How To Survive In MTR During Rush Hours / 在地鐵Rush Hours 遊走的生存之道


As Hong Kong is as small as a sesame when reading a world map, you can basically get around the city by using public transportation. Slightly overpriced, but the quickest way to travel around is taking Hong Kong’s underground rail – the MTR. Although our residents do not need to travel far to attend classes, many of us do head out for work or internships and MTR is usually the top choice.

The MTR has been a clean, fast, and safe transportation means for around four million people daily. If you are a newcomer in Hong Kong, just read the station map and you can easily master the transport system – not if you are travelling during peak hours.

Take note if you are going to take the MTR at times like 7:30 to 9 AM, and 5:30 to 7:30 PM during the weekdays, especially if you are going through interchange stations such as Kowloon Tong, Prince Edward, Mongkok, Admiralty, Central, North Point and Yau Tong.

  1. Don’t be surprised if you find strangers getting a little bit too intimate to you, well basically with everyone around you (but do remember you need to be cautious and protect yourself as well).
  2. There is no mercy when it comes to getting on an already crowded train… Try to squeeze in whenever you see a space. Even if you don’t, other people will.
  3. If you need to transfer to another line, try interchanging a station earlier than the recommended one. For example, if you want to go to Wan Chai from Kowloon Tong, interchange station at Prince Edward instead of Mongkok, and take one more station to Central to interchange the Island Line. There is a higher chance for you to get on the train quicker.
  4. Sometimes you don’t have a choice if you need to go to work or have an appointment. But the best thing to do is to avoid the crowd and leave either earlier or later.

If you ever have the chance to take the MTR during peak hours, hope these few tips can help. After all, this is only one of the useful things that I learn during my internship program this summer.

Writer:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)




如果你於工作天需要在早上 (例如七時半至九時左右),或是傍晚 (例如五時半至七時半左右) 乘搭地䥫,尤其是需要於換乘站轉換列車,如九龍塘、太子、旺角、金鐘、中環、北角及油塘等車站,請注意以下事項:

  1. 如果你發現車廂裹很擠逼,或是與陌生人有點貼近,請不要驚訝。(但千萬記住要謹慎和懂得保護自己)
  2. 當你要進入一卡已經很擠逼的車廂時,不要只想着讓別人先進,這可時不能憐憫的時刻呢!只要看到車廂內有空位便要嘗試擠進去。即使你不這樣做別人也會呢!
  3. 如果你需要轉乘另一條線路,請盡量於建議轉乘站的早一個站轉乘。例如,如果你想要從九龍塘去灣仔,請在太子轉乘列車,而不是旺角站,並且需要多乘一個站到中環站轉乘港島線。這樣你才能避免遇上太多轉乘列車的乘客,因此有較高的機會成功上車。
  4. 有時候,當你需要去工作,或有預約的話,並沒有避免地鐵擠塞的機會。但可以的話,應該盡量避免繁免於繁忙時段乘撘地鐵,或者提早或延後乘搭時間。
文:   蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)
譯:   何柏妮 (李兆基堂)

Hall Alumna Feature: Claudia Chong – Behind the UA Cinemas Award-winning Film ‘About Insomnia’ / 莊芷盈:《關於失眠》的背後故事


“The bonds that I have with my floor-mates and hall-mates are irreplaceable. We learnt to get along with each other, shared countless memories together… Whenever I meet them, it is like going back home – they are like family.”

It is unusual to find students staying up late at night in the Student Residence. Studying, eating, playing video games, chilling out with friends… These sleepless nights have not only nurtured each of our hall cultures, and friendships among residence, but also inspired CHONG Tsz Ying Claudia, alumna of Hall 11, to create her FYP film About Insomnia, which won her an outstanding movie award by UA Cinemas.

Ah Teen gains new insights into his inner self through fighting insomnia in Claudia CHONG’s film “About Insomnia”. / 阿天在莊芷盈執導的《關於失眠》裡,藉著擺脫失眠的機會,重新探索自我。
Claudia makes a poetic commentary on the conflicts between personal desires and society expectations from her award-winning film. / 芷盈以唯美富詩意的夢境題材和畫面,在她的得獎影片中表達出對個人理想與社會期許間所可能發生的衝突。

About Insomnia evolves around an accountant named “Ah Teen” who suffers from insomnia. In attempting to cure the illness, he finds a professional who helps him delve into his subconscious thoughts to see what is bothering him. At first, he thought it was the breakup with his girlfriend that caused him to be depressed. However, it is more than that – the disturbance is about individuality and social conformity. Since he was young, society has been suppressing his dreams, and as he grew up, he turned into a person whom he doesn’t appreciate or like at all…

“This film is actually a genuine reflection of myself,” said Claudia. “There have been times when I have suffered from anxiety and insomnia due to  stress from school and other surroundings; and as a youngster, I had dreams and fantasies just like every one of us. So basically, I incorporated my own experience and personal desires into the film.”

As a hall alumna of CityU Student Residence, Claudia’s hall life has also contributed in part to her inspirations for the film. “The friends that I met at hall inspired me a lot,” she said. “At hall, you always come across  people of different majors. Yet, some of us share the same feeling of hopelessness towards our future, society and career.

