Withdrawal Recycling day—Say No to Waste / 宿舍回收日—對浪費說不


“Can anyone tell me why I have so much stuff?”

I believe that many of you would complain that when you have to evacuate all the personal belongings before checking out from the Student Residence every year. The common room of each floor would be filled with used items, some of which may even look brand-new to you. Undoubtedly, the room for storage is limited, so how may we recycle and reuse unwanted items instead of just disposing them?

The Withdrawal Recycling Day held in the afternoon of 20 May was organised by Po Leung Kuk, the Environmental Protection Department and the Student Residence Office (SRO) of CityU to provid a perfect platform where students could leave their unwanted items to people in need. This event was held to reduce the phenomenon of waste among university students and to encourage students to carry out the “Use less, Waste less” motto in practice. The stuff collected from residents will be sent to the Sham Shui Po Green Station for distribution to the community. Acceptable items include clothes, shoes, books, daily necessities and electric appliances.

Many residents responded actively to this recycling event.  It is worth mentioning that a fun Natural Anti-mosquito Brick Workshop was held by two local instructors from the Sham Shui Po community at the same time. Molds of different shapes and ingredients were prepared in advance, including water, essential oil and chemical substances.

It is not easy for university students to realise how lucky they are without worrying too much about lacking food and clothing. In fact, many of us are taken over by our “shopping desires” and bought a lot of unnecessary purchases other than necessities. One aim of this recycling event is to stimulate students in thinking of the difference between what we NEED and what we WANT through the exhibition of recycling services. Hopefully, this event could help to reduce the overbuying and waste phenomenon among university students.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:  Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)

Two local tutors from the Sham Shui Po community shared with our residents on how to make natural anti-mosquito bricks at the Withdrawal Recycling Day last Saturday. / 兩名來自深水埗的本地導師在上星期六的宿舍回收日免費向宿生們教授如何自製天然驅蚊磚。




宿舍回收日在5月20日下午舉行,是一個由保良局、環境保護署及城大學生宿舍處共同組織的社區活動,為宿生們提供了絕佳的處理不再需要的物品的平台。舉辦這個活動的目的是為了鼓勵大學生審視自己的浪費現象,切身實踐「不濫用、不浪費」的口號。 這些被收集起來的物品會被送到深水埗社區,免費發放給需要使用這些東西的人。當中的物品通常包括衣物、日用品、電子產品還有書本等等。



文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
攝:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)

Two local tutors from the Sham Shui Po community shared with our residents on how to make natural anti-mosquito bricks at the Withdrawal Recycling Day last Saturday. / 兩名來自深水埗的本地導師在上星期六的宿舍回收日免費向宿生們教授如何自製天然驅蚊磚。

Fire & Safety Marshals: A Big Step to Residence Safety / 消防安全大使:邁向宿舍生活安全的一大步


The Fire Marshal Training Scheme I attended was held in Wong Tai Sin Fire station on 23 October. All our young Fire & Safety Marshals from the Student Residence gathered in front of the station early in the morning, looking forward to exploring the world behind the door.

We started our morning with a lecture on Fire Marshals’ responsibilities presented by the Fire Services Department. We learned that Hong Kong once witnessed tragedies due to people’s lack of awareness on fire prevention. To avoid repeating the past, the Hong Kong Government introduced the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme to the public in 1998, aiming at raising fire safety awareness and equipping people with the basic knowledge in case of a fire. Everyone present felt the heavy responsibility on the shoulders since we all play a significant role in supporting the safety of our fellow hallmates.


The lecturer was an experienced fireman who kept us alerted and entertained with his great sense of humour. It was this lecture that made us realize how we had been risking our lives by neglecting so many dangerous factors in our daily lives (imagine yourself evacuating over a hallway full of obstacles)!  We felt that we really need to convey these knowledge to our hallmates and check on our floor safety more often.

Following the lecture, we were guided to handle different kinds of fire extinguishing installations which could also be found in our residence halls. With this experience, our Fire Marshals are more confident to perform our duties in case of an emergency.

Fire prevention is a safety issue that must be carefully attended by everyone. It is important for us to learn about how to prevent a fire and how to extinguish one.

