[Be a Leader and Enjoy Self-fulfillment]【拓展訓練 培養領袖力】

[Be a Leader and Enjoy Self-fulfillment]

By: CHEUNG Tsui Hin, Tracy (Hall 10)

Images: Hydie CHEUNG (Student Residence Office)


 “How can I become a good leader?” This question has no answer, as everybody has their own interpretation. In other words, you define your own way of becoming a leader. As a Residence Tutor (RT), I was so lucky to learn and practise leadership with Dr. Ron Kwok (Dean of Students), Mr. Wilson Lam (Director of Student Residence Office), 7 Residence Masters, staff from Student Residence Office and 43 RT peers at a two-day RT Leadership Training Camp on 30-31 July 2016 at the Hong Kong Adventure Corps Campsite in Sai Kung.  I remember the speaker of the leadership talk at the Camp, Mr. Joseph Chan, saying, “research shows that successful leaders usually have 4 common features: men, married, not divorced, nothing in common.” Some do not apply to me yet and some I absolutely do not agree with. Still, these are words to be taken for my reference.


At the RT Leadership Training Camp, we went through lots of adventure-based activities which were engaging enough to lead us to reflect on ourselves. Take the obstacle training for example. In that session, we went through a series of stations, e.g. climbing a 6 feet high wall and swinging on ropes, through which soldiers used to be trained for wars. At first we thought we could conquer it just like our instructor did. However, after we saw a few failures and risks from earlier attempts before us, we started to panic and entered the stage when we asked ourselves, “Can I do it?” Whether we succeeded or not, did not matter anymore, as the process was the most important. It made us understand our strengths and weaknesses. Our decision-making reflected how we should improve next time and there would be no excuses.


Knowing more about yourself is the basic ingredient for becoming a leader but that is not enough. Teamwork is another ingredient to make it happen, because you need to know how to communicate with people, interact in ways that make them feel comfortable with you, and achieve things together with your teammates.

Besides obstacle training, we also took part in an activity called climbing over the high wall. We had to get twenty four of us from one side to the other across the 14 feet wall. In order to complete it safely in the limited time, we had to discuss. That was the stage when we presented ourselves to the others. We put forward our good and bad features, e.g. that some are stronger and could push people up the wall and some were heavier, so more assistance might be required. We had no pride or shame, because we were so involved in doing it. Safety was the priority we had to adhere to. We had to trust each other and do our part well.


I had no clear aim when I applied for this camp, thinking that it would only be another typical leadership training camp, but I was wrong. Those clichés about knowing more about yourself and about teamwork were really true in learning how to improve for becoming a leader. Not to mention that you were working with the RT community and did not know when would be the next time that you would see so many RT faces, the training camp was truly valuable.

Back to the question I asked before, “How can I become a good leader?” You had better ask yourself. I am sure I am going to be a great leader, not as a male but as a female.

【拓展訓練 培養領袖力】

文: 張翠騫 (舍堂十)

譯: 張嘉芮 (校友樂禮堂)

圖: 張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)







[Not Being Heard is No Reason for Silence] 【不被聽到,不是沉默的原因】


[Not Being Heard is No Reason for Silence]

By Dazi CREMONITA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: Vogue

Robert Downey Jr., Obama (twice!), Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Macklemore, Emma Watson among (a lot of) others have seen it. I have only heard not good, but stellar reviews of Hamilton: An American Musical, which tells the story of the youngest, most driven, and most prolific founding father Alexander Hamilton. Written by and starring the ingenious Lin-Manuel Miranda, this melting pot of 90’s hip-hop, paired with incredibly diverse cast has be called revolutionary and life-changing countless times. Just to give you a measure how much people (including me) want to go see this, the ticket for Miranda’s last show on July 9 can go up to USD 10,000.

One of the fascinating themes of Hamilton is how our circumstances today do not determine our future.  With a provocative opening – “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman … turn out to be a hero and a scholar?” – and a delicate closing – “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” – Hamilton succeeds in churning audience’s minds every night. Our future and legacy is never a topic to leave our minds. We keep asking whether what we do is ever enough or too much, whether we made a difference in someone’s life, whether we’ve said whatever we needed to say. Effective self-expression is not only getting people to hear your ideas, but also getting them to understand your ideas. Find a medium that can convey your ideas best: music, painting, dance, food, formula, or whatever. By the time he died at age of 49, Alexander Hamilton has written 27-volume worth of written work. He famously proposed his own kind of government, talking extemporaneously for six hours. He wrote like he was running out of time.

