Go Green! A Small Garden on Your Desktop / 迷你盆栽工作坊


Everyone wishes to have a beautiful garden inside their homes. Sadly, it is almost impossible to happen in Hong Kong. Well, perhaps a mini potted plant may help you making this wish comes true!

GreenWise: D.I.Y. Mini Potted Plants Workshop guides students to create their own take-home miniature landscapes to symbolise a micro-level sustainability cycle at home. GreenWise is a series of programmes initiated by recipients of Joseph’s Catering Outstanding Student Leader Awards 2015/16, Tina ZHAO (Residence Tutor, Alumni Civility Hall, Year 4, Accounting)and Sadhika NANDA (Residence Tutor, Hall 11, Year 3, Asian & International Studies).

On the event day, people arrived at the venue in great excitement. They couldn’t wait to make their own mini potted plant! Our GreenWise helpers explained the steps to us carefully while we worked on the mini landscapes.

After putting a portion of dry moss and soil, we cut a piece of moss into an appropriate size that suited our individual designs. Then we placed our plants and different decorations unto it. After a few steps, we finished our own DIY mini potted plant! It was so easy to make!

As the day following the workshop was Valentine’s Day, many participants were eager to make it a gift to their loved ones. What a good and GREEN idea!

Writer:   Carmen YIU (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographer:   Emily JIA (Hall 11)


翠綠山丘、青青小草、流水淙淙…… 優美的園境,定是不少人所嚮往的。香港串金呎土,擁有花園又談何容易呢,不過,迷你盆栽就可以滿足大家的願望。

GreenWise 迷你植物工作坊是由兩名「嘉年華美食到會有限公司傑出學生領袖獎」得主趙藝婷(校友樂禮堂導師/會計學系四年級)和Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一導師/亞洲及國際學系三年級)所舉辦的活動。是次工作坊是GreenWise 的其中一個活動,另一個活動是電影放映會,一系列的活希望向同學推廣環保、保育環境的意識。




活動結束後,參加者臉上都掛上滿足的笑容,並且逼不及待要與自己的成品合照!氣氛樂也融融。把盆栽放於房間一角可以為房間帶來一點點生機,亦添上一絲絲悏意。當然,要記得每幾天幫盆栽澆水!否則…… 盆栽便命不久矣了!

文:   姚嘉敏 (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   賈藝琛 (舍堂十一)

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