A Love Story Begins on the Valentine’s Day / 情人節--愛情故事的開始


“I never knew what love was until I met you,

then when distance pulled us apart,

I found out what true love is.”

Dear all, Happy Valentine’s Day! Today may be just an ordinary day to those who are single, or an extraordinary day to couples. Yet, to Nana TSOI (formerly Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 4, Chinese) and Jones NG (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 4, Public Policy & Politics), Valentine’s day is not just the largest seasonal gift-sending occasion of the year between couples. What makes it even more remarkable is that it is their anniversary as well! Want to know more about their romantic story? Let’s read and follow up my interview with the lovely couple!


How did you two meet and get together?

Nana: Although we were studying the same programme before (BSocSc Public Policy, Management and Politics), we did not know each other even though we participated in the same orientation camp. It was not until my friend invited me to a social gathering held in Hall 9 that I first came to know this boy. I lived in Hall 6 at the time and Jones lived in Hall 9. We both like cooking homemade meals as living in hall has definitely distanced us from our families. Although the physical distance is not big and we still stay close with our families, cooking and sharing home meals together make us less homesick. Therefore, we always cook and dine together in hall. Magically, having home meals did not merely connect us with our families, it connected us too and turned our friendship into romance. When it came to the Valentine’s day a year ago, both of us joined our friend’s birthday party in Hall 9, and that was the day we decided to get together.


What is the most unforgettable experience that you two have shared?

Jones: We traveled to Kinmen, Taiwan during the last semester break. That was the first time we left our comfort zones and went to a place that we were not familiar with. One night, we were riding on a motor scooter back to our B&B but it soon ran short of battery. The surrounding was really dark. We went through the tunnel–a challenging twenty-minute ride–together. I felt really grateful to have Nana accompanying me all the time. Even when we were facing difficulties, she never left me alone.

Nana: There was one time when we decided to reconcile and met each other in the hall area after an argument… no words could fully describe my feelings at that moment. What I felt was love. He then made the most unforgettable and sweetest speech, saying he would always be willing to accept my weaknesses and faults. The reason why I did not realised that was because he had already accepted me and stopped complaining.  He had already forgiven me, even my weaknesses.


What do you think about having a university relationship, especially in hall?

Jones: We used to meet and stick together every day and every moment. Living in hall provided us with opportunities to meet more often, as well as living like a married couple. I cooked for her, and she would tidy up the room for me when she was free. There was a period of time that both of us were addicted to playing table tennis, so we often went to the Multi-function Hall C and engaged in exciting matches till late night. Yet, here comes the challenge of distance. I am still living in hall this year but she no longer does. We need to spend an hour on travelling before meeting one another because she lives far away from CityU. One thing left unchanged is: I still cook for her very often. Although it can be tiring, we realize the fact that distance does not matter. As long as we love each other, even if we do not meet very often, our feelings of missing each other never decline. This tells me the meaning of true love.

So… happy first year anniversary to Nana and Jones! When asked about what they are going to do on this Valentine’s day, the answer was not surprising… yep! They are going to cook and have homemade meals in hall again! Although this planning may seem a bit boring to you, the couple is so satisfied with it. What an incredible and memorable love story! Thanks for sharing with us, Nana and Jones, and on behalf of all the hall couples and ResLink, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!


Writer:   Dilys HO (Lee Shau Kee Hall)
Images:   Nana TSOI, Jones NG (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)





各位親愛的,情人節快樂!對單身的人而言,這可能只是個普通日子。對情人而言,則可能是個特別的日子。但值得高興的是,對於蔡嫚娜(Nana)(前李兆基堂/中文系四年級)與吳鎧忠(Jones)(胡應湘爵士伉儷堂/公共政策與政治系四年級)而言,這個情人節不只是每年最受情侶們隆重其事的節日,令此節日更非凡的是…… 情人節就是Nana與Jones的週年紀念日!想知道更多關於這對情侶的愛情故事?細閱下文,和我一起訪問這對情侶吧!



Nana: 雖然我和Jones之前都屬於公共政策學系,但我們參加迎新營的時候卻沒有留意過對方。直至有一次,朋友們邀請我到他們在宿舍舉辦的聚會,我才認識他及開始聯絡。我當時住在李兆基堂,而他則住在胡應湘爵士伉儷堂。由於住在宿舍的我們都十分想念家中的飯菜味道,因此二人均十分熱愛烹煮及品嚐住家飯。雖然家和宿舍距離並不遠,但偶爾還是會想家。自此以後,我們經常約定一起煮飯。明明吃住家飯的目的是要將我們與家人的關係更加拉近,但卻在不知不覺間把我和Jones 連繫了起來,使我們由朋友昇華為戀人。去年的情人節,我們一起在宿舍為一位朋友慶祝生日,而在那個晚上,我們在一起了!



Jones: 之前和Nana去了台灣金門旅行,那是我們第一次一起遠行到一個我們都不熟悉的地方。有一個晚上,我們一起騎電動車回民宿,路途上選擇了一條沒有街燈的路,非常非常的黑,而且有隧道,電動車也快將沒電,幾乎上不了坡,離民宿還有至少二十分鐘的路程,最後很辛苦地終於捱到目的地。我真的很慶幸經常有她陪着我,即使遇上困難,她仍然沒有離開過。

Nana: 有一次吵架難過了好幾天,最後和好如初,在宿舍樓下再聚的那刻,是我們至今都非常難忘的。最記得他對我說話的一番話,他說他常常包容我,而我說我怎麼不覺得呢?他回答我,因為他已經包容了我,不介意我的缺點。我又怎會知道,原來他已做了那麼多。



Jones: 以前一起住宿舍的時候可以想見就見,日夜也黏著。在宿舍拍拖讓我們擁有很多時間見面,亦能夠像夫婦般生活,我為她煮飯,她有空會來為我收拾好房間等等。記得有一陣子我們都愛上了打乒乓球,常常在晚上一起到Mul C(綜合禮堂C)打乒乓球直至關門,我們才會依依不捨地各自回到自己的宿舍,現在回想起的確是快樂的時光。現在Nana沒有住hall了,只有我還住在宿舍,就多了一重挑戰。因為她住得比較遠,我們每次見面也得花大概一小時的車程。雖然很累,亦少了見面,但是我們的關係比以前更好了。有一樣沒有變的就是,我仍然常常煮飯給她吃。其實,只要我們愛對方,就算不再在同一個地方居住,亦不會減少我們對大家的掛念,這就是的體驗到的真愛。

看到這裏,讓我們一起恭喜這對小情侶一週年快樂吧!被問到這一年情人節他們會怎樣慶祝的時候,這對小情侶不約而同地答了同一個答案…… 沒錯,就是留在宿舍煮飯仔了!這是一個很簡單,亦很幸福的安排呢。他們這個純樸的愛情故事真的十分美好及難得!有情人終成眷屬,我們《宿生緣》也祝願各位有情人,天天快樂,日日開心!


文:   何柏妮 (李兆基堂)
圖:   蔡嫚娜、吳鎧忠(胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

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