Check out Hamilton: An American Musical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBkI_9cr1Ws


文: Dazi CREMONITA (賽馬會群智堂)

譯: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: 《美國時尚雜誌》

羅拔·唐尼、奧巴馬、比爾·蓋茨,史提芬·史匹堡、麥可莫、愛瑪·華生…… 很多名人都看過《漢密爾頓》音樂劇。這部講述了最年輕,最有財富基礎的美國開國元勛亞歷山大·漢密爾頓的音樂劇,一直以來我聽過對《漢密爾頓》的評價,總是有讚無彈。這部劇由才華橫溢的林·曼努爾·米蘭達編寫和主演,它因融合了九十年代的嘻哈文化,同時擁有非常多元化背景的演出陣容而被人們無數次評價為一部顛覆性的、令人震撼的音樂劇。七月九日那次由米蘭達主演的尾場票價更高達一萬美元,我想從這個數字你或許可以知道有多少人(包括我)想去一睹它的風采。

《漢密爾頓》最精彩的主題之一是告訴了觀眾我們的當下不會決定我們的未來 。一個振奮人心的開場「一個私生子、孤兒、妓女和蘇格蘭人的兒子,是如何成為了一個學者和英雄的?」和一個耐人尋味的結尾「誰還活著,誰已死去,誰來講述你的故事」,《漢密爾頓》所講述的故事扣人心弦。我們的過去和未來是一直會被談論的話題。我們一直在問,我們是不是做得太少或是太多,我們是否給其他人的生活帶來了影響,我們是不是說了應該說的話。有效的自我表達不只是讓人們聽到你的聲音,而是讓他們去理解你的想法。找到一個可以最好表達你的想法的媒介:音樂、美術、舞蹈、食物、公式等等。亞歷山大·漢密爾頓在四十九歲去世時已經完成的文學作品,多到可以集成二十七卷厚厚的書。提及對國家的見解與治理時,他更曾滔滔不絕地說了六個小時。在寫作上他也總是爭分奪秒,對他來講,似乎時間總是不夠用。





[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love] 【你有沒有愛上香港的夏天】


[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Images: LCSD

The sun is strong, the air is heavy. The days are getting longer while your hair is getting shorter. Water from air conditioners is dripping down on Mongkok while you wait for the rain over in Kowloon Tong. And then, on a sweltering afternoon in June, here comes the rain! The rain- how relieving it is, for all of five minutes before you realise you wore your nice shoes today!

To me, all of this truly epitomizes a Hong Kong summer; not to forget the sunglasses and summer dresses, the beaches and clear blue skies and most importantly, the relief of Festival Walk’s air-conditioned, ice-cool air after the walk down from the Student Residence!

But here is why I truly, with all my heart love a good Hong Kong summer:

  1. The Colours
    Don’t get me wrong- I love grey winter coats and black leather boots just as much as anyone else, but there is something else about seeing everyone dressed in happy colours. Everyone and everything, too: the flowers are abloom, and the trees have their lush once again.
  2. Longer Days

The sun sets after 7 P.M. every single day of summer. It is an unparalleled feeling to see daylight for 12 hours a day- imagines waking up from an afternoon nap and still having enough time to make it to the Peak for sunset!

  1. The Views

Hong Kong has spoiled us all with its breathtaking sky-high buildings and the views that come with. And there is no time like the summer to catch these views at their best- with no clouds tainting your experience, and the lights dazzling in the warm air.

  1. Art Month!

This aspect is our summer’s most unique: the season starts with March, Hong Kong’s unofficial month of art. While art adorns the streets of our beloved city, there is no dearth of places to visit to immerse oneself in Hong Kong’s culture of art. March kick starts summer on the best note possible- with passion.

Go on, then. Beat the heat- by embracing it.



文: Sadhika NANDA (陳瑞球堂)

譯: 高路延

圖: 康文署




  1. 夏日的顏色


  1. 更長的白晝


  1. 香港的美景


  1. 藝術的盛宴



[A Letter to HK] 【致香港的一封信】



[A Letter to HK]

By: Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)

Image: hongwrong.com/old-hong-kong


Dear HK,


It has been 19 years. How have you been?


I heard that you have changed, a lot. There are things I love and things I hate.


I love that you have a strong sense of your own identity. You are proudly Chinese, but distinctly westernized – expressing in an open embrace of your local culture.


I have always loved animals, and I love that you now have four adorable pandas at your themed park.


I love that you weathered many economic storms. There were tough times in 1998, 2000 and 2003, but you survived anyway, with a low unemployment rate and a booming tourism industry.


However, I am disappointed on your emphasis on tourism. Tourists are not here to appreciate your culture or your beautiful landscape. Most of them are here for jewelry, watches, gold, and other branded products.


