What to Expect in Your First Year at the Student Residence / 新生入宿小贴士


1. Never hesitate to ask questions.

Don’t ever think that other student residents will get annoyed at you for asking too many questions. People are always willing to help, even though they might look like they’ve had enough of university life, trust me they will be happy to get questions they know how to answer by heart.

2. Cheap places to get food.

I know that closest place is Festival Walk – and everything around the university seems to be expensive besides canteen food of course. You can take the bus right in front of the residence, either 2F or 86C, go down to Sham Shui Po Market or if you want to do grocery shopping for dry goods go to Ka Hing Supermarket. It’s really ridiculous how cheap everything can get. You can walk down past Shek Kip Mei Park to get to Nam Shan for some Gai Dan Jai, best and cheapest in all Hong Kong (I think).

3. Staying Fit.

You will be eating a lot of instant noodles. It’s ok. It happens. But if you don’t watch out you will get pretty unfit and gain bad weight. There is a Fitness Assembly on the ground floor of Hall 11 you can go on the treadmill there or if you want to jog outdoors I highly recommend Shek Kip Mei Reservoir Playground. It has a 600-metre jogging track, it’s just a 10-minute walk past the CMC building.

4. Befriend your roommate.

You’re going to breathe each other’s air for a whole year so might as well try your best to have a really good relationship with them in the beginning. If there are things that tick you off a bit – then talk it out rather than keeping it all in.

5. Befriend people in the Student Residence.

It can be daunting to start conversations with strangers but that initial step is the only thing you have to do to gain friends that you’ll probably keep your entire lifetime. It can get stressful at first but trust me there’s bound to be somebody.

Truly Yours,
Your Senior

P.S. I hope you read it thoroughly I’ve experienced it all.

Writer:   Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)


1. 不必猶豫,勇敢發問


2. 平價美食,就在身邊

雖然最近的覓食地點非又一城莫屬,但周邊的餐廳,甚至學校食堂,價格都略顯高昂。其實,你只需在宿舍邊的巴士站搭乘2F 或86C ,就可以去深水埗街市;若是想屯些食品雜貨,也可以去家興超級市場–你一定會為此處貨品之實惠而驚奇不已。當然,也可以選擇向下走,穿過石硤尾公園去往南山邨,去嚐嚐(我心中)全港最美味而又平價的雞蛋仔。

3. 勤加鍛煉,保持健康

住宿舍,你可能會吃很多泡麵。這其實沒關係,大家都差不多。然而,一旦掉以輕心,不加克制,就可能因此體質變差,迅速發胖。舍堂十一(Hall 11)底層的健身房是個不錯的選擇,那裏有各種運動器械可供使用;如果選擇戶外慢跑,我強力推薦石硤尾水庫遊樂場—那裏有600米慢跑跑道,而且很近,從邵逸夫創意媒體中心往前走上10分鐘即達。

4. 與室友成為小夥伴


5. 與大家成為好朋友




P.S. 希望你能認真讀完,因為這全都是我的親身經驗哦。

文:   Julianne DIONISIO(賽馬會敬賢堂)
譯:   李怡靜(舍堂十)