At the end, I hope to add on these following tips to help you in case there is a fire in the Student Residence:

  1. DO NOT use the lift. Use the Emergency Stairs instead;
  2. Try to inform your floor mates by shouting “Fire!” before you leave the building;
  3. Inform the Security Office on G/F or call 3442-1999 for help;
  4. Break the glass of a fire alarm and press the button;
  5. Bring only phones and wet towels and do not waste time on bringing other valuables.

Be careful every day. What you have learned today may save a life!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Mr. Allen KONG (Student Residence Office)









  1. 切忌使用電梯,應使用緊急樓梯通道;
  2. 離開之前大喊「著火了!」以通知更多人及時逃生;
  3. 通知地面大堂的保安員或致電3442-1999求助;
  4. 擊碎火災警報器的玻璃屏障並按下按鈕通知消防人員;
  5. 不要浪費時間在搶救你的其他貴重物品上,只帶上手機和濕毛巾。


文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖:   江志雄先生 (學生宿舍處)

Alcohol, Devil or Angel? / 酒精:惡魔還是天使?


Just imagine this scene: you are lying in bed with a bottle of Vodka in hand, looking out of the window at the night sky. Maybe there are even more empty beer cans around. Isn’t this a classical scene in films when a character falls into the lowest point of his/her life? Well, bottles are never a useful treatment for your stress. All it can do is merely providing you with a brief escape from the dark side of your life. What else can you get after all the unconsciousness and false comfort?

I know clearly that university life can be full of stress. A failure of an important exam or interview, a broken relationship, financial burdens or some emotional problems you are afraid to expose to others… these can all become triggers of alcohol abuse. But look around, what else do you have? Don’t forget that you still have people backing you up. Give a call to your parents or old friends, to those who are there for you all the time; put on your sportswear and go for a run at night, letting the stress evaporate with your sweat; visit the SDS Counselling Service to receive help on dealing with your emotional problems, as pouring negative emotions out is the best way to alleviate your stress.

A bit of social drinking may be relaxing and comforting. However, you cannot pretend that everything is fine with bottles of wine. Sometimes it gets worse. Alcohol abuse will bring you even more emotional turmoils, let alone physical harm. As drinking is a personal choice, just bear in mind the following tips for safe drinking:

  1. Eat something before and while you drink.
  2. Don’t drink too fast.
  3. Think before you combine anything.
  4. Try to avoid drinking games.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Image:   dupagehealth.org





  1. 喝酒之前和喝酒時都吃點東西;
  2. 不要喝得太快;
  3. 不要隨便混合不同的酒類;
  4. 盡量不參加喝酒遊戲

文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖:   dupagehealth.org

No Music, No Life / 沒有音樂,談何生活


Music, a magical world of which we can indulge ourselves into all emotions;
Music, a tiny spark that lights up the dull darkness;
Music, a paradise in which we can stay who we are without worrying about being judged by others;
Music, a word to be interpreted into thousands of meanings.

The audience sat to absorb the beautiful singing by mixed-hall group “A Sharp”. / 由來自多個舍堂的組合A Sharp 演唱的《當》令觀眾們聽得如癡如醉。

This year’s Halloween week came with not only “ghosts and spirits” but some different excitement as well. The much-anticipated Joint-hall Jam Nite was organized by Hall 10 in Multi-function Hall C on 27 October 2016. When I entered MFH C, the helpers were busy setting up the fancy stage with light bulbs of different colors, snacks and drinks, and all the technical devices. More performers were there to join the acoustic feast than last year. Taking a closer look at the performance list, I saw solo singing, musical instrument ensemble, semi-chorus and so on. All of which were in distinctive styles. The Violin duo duet MA Ruoying (Year 2, Total Quality Engineering) and LI Jiamin (Year 2, Computer Science) from Hall 10 was filled with ups and downs when performing “Koi Copy”. The semi-chorus “When” by mixed-hall performance group A Sharp was intoxicating and skillful; while the Flute and Piano Ensemble “The Changing Seasons” by ZHANG Dingyu (Year 2, Applied Sociology) and me was gentle and beautiful with a hint of sadness.

