Places where You can Study Outside Campus / 把自修室帶到户外


Sitting on your usual study area, 30 minutes passed and you haven’t done anything. Sometimes it’s not just your motivation that stops you from being productive – your study environment is as important as your study habits. If this is you, fret not! There are spots besides your room and CityU library.

1. Parks

Most parks usually have internet, if not use that as an initiative to keep yourself away from any distractions. Just in front our very own Student Residence is Shek Kip Mei Park – a little bit of sunlight and greenery can help you understand that 20 pages of reading.

Another park near our campus is Cornwall Street park – a Chinese garden hidden from the common noise. If you’re not lazy, travel farther to Admiralty station and walk towards Tamar Park.

  • Cornwall Street Park – Cornwall St, Kowloon Tong
  • Shek Kip Mei Park – 270 Nam Cheong St
  • Tamar Park – Harcourt Rd., Admiralty

2. Coffee Shops

You might have to pay 30 HKD for a cup of latte but don’t worry it usually comes with comfy seat and the warm atmosphere which is necessary for optimum focus. The nearest Starbucks and Pacific Coffee are situated at Festival Walk, and just right beside Festival Walk is Innocentre where another Starbucks franchise can be found. If you walk down to Sham Shui Po, there are a couple of artsy and indie coffee shops as well.

  • The Common Room – 198 Tai Nan St, Tong Mi, Sham Shui Po
  • Cafe Sausalito – 201 Tai Nan St, Sham Shui Po
  • TOOLSS – 38 Wai Chi Street, Shek Kip Mei

3. Public Library

If our Run Run Shaw library is completely decked out, then try the public libraries around Hong Kong. Instead of staying on campus during your day off, head out to the Central Library which is just right in front of Victoria Park. Other public libraries are usually on district government buildings. Shek Kip Mei Public Library and Lok Fu Public Library are not far from the Student Residence either if you don’t mind an half-hour walk.

4. Other Universities in Hong Kong

It would be unfortunate to go for this option, but if you like exploring there is nothing wrong with visiting other University campuses.  Our neighbouring HKBU is in walking distance, and HKU, CUHK, and PolyU are just a few MTR stations away.

Good luck and have fun!

Writer:   Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Images:   Rachel MAN, Mr. Allen KONG (SRO), Ms. Hydie CHEUNG (SRO), Ju Ching Chu Secondary School



1. 公園

  • 歌和老街公園:九龍塘歌和老街
  • 石硤尾公園:石硤尾南昌街270號
  • 添馬公園:金鐘夏愨道

2. 咖啡店
或許你會擔心需要付上$30買一杯咖啡,但謹記,伴隨著的是一個溫暖舒適的坐位及環境,這是令你專注的重要玩素呢!相近的 Starbucks 和 Pacific Coffee 位於又一城,而另一所 Starbucks 坐落於毗鄰又一城的創新中心。 若果你願意走到深水埗,那裡有很多充滿藝術感以及本土風情的咖啡店。

  • The Common Room:深水埗塘尾大南街198號
  • Cafe Sausalito:深水埗大南街201號
  • TOOLSS:石硤尾偉智街38號

3. 公共圖書館

4. 其他大學


文:   Julianne DIONISIO (賽馬會群智堂)
譯:   姚嘉敏 (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   文苳晴、江志雄先生 (學生宿舍處)、張凱貽小姐 (學生宿舍處)、裘錦秋中學