I am upset that your mother language is being threatened. Before 1997, English was once hailed to be the language that is more superior and yet you were still able to celebrate your root in Cantonese through your famous Hong Kong movies and music. After the handover, your native language is further bumped down to the third-ranking language with the rise of Mandarin. How does the future of Cantonese seem to you, when you children don’t even speak the language at school?


I hate that your freedom is now being constraint. You used to speak what you want, express what you feel. But now, someone might condemn you if you do.
Even so, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best.


I loved you and I will always love you.

Yours faithfully,
A girl of the 90’s


文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)

圖: hongwrong.com/old-hong-kong



















[The Glamour of Aurora] 【極光之下】

20160630 aurora-clair

[The Glamour of Aurora]

By: Clair GAO

Image: Clair GAO


I went to UBC, Canada for exchange last semester. In February, I left Vancouver and went to Yellowknife with my friends to see the aurora. Aurora viewing has been on my wish list for a long time.


Yellowknife is very close to the Arctic. When we arrived, it was around – 30℃. I wore all the clothes I had, but it was still freezing. There was even ice on my eyelashes. The town was very quiet. Most people were travelers from all over the world. Everyone seemed excited. They were either playing with the knee-high snow, having a cup of hot coffee in the café, or waiting for a seat at the most famous restaurant in town for its world-loved fish and chips.


Around 9 pm, we were taken to the campsite. Aurora was not guaranteed every night because it had a lot to do with the weather and geographical factors. We didn’t see any obvious ones on the first day. However, on the second day, the view was amazing. Aurora was in different shapes: line, circle, belts… Most were green, but you could also find purple and pink on the edges. I couldn’t find any appropriate words to describe my feelings. I was so tiny compared to the nature. I kept looking up into the sky and tried not to blink. We got even luckier on the third night when we witnessed the aurora moving very fast.


Although you were not able to join me to witness this wonderful experience, I hope you like my sharing and photo just as much. Hope you would have your own aurora experience some day!



文: 高路延

圖: 高路延









[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos] 【和蚊子說再見】

201690629 mosquito-control-san-antonio

[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos]

By: Clair GAO

Image: sanantonio-outdoor-renovations.com


Summer is coming.


We go hiking, go swimming and enjoy the sunshine with all our hearts. However, we are annoyed by one thing—the mosquitos. Mosquitos are everywhere and they especially like humid environments, for example, the bushes in the garden. Mosquitos have a bite on us without making any noises. We do not realize being attacked until our skin turns red and gets itchy. How can we get rid of mosquitos? Let me introduce some ways to help you tackle them!


First of all, buy a bottle of insect repellent spray. It’s very convenient and you can use it anywhere at any time. There are many different brands. Remember to check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


Secondly, use electric mosquito repellent before going to bed. It’s quite annoying if we find a mosquito flying around us when we are asleep. The smell of repellent can keep them away and guarantee a good sleep for you. (Be aware thought that naked flames are NOT allowed in the Student Residence so please DO NOT burn any incense!)


Thirdly, keep moving when you are outdoors. Mosquitos are more likely to target you if you stand still.


Finally, use repellent stickers or try using sonic waves to drive mosquitos away with sonic waves with mobile apps.


It is said that whether mosquitos “like” you depends on your body temperature, breathe and even blood type. Anyway, hope these tips can help you get rid of the abhorrent mosquitos and enjoy the summer time!



文: 高路延

圖: sanantonio-outdoor-renovations.com













[Tips on Fire Safety] 【防火,從你我做起】

[Tips on Fire Safety]

By: Clair GAO

Image: HKET



A big fire broke out in a mini-warehouse at Ngau Tau Kok on June 21, costing two firemen’s precious lives and leaving two heartbroken families behind. The accident raises our awareness of fire safety. There are many things we can do to avoid a fire tragedy in our daily life. The followings are some tips for you:


  1. Remember that no naked flames are allowed in the Student Residence. Do not use a lighter or candles. A small flame can start a big fire. Do not take any risks. It is better to be cautious than sorry.
  2. Do not smoke within the University area, including the Student Residence. Smoking in the University offends the law and is strictly forbidden. Please do not take a chance and think you can always walk away with smoking in the halls. Once you are caught, you will have to pay a fine up to HK$5,000 maximum.


  1. I would like to remind you not to leave electronic appliances on when you are not in hall. Don’t leave electronic devices charging when you are away. It seems to have saved your time but the hidden danger is beyond your imagination.


  1. Finally, keep an eye on the postings about fire safety on the Internet and take part in the fire drill organized by SRO. Learn what to do to prevent a fire from happening and how to keep yourself safe in a fire may save your life and others.



