Survival: Friend-zone Edition / 收好人卡的倖存者


A friend and I were walking back to the Student Residence, and bumped into a pair of hall acquaintances and they were holding hands. After saying the conventional hi-bye and brief how-are-you, my friend turned to me with wide eyes, asking “SINCE WHEN?”

The best kind of relationship is one that nobody could’ve predicted before – James LO (Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 4, Marketing Information Management) and Olivia FRANSLAY (formerly Hall 10, Year 3, Finance) were best friends for the longest time and only recently have they pursued a romantic relationship with each other which got the whole Student Residence talking. They graciously accepted my request for an interview and here was how it went.

Let’s go way back when you first met each other, what was it like?

“2014. One of the hiking events by the International Society.” answered James.

“No, no. We actually met at Global Get-together. It’s just he didn’t remember me,” jumped in Olivia, “We kept bumping into each other during international events and just ended up talking a lot. So, we became really good friends.”


Olivia and James had this spoken rule that they were not going to date each other and continue to be best friends. But obviously that didn’t work because I’m doing this interview with them now. After James got back from the Taiwanese army just last semester, they started going out.

James recalled, “We had a drink that night and then we took a walk in the park – and then she asked me out.”

Olivia immediately jumped in. “WHAT? that’s not what happened, it was James who confessed and then I just said yes! Please, Julianne, believe me.”

And how did your friends react when you told them?

“It was like a world disaster! Everyone was so confused. Because everyone knows that we friend-zoned each other but it just changed.”

Olivia is going on exchange in Austria this semester. Do you think that that will be a difficulty? Do you have advice for couple undergoing in the same situation?

“No, it’s not a difficulty for me,” James replied instantaneously, “I consider exchange [experience] really important and it will benefit her a lot and she will enjoy it. She will be meeting a lot of new people which is great – and for me as well since I’m in my final year and I will need to focus on finding a job.” They were both excited for the changes that these next months are about to bring as they will allow it to be a mature timing for them.

“Just trust each other,” answered Olivia firmly, “When you’re having a long distance just trust each other. The key to a successful long distance relationship is trust.”

Okay, any advice for single people like me?

“Just wait for the right moment. What is the point of dating if you’re not happy – you’ll just be wasting your time.”

“Don’t look for a partner. If you actively look for a partner, you’ll be wasting your time. Good partners won’t come if you’re on a lookout – there will be the right person and he will just come into your life – just focus on what you’re interested in and what you’re passionate about. DON’T LOOK FOR IT.”

What does it feel like to look at the future?

“I think it’s going to be fun. We’re going to face a lot of challenges but it’s fine – life without challenge won’t be fun, you won’t have stories to tell.” closed by Olivia.

Writer:   Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Images:   James LO (Jockey Club Academy Hall), Olivia FRANSLAY



羅靖順(James)(賽馬會群智堂/營銷資訊管理系四年級)和Olivia FRANSLAY(前舍堂十宿生/主修金融系三年級)是多年的摯友,直至最近他們的友情進一步昇華。二人的戀情傳出後,立即引來熱論。事主更大方的接受本欄的採訪,接下來一起看看他們戀愛的心路歷程和小貼士吧!



Olivia(跳起來):「不是啊!其實我們早已在宿舍的迎新會Global Get-together見過,只是他不記得我而已。因為經常在宿舍的活動中碰面,交流多了所以我們成為非常好的朋友。」






Olivia 現正在奧地利交流一個學期,你覺得這會不會是一個難關呢?情侶們又可以怎麼面對?

James(笑): 「怎會難倒我?交換的經驗是非常重要的,可以從中獲益良多並且樂在其中。她在奧地利會遇到很多新朋友,而我則要專心找工作,畢竟我也快畢業了。」






Olivia: 「一定很有趣,我們將會面對很多挑戰,但不要緊,人生中沒有挑戰、沒有經歷分享的話,你說是多沒趣的呢。」

文:   Julianne DIONISIO (賽馬會敬賢堂)
譯:   黎彥東 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)
圖:   羅靖順 (賽馬會群智堂)、Olivia FRANSLAY

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