ZHANG Dingyu performed “The Changing Seasons” with me by flute. / 擅長長笛演奏的張丁予同學與我一同演奏《季節回轉》。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents.   /   舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents. / 舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。

LEI Sasa (Residence Tutor, Hall 10, Year 1, MA Integrated Marketing Communication), one of the organizers of the Jam Nite, was a great singer herself. To appreciate all the performers and audience present, she decided to sing one song by her favorite Taiwanese singer: Hebe TIEN. It was the second residence activity she involved as a PIC since she became a Residence Tutor. “Although I’ve just finished my tough midterm, and felt quite tired as I worked till late night, I never regret what I have contributed to the Jam Nite. Luckily, it was successful!”

At the Jam Nite, you could appreciate music presented by people across different cultural backgrounds, make friends with like-minded people and exchange your opinions about music, and find everyone tied by an invisible bond simply because you share a similar music taste!

Music makes us one. It connects us regardless of language barriers and cultural differences. One will never feel lonely as long as he/her is with music.

No music, no life. Let’s thrive with music!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Yikki LAM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)



The audience sat to absorb the beautiful singing by mixed-hall group “A Sharp”. / 由來自多個舍堂的組合A Sharp 演唱的《當》令觀眾們聽得如癡如醉。

今年的萬聖節週不只有「鬼魂」,還有一些其他的精彩節目等著你。沒錯,由舍堂十主辦,萬眾期待的聯舍音樂之夜在10月27日在宿舍綜合禮堂C拉開序幕。當我走進禮堂C的時候,現場的工作人員正忙著搭建舞台、裝飾燈、準備小食等等。今年參加表演的人比去年更多。看看表演清單就知道了,有個人獨唱、樂器合奏、小合唱等等。所有的表演都風格各不相同。舍堂十小提琴二重奏馬若滢(全質量安全監控工程學系二年級)和李嘉敏(電腦科學系二年級)演出的《錦鯉抄》 跌宕激昂,小合唱A Sharp 演唱的《當》 則令人陶醉不已,還有由我和張丁予(舍堂十,應用社會學系二年級)鋼琴長笛合奏 《季節回轉》 柔和婉約,帶著淡淡的惆悵。

ZHANG Dingyu performed “The Changing Seasons” with me by flute. / 擅長長笛演奏的張丁予同學與我一同演奏《季節回轉》。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents.   /   舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。
Dr. Justin Robertson, Residence Master of Hall 10, enjoy the performances by residents. / 舍堂十舍監Justin Robertson 博士靜心欣賞宿生們的演出。





文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
攝:   林奕淇 (李兆基堂)

Residents’ Association (RA): Giving New Impetus to Hall Life / 宿生會:為宿舍生活注入新動力



There is a group of people in your hall. They organize various activities to enrich your hall life. They have meetings almost everyday to the late night, discussing how they can provide better activities and more benefits for you. They greet you with their warm, big smiles every time you run into them. Yes, they are members of the Residents’ Association (RA), each brings along unique talents and styles to their respective hall cultures.

The RA Election took place in the evening of 24th-25th October in Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A). Almost all RAs had prepared special-designed promotion boards to attract residents to vote for them. They had promoted themselves for a period of over 10 days, greeting everyone they met in the hall lobby and introducing themselves with small cute gifts for residents and gave them out in person.

As a resident of Hall 10, I went to MFH A and voted for PerfecTEN, the RA candidate for the new academic year. Such voting events reflect the democratic culture in Hong Kong universities to some extent. Every resident is given the equal right to choose to trust, distrust or abstain from voting.

During the Election Day, I interviewed a RA candidate from Hall 10, Stephanie CHEUK (General Secretary, PerfectTEN, Year 1, Biology & Chemistry). When asked why she chose to run the RA, she said: “Joining the RA is on my to-do list of university life. I want to do something for my hallmates. I want to gain firm friendships with other RA members. I want to prepare myself for future challenges by serving in the RA.”