文: 高路延

圖: 香港經濟日報




  1. 首先,請記得學生宿舍區禁止明火。請不要使用打火機或蠟燭。火苗看起來或許很小很安全,但是很多大火正是由小火苗引起的。因此不要冒險,對身邊再微小的事物都要謹慎。
  2. 其次,在大學範圍內不要吸煙。在學校區域內吸煙是被法律嚴令禁止的。不要懷有僥倖心理。一旦被發現,你需要支付高達$5,000港幣的罰金。
  3. 第三,在你離開宿舍的時候請不要將電子設備留在房間內,比如充電。或許你覺得這樣可以節省時間,但是這有巨大的安全隱患。
  4. 最後,經常關注網上的防火小常識,並參加由學生宿舍處舉辦的防火演習,這些都可以提高我們的防火意識。知道怎樣防止火災以及火災一旦發生如何自我保護或包含他人,都是很重要的事情。

[Summertime Madness] 【夏日的煩惱】

[Summertime Madness]

By: Dazi CREMONITA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: welikela.com


Nope, not just you. I am also conscious of this unforgiving weather. The AC totally helps, but here are 5 other ways you can keep your cool.

  1. Let your skin breathe
  • This means no leather, no tights, nothing heavy, and nothing thick. Give your skin some space to perspire. Sportswear would be a good idea. Cutting you hair also lets your scalp free and follicles breathe. Less air flow on your skin means heat and sweat and dirt, which may present the unpleasant aftermath.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  • Just chug in water and fruits. Bring a decent amount of water every time you decide to go out. Sweating from the heat cools your skin while taking up a lot of water, but taking liquids help keep your internal temperature down. Fruits are also inherently cold, so consuming them not only is healthy, but also rejuvenating.


  1. Get that portable fan
  • Good news, you can be in a hair commercial too. Lock your audition by buying that battery powered, portable fan.


  1. Breathe. Breathe.
  • Avoid yourself from having too much stress and pressure. Overthinking, and stressing out means more blood flow, which means more internal body heat. Nothing comes good from negative pressure: anxiety, irrational fears, insomnia, and heart palpitations among others. Try slowly breathing in and out, let your body relax. Listen to music and talk to people. Give yourself a break.


  1. Get to planting
  • Global warming might not be a conspiracy theory after all, y’all.



文: Dazi CREMONITA (賽馬會群智堂)

譯: 高路延

圖: welikela.com




  1. 讓你的皮膚盡情呼吸
  • 不要穿皮革製成的或是緊身衣褲,也儘量避免厚重的衣物。只有這樣,你才能給你的肌膚足夠的空間排出汗液。穿一些運動款式的服裝是個很好的選擇。把頭髮剪短同樣有助於頭皮的呼吸。若是空氣不能自如地和你的皮膚接觸,熱量便難以被流動的空氣帶走,汗液無法有效排出,這會帶來細菌和污垢,也正是你感到不舒服的原因。


  1. 攝入充足的水分
  • 多飲水,多吃水果。每次出門之前都帶上足夠的水。出汗讓你涼快,卻帶走了大量水分。這時,喝水可以讓你身體內部的溫度有所下降。水果則在讓我們變得更加健康的同時,使我們保持活力。


  1. 買一個可擕式小風扇
  • 市面上所賣的可擕式風扇靠電池供電,方便而實用。買一把,讓你的頭髮在風中飄揚起來,展現你的星級魅力吧!


  1. 深呼吸
  • 別讓自己有太大壓力。過度的思考和負擔使得血壓升高,也就容易使得身體內部的熱量上升。負面情緒和壓力可能引起焦慮,恐慌,失眠,心悸…慢慢地呼氣,吸氣,做幾次深呼吸,讓你的身體放輕鬆。你也可以聽聽音樂或是和朋友說說話,總之給自己一個放鬆的機會。


  1. 種植盆栽
  • 全球氣候變暖多多少少和這有些關係。種植盆栽有利於改善地球的環境,包括散熱。

【海納百川 眾志成城 青島青年交流活動心得】



海納百川 眾志成城 城大宿舍領袖生青島行交流活動分享 【一】

香港城市大學—中國海洋大學「海納百川,眾志成城」青年交流活動是由中國海洋大學和香港城市大學聯合舉辦的有深度的青年交流活動,活動就兩校文化,學生文化和地區文化進行深入溝通和交流,並實踐和探索兩校學生交流形式。 作為香港城市大學代表團中的一員,我十分榮幸能參加本次活動並表達我個人對本次活動的心得。 Continue reading “【海納百川 眾志成城 青島青年交流活動心得】”