, and offers unique solution to suit that need.

“We are just like Uber, but for education.” said Timothy.

Aside from his idea, Timothy also generously revealed to the audience his secret method of enhancing tutoring efficiency and user experience of Snapask. Timothy and his team made use of computer programmes to collect and analyse the data of students’ learning behaviours. What’s more, they would ask their users questions to proactively test students’ concepts and understandings towards different topics and types of questions, and their answers would also be collected and analysed. All of these functions can be done just by several clicks, using a smartphone.

“You always fail the first time.”


Despite the great success of Snapask, Timothy’s journey towards success was never all plain sailing. He shared with the audience the not-so-glamorous side of his journey. Before the business was developed into a million-dollar company, Timothy has tested and experimented with different modes in realizing his concepts. For example, he once used a Facebook page as a platform instead of an app. He also set up a website to sell mock papers. Although none of these ideas was adopted in the end, it was these failures that finally built the great success of Snapask.

“You always fail the first time,” Timothy said. “But you should never hesitate to experiment what you believe.” he added.

“Now is always the best time to start.”

Timothy has a clear objective – that is to change something in the current education system. He hated to see students being fed up with standardised materials, and his aim is to provide personalised education to students that is truly helpful to each and individual student.

As a young entrepreneur who first started his business at a timid age, Timothy advised that whoever wants to start their business has to start early – “Now is always the best time to start, start experimenting your assumption and learning how to start the business.”


How did this talk inspire you?

“I try to be more well-rounded in all areas. It’s good to be an expertise in your area, but also open your eyes and be keen to learn everything in other areas.”

–   GAO Ya, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 2, Creative Media, Mainland China

“You can achieve anything if you really put your mind into it. Timothy is a very young entrepreneur. He started off at our age! He also wasn’t a computer science student, but he ended up being the founder of a mobile application company. It makes me realize that you don’t have to be an expertise in a certain field to be able to succeed in that area.”

–   Jason CHAN, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 4, School of Law, Hong Kong

How important do you think is IT in our daily life?

“The presence of mobile application has really sunk into our life. We study and workout with the help of mobile apps. It has become a habit and made everything more convenient and easier.”

–   Vipul AGARWAL, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 3, Environmental Science, India

Based on the testimonies of our resident, it is apparent that the talk was a huge success. Let’s look forward to the next SPECIAL Hall Night Talk!

Writer:   Jason CHAN (HSBC Prosperity Hall), Natasya Viona CHANDRA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographer:   Yikki LAM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)


滙豐業昕堂在本年度舉辦的第一個「業昕之夜」中,榮幸邀得Snapask的創辦人兼行政總裁余佑謙先生(Mr. Timothy YU)分享創業心得。座談會於晚上九時在綜合禮堂B舉行,成功吸引大批宿生參與,場內座無虛席。





Snapask - 教育界的Uber











「 我期待自己在各方面都可以做到面面俱圓。有專長是好事,但也要時刻提醒自己對身邊的事物保持開放的態度,對學習要保持熱情。」

── GAO Ya(滙豐業昕堂,創意媒體系二年級,來自中國大陸)


── 陳可誠(滙豐業昕堂,法律系四年級,來自香港)



── Vipul AGARWAL(滙豐業昕堂,環境科學系三年級,來自印度)


文:   陳可誠 (滙豐業昕堂)、Natasya Viona CHANDRA (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   林奕淇 (李兆基堂)

A Tennis Club for You / 送你一個網球社

When I was ten, a Japanese anime, The Prince of Tennis, impressed me so much that tennis has become one of the most amazing sports in my mind. Although it is obvious that those magical techniques in the anime are too magnificent to imitate in reality, tennis is definitely a great choice for you to keep fit (or even to meet your Prince/Princess?). Well, now, attention please: here is A TENNIS CLUB right here for you!
Albert MENSAH came from Ghana, Africa. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Accountancy and playing the role of a Residence Tutor in Hall 8. He started the Tennis Club a year ago, with most members recruited from Hall 8 and Jockey Club House (Dr. Alexandar DJORDJEVICH and Dr. Ray CHEUNG, Residence Masters of Hall 8 & JCH and HSBC Prosperity Hall respectively, are members also). The good news is that the Tennis Club welcomed more members from other residence halls through Hall 8’s HIT Tennis classes last semester! Many residents joined HIT Tennis and kicked off their tennis journey.
Q: Can you give us some basic information of your Tennis Club?
Albert: The initial purpose was to provide fellow residents with a good way to relax and keep fit. The activity is held on Sunday evenings at Shek Kip Mei Park. There are additional trainings for beginners to prepare them in joining others after acquiring the basic skills. I have applied for funding from Global Services Office’s Student-Initiated Project this year, which means the club will expand. And actually I have always looked forward to see residents from other halls.
Q: Apart from keeping fit, what other missions does the Tennis Club carry?
Albert: Our members of the Tennis Club came from all over the world: Hong Kong, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, China, US, Sweden… It is truly international. It is never just about tennis. We share meals together when the training ends. We talk about everything and take lots of pictures. It’s all because of our common interest. We really have a great time together, which I believe is a success in cultural integration.
Q: Any new plan for the Tennis Club this year?
Albert: We will take part in big competition events, which can motivate club members to their full passion. The training period for beginners may extend to 10 weeks.
I visited the Tennis Club during one of their activities one Sunday. No painful, forced training happened there. Everyone simply played and had fun. If anyone intended to improve his/her skill, the coaches were always glad to help. It was a place for you to feel and learn tennis through your heart. If you like tennis like Albert and his members do, you will not regret being here!
Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Photographers:   Albert MENSAH (Hall 8), Unnat CHOUDHURY (Hall 11)



來自非洲加納的舍堂八導師Albert MENSAH 現正在我校攻讀博士學位會計系,他在一年前創立了網球社,社員多來自舍堂八與馬會樓(滙豐業昕堂舍監張澤松博士和舍堂八舍監Alex DJORDJEVICH博士也是成員唷)。


小編:「 簡單介紹一下網球社吧。」

Albert:「 當初創立網球社的時候只是希望大家有個休閒運動的方式,活動時間在每個星期日晚上,大家在石硤尾公園集合,自由練習。初學者有另外的培訓,基礎的技巧學會以後再加入大家。今年我向環球事務處申請了資金援助,可以擴大規模,我一直也希望所有舍堂都能參加。」


小編:「 網球社除了強身健體之外,還有更深的意義嗎?」

Albert:「 是有的,我們網球社的成員來自世界各地:香港、德國、法國、斯里蘭卡、中國、美國、瑞士的成員都有,我們可是國際化的網球社(笑)。我們的交流不僅限於網球,大家活動結束以後會一起去吃東西,談天說地,合影留念,由於有共同愛好,所以相處會很融洽,我想對於文化的交流是很有貢獻的。「」

小編:「 這一年網球社有什麼新計劃嗎?」

Albert:「 會增加大型的比賽,這樣可以激發大家的熱情,初學者的培訓增加到十週。」

小編在某個星期日參與Albert 網球社的活動時,進行了實地參觀。在這裡,沒有強制的訓練,大家自由組隊,開心地打球,想提高技術,可以跟前輩學習,想休閒娛樂,就跟朋友結伴切磋,按照自己的心意去觸摸感知這項迷人的運動。喜歡網球的小夥伴,你們會喜歡這裡!

文:   王琪 (舍堂十)
圖:   Albert MENSAH (舍堂八)