Undoubtedly, the RA culture is one important components of hall culture which evolves over time. We have a high expectancy of the new RAs. Now that November has begun, let’s see what colorful memories we can create together!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Yikki LAM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)




Hall莊選舉投票日在10月24日和25日的晚上於滿珍綜合禮堂(MFH A)舉行。幾乎每個人都舉著一個特制的宣傳板,想要吸引更多人去為他們投票。此前,他們已經在各自的Hall裏進行了超過十天的宣傳,給每個路過電梯大堂的宿生打招呼,介紹自己,並親自為他們送上宣傳品等等。

作為舍堂十的宿生,我自己也為Hall 10本屆候選宿生會「拾傳十」投了一票。像這樣的投票活動一定程度上彰顯了香港院校的民主文化氣息。每個宿生都有平等的權利,選擇是否信任該候選莊會或者棄權。



文:   陳妍宇(舍堂十)
攝:   林奕淇(李兆基堂)

Bruno LOVRIC: Life is A Stage / Bruno LOVRIC:生命就是舞台


“Drama is just like a therapy for me.”

A passion actor, Bruno Lovric studied Theatre in the United States before joining CityU. / 熱愛戲劇的Bruno Lovric在加入城大以前,曾在美國深造戲劇。

“Drama is just like a therapy for me which got me through the shyness and anxiety in my adolescence.” This is what led Bruno LOVRIC, Residence Tutor of Hall 10, to the colorful world of drama. Majored in Media and Communication, the PhD student from Croatia is not only a new instructor in his department, but also an active organizer of drama workshops in the hall community.

Bruno has been studying in CityU since 2013. Before he came, he spent several years studying theatre in the U.S. He considered drama as an important way to express his thoughts and emotions. It gives him freedom to become what he dreams of. The time he spent on stage teach him to view things from new perspectives and walk in others’ shoes. Drama has changed his life and transformed him into a confident person. He decided to bring his passion on drama to CityU. With the funding support from the University, he organized a drama workshop called “Break a Leg” in 2014.

By organizing the workshop, Bruno believed that drama can bring students from diverse cultural backgrounds together. The invisible wall between local and non-local students could be broken down as participants were not only learning how to act, they also met like-minded people and become friends in spite of language barriers.

For Bruno, helping new participants to step out of their comfort zones is always be the most challenging part during such workshops. The process of learning and acting is not easy for some people. Most of them are often surprised by themselves when they realize that getting into a role is not as difficult as one imagines. When people discover new abilities on themselves, they become inspired.

“Break a Leg” was a success in its first round so Bruno plans to organize it again this year to welcome new participants. This time, he wants to focus on encouraging personal growth rather than the drama show itself (which will be held at the end of the workshop). The message he wants to convey is that there are no mistakes in drama. Drama encourages the freedom to interpret as well as self-discovery. That is exactly why Bruno loves drama and hopes to share his passion with everyone.

As a Residence Tutor, Bruno thought it was a hard job which required a lot of personal time. While he found it challenging, he showed strong confidence in fulfilling his responsibilities at the same time. Drama workshop is just one of the meaningful programmes he hopes to promote and enrich residents’ lives.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Images:   Bruno LOVRIC (Hall 10)



Bruno’s “Break a Leg” workshop allows participants to free their minds for self appreciation and discovery. / Bruno 舉辦的「Break a Leg」戲劇工作坊鼓勵參加者開發潛能,探索自我。

「戲劇對於我而言具有療效作用,它幫我渡過年少時的仿徨與不安。」 這正是讓舍堂十導師Bruno LOVRIC走進多彩戲劇世界的原因。他是一個來自克羅地亞的博士生,現就讀香港城市大學的媒體與傳播系。現在的他不僅在努力當部門裡的新講師,更在宿舍積極籌備戲劇工作坊。

Bruno自2013年便就讀於城大,在這之前他曾在美國攻讀了幾年戲劇。於Bruno 而言,戲劇表演是一個表達內心的極好方式,讓他有機會透過想像去實現自我。舞臺上的時光教會了他站在別人的角度思考問題。出演戲劇的經歷改變了他,把他變成了一個更自信的人。所以,他想把他對戲劇的熱情帶給更多人。在得到大學的資金支持之後,他在2014年組建了一個叫做「Break a Leg」(意為:祝賀演員大獲成功)的戲劇工作坊。

