What NOT to Do with Your Roommate / 對待室友的7個不


The Student Residence is your home where memories stay for life. Your roommate is by your side at all time so never do harm to him/her. No matter where he/her comes from, treat them with the greatest Hong Kong hospitality! Last time, we talked about what to do with your roommate. Now, I would like to show you the not-to-do list:

  1. Abandon the room. It’s your very own room and a home between you two. It would be a shame if you are always absent from your roommate’s hall life.
  2. Be a slob. No one likes sweeping or vacuuming. However, by respecting each other and sharing common responsibilities with a roommate, it makes life easier. You can establish a schedule for chore shifts. Regular cleanup with your roommate polishes your living space and also your relationship!
  3. Produce unnecessary disturbance. When your roommate is studying, sleeping or trying to sleep, making noises is inconsiderate. You may keep the noise and light levels down. Don’t blast your music or have a loud conversation on your phone. You don’t want to be the reason for his/her failed English test the next morning.
  4. Leave the air conditioner on when you leave. Even though the fee is cheap, the hours add up and the cost will be a huge amount. Just press the button!
  5. Never bring your key along when you go out. When you go home, you may have someone to open the door for you (your parents or siblings). Now you are in the residence, your roommate is not going to be your doorman. Keep your key on you!
  6. Leave your toilet un-flushed. I’m not going to lecture you on personal hygiene. Just wish you luck when greeting flies, mosquitoes and other unimaginable creatures you wish not to see.
  7. Keep a pet. We know animal are our friends.  However, keeping animals in hall does not only cause hygiene issues, it is also a violation to hall rules and may receive a penalty as heavy as a hall suspension.  Volunteering for animal welfare organisation is a great alternative!

Writer: YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi
Photographer: Hydie CHEUNG (SRO)



  1. 丟下房間不管。這是你的房間,好比你兩口子的家。作為室友的你如果總是不在,你室友的大學生活將會黯然失色。
  2. 把房間弄得亂成一團糟。沒有人喜歡像灰姑娘一樣吸塵掃地,但要是能與室友互相尊重,一起分擔責任,事情就易辦了。你可以定下家務表或規則一起定期清潔,令居家環境眼前一亮。
  3. 製造不必要的騷擾。當室友正在溫習、睡覺或打瞌睡時,你在一邊吵鬧是很不貼心的。音量和光度可以盡量減低。不要大聲播放音樂、講電話。你絕不想成為他明早英文測驗不合格的幕後推手。
  4. 離開時忘了關冷氣。雖然費用挺划算,但加起來就一點都不便宜了。只要你一指之力按個按鈕而已。
  5. 總不帶/丟失門卡。任何時間回宿舍,都要個人幫你開門。以前有你媽,現在就變成你室友了,但他/她並沒有責任要給你看門,所以門卡還是隨身袋穩好了。
  6. 不沖廁。長氣說話不多講了,希望你不會遇到蒼蠅、蚊子或者其他難以想象的生物吧。
  7. 養寵物。雖知動物是我們的朋友,可是在宿舍飼養動物不但會影響環境衛生,更是一種違規的行為,違規者可被停宿。心癢的話,自個兒到動物保護團體當義工是另一種不錯的選擇!

文: 楊雅怡
攝: 張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)

Things You Don’t Know About 9GAG / 曝光9GAG不為人知的事


“Don’t start a company for the sake of starting one. “

The first Prosperians’ Talk organized by HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2) this academic year has attracted more than 50 students from all across the globe gathering at Multi-functional Hall B on 6 September. The special talk, “Go Fun Yourself”, was given by Mr. Ray CHAN, CEO/co-founder of 9GAG, to share his world-leading startup journey. The venue was fully packed as the clock struck 9PM.

The guest speaker has already graduated from university for over a decade. He didn’t put on airs or spare anything; instead, he created a casual and welcoming atmosphere. Students were very eager and curious to speak up. The talk was more like a Q&A session. Students raised questions after questions. He reminded us not to leak what he said out of the hall jokingly. So let me unveil his secrets of business here.

Many startup firms were established over the years but most of them failed. Why? Ray has his own interpretation. “Don’t start a company for the sake of starting one. We should always set a goal to solve problems and create value–remember, value doesn’t always equal the dollar sign.” He advised.