“I have a friend who is an accounting major. When we were hall-mates, I learnt that he went through tremendous stress during his internship at an accounting firm. Even though I no longer live in hall, we still remain good friends. He helped me a lot in establishing the character of the protagonist”, she added.

The friendships nurtured during Claudia’s stay in hall have not only inspired her artic creations, but she also considers them one of the most precious rewards of her residence life. “The bonds that I have with my floor-mates and hall-mates are irreplaceable. We learnt to get along with each other, shared countless memories together… Whenever I meet them, it is like going back home – they are like family.”

Claudia misses the dear friends she made in hall. / 芷盈提到她宿舍的朋友時,充滿了暖暖的窩心回憶。

Claudia is a Creative Media graduate of year 2016. She was a resident from Hall 11 and worked for SRO as an outstanding student videographer for several years, editing and shooting videos including the Professor Edmond Ko Cup. “I really recommend residents to apply for SRO jobs. It allows you to practice your specialty and at the same time grants you working flexibility,” she said.

Claudia is now a full-time travel editor. Yet just like the message from her FYP film, she is not bound by society. When  asked about her future plans and career, this is what she said, “I am still open for new opportunities.”

(To view the trailer of About Insomnia, please visit:

Writer:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)
Images:   Claudia CHONG (Hall 11 alumna)





The tense relationship between the professional dream reader and his artistic daughter also reflects Claudia’s message in jumping out of the box to pursue one’s dream. / 戲中解夢師兩父女間的情誼,也適度地反映出芷盈告誡觀眾要跳出框框尋夢的訊息。





“It was prepared for a video for a competition, it was so fun!” Claudia recalls the fun times she shared with her hall-mates from Hall 11. / 「和hall-mate為了準備參加某次影片比賽,拍下了這張經典照片,真好玩!」芷盈開心地回憶說。




文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)
譯: 楊雅怡
圖: 莊芷盈 (舍堂十一校友)

Life Hacks: How to Make the Most of Your Space / 生活小技巧:如何充分利用你的空間



It is almost common sense, that Hong Kong has been one of the cities on earth with the most expensive housings for several years. However, international and exchange students might not know that the residence halls you are now living in CityU – is among the most expensive districts in Hong Kong.

With an average of HK$12,285 per square feet, you are actually living in a 13-square-metre luxury mansion.

To make the most out of your dorm room, here are some tips you can consider:

  1. Utilize your wardrobe doors with sticky holders 
    • Since sticking holders on the wall often damages the paints, you can stick them on the wardrobe doors instead – to hang towels, the clothes you are going to wear, pocket hangers and etc.
  2. Share the shelf (the one next to the wardrobes) with your roommate
    • Make the shelf as a ‘sharing station’, and put nothing else but things that you share with your roommate. Toilet papers, tissues, food, cooking utensils and etc… When you share, you can save a lot of money, and also space.
  3. Organize your stuff with storage hacks
    • Go on a shopping spree at IKEA, get some cheap storage containers… There are many ways you can organize your things without making your room and shelves look like a battlefield. There are a lot of “storage hacks” ideas online that you can learn from.

Don’t hesitate to make the most of your space. After all, you should enjoy living in one of the most expensive areas in Hong Kong. Local students always tell this joke, “We live on top of the hill of Kowloon Tong… Well, not the mansions, but right next to one.”

Writer:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)






  1. 在衣櫃門上貼黏鉤
    在墻上貼黏鉤可能會造成油漆剝落,所以你可以貼在衣櫃門上── 掛毛巾,要穿的衣服,掛口袋的架子等等。
  1. 和室友共用衣櫃旁邊的架子
  1. 整理物品時運用一些小技巧



[5 Ways to Pretend I am in Rio When I am Not]【五個令你感受里約的小把戲】

By: CHIANG Man Ying, Michelle (Hall 10)

Everyone is so hyped about this. It has been four years, and we have been patiently waiting. If you are an avid fan of Olympic Games like me, and want to get involved in the games in Rio 2016, then here are five ways for you to pretend you are in Rio, when the fact that you are not. Continue reading “[5 Ways to Pretend I am in Rio When I am Not]【五個令你感受里約的小把戲】”

[Hong Kong v.s. New York – Point of View of a Hong Kong Exchange Student] 【香港 vs. 紐約: 一個香港交流生的觀察】

“Concrete jungles where dream are made of… these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you…”

I have been singing this song since I was young. New York, to me, has always been a city of America, finance, technology, and a city of dreams. I have always thought that New York is a place to stay, and a place for me to achieve my dreams.

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[Long Distance Friendship] 【跨越空間的友情】


[Long Distance Friendship]

By: Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)



Do you have a long-distance friend?


If you are or were an exchange or international student, you will know how tough it can be, having a dear friend that you don’t see for months – some even for years.


You can go on months without meeting or speaking to these people. However, you know you will always have a heart-felt connection to them, as they are one of the most important people in your life.


It is never awkward when they suddenly message you or call to chat. You always update them when anything important happens. You are used to spending a lot of time on the phone texting and skyping them. You love to reminisce together, pulling out old photos or inside jokes that only you guys knew about. You love to plan future visits to each other’s place, and the best part? Knowing that you will always have a place to stay.


Having a long-distance friend can sometimes be hard and difficult. However, no matter if you are 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 miles away, you know that they will always have your back, and that you have a friend forever.


“True friends never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.”

~Helen Keller



文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)

譯: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)















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