Only to the Struggling / 致掙扎奮鬥中的你


Whether you’re struggling personally, professionally, academically or otherwise, I’m sincerely here to help. Here are 10 things that I want to say to you, as a struggling student myself:

  1. Believe in yourself: learn to be your own cheerleader. If everyone’s against you, at least one person is there to support you.
  2. Be grateful for the smallest of things: you’re alive, that’s a good enough reason.
  3. You can cry for an hour, but then force yourself to go out and do something. Eat, write, draw, get out of bed, whatever. When you’re struggling, celebrating seemingly small accomplishments can help you gain your confidence.
  4. Whatever your position is right now, it’s doesn’t define your future. You still have the same chance to change the world as anyone else.
  5. When people rub their GPAs and scholarships in your face, kindly smile and walk away.
  6. When people complain about how fabulous their life is, kindly smile and walk away.
  7. You don’t have to proof anything to your parents, friends, anyone, or yourself.
  8. Trust me, it’s gonna get better. You really just have to believe in yourself.
  9. Be kind to yourself. If you fail worse than everyone else, improve yourself. You can change only when you want to.
  10. Just laugh it out. Life is ridiculous anyways.

Kindness towards yourself and others is a choice.

Writer:   Dazi CREMONITA



  1. 相信自己:要學著為自己吶喊助威—即使周遭都是反對的聲音,你還可以堅定支持自己。
  2. 為最不起眼的小事心懷感激:你還在人生道路上求索,這就足以感激和歡欣。
  3. 你可以哭上一小時。但之後,即使是強迫自己,你也要出去走走,做些其他事。去覓食,去寫作,去畫畫,總之是不能賴在床上。於痛苦掙紮時,為一切看似細微的成就而歡欣,能讓你更加自信。
  4. 無論你現在的位置如何,這都不能決定你的未來。你與其他所有人一樣,都有同等的機會去改變這個世界。
  5. 若是有人在你面前反復炫耀他們的績點和獎學金,你大可微微一笑,瀟灑走開。
  6. 若是有人向你甜蜜地抱怨,以顯示自己過得有多好,你亦可微微一笑,瀟灑走開。
  7. 不必將事事都擺到父母面前,不必非要向他們證明自己。
  8. 相信我,事情總會好起來。你真的只需要給自己一點信心。
  9. 善待自己。如果你覺得自己落敗得很慘,那麽就去提升自我。只有真的渴望改變,你才能實現它。
  10. 笑對人生,因為生活本就荒誕不經。



作者:   Dazi CREMONITA
譯:   李怡靜 (舍堂十)