當被問及為什麽要組建這個工作坊,Bruno 認為表演能讓來自不同文化背景的學生都參與到同一件事情來,可以改善本地學生和非本地學生之間存在的分化現象。因為參與者不僅僅會學到如何演戲,更能遇到很多志同道合的朋友。共同的愛好能幫助他們跨越語言的障礙。


「Break a Leg」在第一次舉辦的時候便大獲好評,所以Bruno決定今年繼續辦這個工作坊。這一次,他會更注重鼓勵工作坊的每個人都參與其中。他最想傳達的觀念是,在戲劇表演中其實無錯可犯,因為演員有很大空間自由發揮,實現自我探索。這也正是他為什麽喜愛戲劇表演的原因。


文: 陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖: Bruno LOVRIC (舍堂十)

Decorating Your Room——a Creative Outlet for You / 裝飾房間--一個發揮創造力的時刻


Have you ever thought about differentiating your room from others’? Have you ever thought about that the way you decorate your can put you in a good mood every time when you come back? Let’s decorate our rooms!

Here are some tips for DIY decoration:

  1. Put up your creatively designed name tags on the door. This can impress your floor mates while informing them of your name at the same time.
  2. Before you start decorating your room, think and decide the overall style of the decoration. You can choose a Modern Simple style, Medieval theme, Fantasy style, etc. As long as you have decided the overall style, you can buy some fitting gadgets or small furniture.
  3. As for buying gadget, there are several wonderful shops where you can nearly buy all the items on your list at a relatively low price. IKEA and MUJI alike promote various Modern Simple styles, so you can always find a lot of well-designed gadgets or furniture there. Also, you can turn to online shops and buy customized, tailor-made products.
  4. Put up posters, stickers, paintings or photos you like on the wall or on the whiteboard. These things can show your personal features and even life mottos.
  5. Classify your personal items in the room. This habit can make your decoration stand out to a large extent as well as improving your efficiency of studying.

At last, if you think your room is the best room in town already, do enter our decoration contest——My Room Rocks Contest——to win a prize: http://bit.do/myroomrocks1617. Good luck!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Image:   slodive.com




  1. 設計自己的名字牌,張貼在房門上。這不僅能給途經的層友留下印象,還能讓他們知道你的名字從而更快的認識你。
  2. 在裝飾房間之前, 仔細考慮和確定裝飾的整體風格。例如,現代簡約風格、中世界風格、夢幻風格等等。接著你可以著手買一些相同風格的裝飾物件。
  3. 購買小物件?這些商店是你購買的不錯選擇:宜家,無印良品都主打現代簡約風格;你也可以在網店上私人定制。
  4. 在墻上或者白板上張貼中意的畫報或者照片,以彰顯你的個性或者人生信條。
  5. 將房間裏的東西分類歸置。這不僅能讓你裝飾的風格更突出,也能助你提高效率。

假如你說,不用了,我的房間已經是全城最美了,那歡迎你參加我們的【My Room Rocks Contest】以分享你的裝飾成果,贏取豐富獎品。請通過下面的網址獲取更多相關信息:http://bit.do/myroomrocks1617。祝你好運!

文: 陳妍宇(舍堂十)
圖: slodive.com

A Dynamic Beginning of a CityYOU Story / 元氣滿滿開始你與城大的故事


For many new Mainland students, residence life in university is a completely new experience. To help them adapt to the new environment, a Res.life Talk held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Undergraduate (CSSAUG) was organized at Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Saturday to offer them with information and advice about their new life in the residence halls.

Dr. FANG Yulin, Residence Master of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11, delivered a short speech first to welcome all new Mainland students. He provided some basic information about hall life in order to help students adapting themselves to their new living environment as soon as possible. The core point of his speech, however, was to prepare students for the multi-cultural environment they are surrounded with. “You should equip yourselves with a global perspective by trying to integrate into this international environment.” Dr. FANG said. This was not only his expectation for the Mainland freshmen, but one of the significant goals of CityU. After Dr.FANG’s speech, a student representative shared his experience in CityU and encouraged the freshmen to engage themselves in a diversity of student activities and stay exposed to the different cultures around them.

Dr. FANG Yulin, Residence Master of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11 / 胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一舍監方鈺麟博士
Mr. Derek KWAN and Mr. Issac KIU from Student Residence Office joined the sharing / 學生宿舍處職員關允聰先生及喬駿先生加入分享會

The sharing was followed by a second-hand book sale. Student helpers of CSSAUG piled up all the books collected from students on a desk. A large number of students flocked in, searching for the books they wanted. When they queued up to pay for the books, I interviewed some of them.

When asked about whether there was anything different from her expectations of CityU, LI Yuting, a resident from Jockey Club Humanity Hall, shared with me her initial fear to be isolated as a non-local student, while the truth was that local students were rather friendly and willing to help her. “I thought I may suffer from prejudice as a Mainland student, but local students offered me a lot of help! I’m looking forward to my new life here!” I also interviewed a gentleman about his prospect of study and life in this university. GUO Jinxu from Jockey Club Academy Hall spoke of his wishes with pleasure but not without shyness–that he did not only expect to achieve great academic performances, but also a sweet romance within his four years here. When he was asked to give advice to improve the book sales, he offered some suggestions on technical support, “Maybe a computer system is needed for such an activity so that the working efficiency could be improved and students could get the books they want quicker.”

“I thought I may suffer from prejudice as a Mainland student, but local students offered me a lot of help! I’m looking forward to my new life here!” said LI Yuting from Jockey Club Humanity Hall / 賽馬會敬賢堂的李玉亭同學分享說:「我曾擔心作為一個中國大陸學生,我可能會遭受一些偏見,但本地學生給了我很大的幫助!我很期待在這裏未來的生活!」

This activity aimed to provide students with used textbooks at a relatively low price. New textbooks could be expensive if students were to buy them at bookstores. A second-hand book sale did not only reduce the financial burden on students, but it also benefited the environment. Freshmen received warm help from their upper classmates both in study and in life. I believe that they will remember these kindness in their hearts forever.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall)



A Res.life Talk held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Undergraduate (CSSAUG) was organized at Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Saturday to help Mainland freshmen to adapt their new living environment / 為了幫助來自中國大陸的新宿生盡快適應新的環境,香港城市大學中國內地學生學者聯合會(CSSAUG)於上週六在滿珍綜合禮堂組織了內地新生談話會,為他們提供關於宿舍生活的信息和建議。

兼任胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一舍監的方鈺麟博士首先發表了簡短的講話,歡迎所有大陸新生。他提供了有關宿舍生活的一些基本信息,幫助學生盡快適應新的生活環境。 他講話的核心點,是學生所處的多元文化環境。 「你們應該具備全球視野,努力融入國際環境。」這不僅是他對大陸新生的期望,更是城市大學的辦學目標之一。 方博士的演講結束後,學生代表分享了他在城市大學的經驗,鼓勵新生參與不同的學生活動,接觸多元文化環境。

此後,二手書銷售活動開始。 CSSAUG忙著將收集回來的二手書堆放在桌子上。大量學生隨後來到禮堂,尋找他們想要的書。當他們排隊支付的時候,我采訪了其中的一些同學。

當被問及城市大學的生活和預期中有什麽不一樣的時候,來自賽馬會敬賢堂的李玉亭同學告訴我,她原本以為作為一個非本地學生,她可能會感到孤立,而事實是本地學生都十分友好。 「我曾擔心作為一個中國大陸學生,我可能會遭受一些偏見,但本地學生給了我很大的幫助!我很期待在這裏未來的生活!」此外,我還采訪了一位男生有關對未來學習生活的展望。賽馬會群智堂的郭金旭臉上帶著羞澀的微笑說,他不僅在學業上想要拿到好成績,也期待在大學四年間找到一段浪漫的感情。當被問及對此次活動的看法時,他提出了技術層面的一些建議,「或許這樣的活動需要一個計算機系統,可以提高工作效率,學生可以更快找到想要的書籍。 」

Freshmen GUO Jinxu from Jockey Club Academy Hall did not only expect a great achievement in academic performances, but also longed for a sweet romance before he graduated. / 賽馬會群智堂的郭金旭臉上帶著羞澀的微笑說,他不僅在學業上想要拿到好成績,也期待在大學四年間找到一段浪漫的感情。