How did he end up launching his tech-hub then? Like all of us, when Ray was bored, he googled for “funny pictures”. Ironically, the results were not always funny. Then an idea popped up. He wanted a change. In fact, he made a big change himself: he quit his stable job and moved out of his comfort zone to bring laughter to the world.

You may wonder if his employees would laugh all day long in such a fun working culture and environment. “Actually, not all of our team members have a sense of humour, including myself,” he confessed, “Though we are open and willing to appreciate funny stuff.”

Since 2008, 9GAG has grown into a popular social media platform with nearly 70 million viewers per month. Still, Ray’s team stays humble all the time. “The worst is yet to come, we often tell ourselves.” They keep experimenting to maintain the momentum. Failed projects are valued as precious lessons. “It is not only about the number of success we reached, but we count the magnitude of success also,” he stressed.

Thanks to enormous efforts from Residence Master, Dr. Ray CHEUNG, and his Residence Tutors, the talk was a great learning experience to all participants. “Gaining a deep insight into behind-the-scene stories of kick-starting a company in the  fast-evolving innovation industry boosts my confidence on developing my own ideas.” said Leah MURPHY, a programming savvy exchange student from Hall 2.

The next upcoming sharing will be held on 5 October featuring Ms. Michelle SUN, founder and CEO of First Code Academy, and Mr. LAU Ming-Wai, Chairman and CEO of Chinese Estates Holdings Limited. Join us and learn your potential!

Writer:   YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi
Photographer:   YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi

Full house at Multi-functional hall B. Students asked questions after questions for Mr. Ray Chan. / 當夜綜合禮堂B全場爆滿,同學們一個問題緊接著一個問題,互動多多,氣氛輕鬆。




Ray 離開大學已超過十年,但為人沒有架子,願意毫不保留地分享個人經驗,甚至一些囧事。他營造出輕鬆開放的氣氛,同學都十分踴躍發言。講座像是問答環節,同學的問題一個接一個。Ray 開玩笑地叫我們別把他的話流出,就讓我在這裡為大家揭秘吧!

近年,愈來愈多新興公司擴展,但更多的半途而廢了。Ray 語重心長地忠告我們:「不要為開公司而開,要為解決問題、創造價值而做。當然價值不是金錢那種價值了。」




多得舍監張澤松博士與一眾舍堂導師一番心力,講座反應熱烈。來自業昕堂的交流生Leah Murphy 是一名程序開發發燒友,她雀躍地說:「創意產業日新月異,我認識到創業背後的故事,使我更有自信,勇於構思自己的想法。」下一次分享會將於十月五日舉行,講者將為First Code Academy 創辦人Michelle SUN小姐及華人置業集團主席劉鳴煒先生。屆時記得報名,發掘自己的潛能和興趣!

文: 楊雅怡
攝: 楊雅怡

New roommate? New hall life! / 新室友?新生活!

New semester is starting soon. Are you excited to meet your new roommate? After a year living in Hall 4, I can tell you that those times were the best part in my U-life! You can also create your own memories!

First of all, foooooooood… Friendship can always be bonded over food. Buying ingredients from markets nearby after class, then cooking your signature dishes in the common room can get you familiarized with each other’s eating habits or culture. What a day to begin with a homemade breakfast and end with sweet soup!

After filling your stomach, it’s time to move around. Each hall has its own recreational corners providing all sorts of board and card games. If you prefer more active activities, a wide range of res.life events like room decoration competitions, singing contest, food tasting parties, and cultural nights welcome you to partner up and join!

Don’t forget to attend classes the next morning. An advantage of having a roommate is like having a human alarm. Often times, your roommate is more likely to be bothered by your alarm clock than you do. After class, you spend those precious time sitting together back to back, studying for the same course (or not) with the same spirit – let’s nail it together!

Time flies for my first year in CityU. So will yours. Let’s share the fullest of it with your closest pal!

Writer: YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

roommate 1
Enjoy cooking with your new roommate. 與你的新室友共享廚藝秘訣。





不過翌日別睡過頭,忘了要上早課。有室友的好處是他可以發揮人肉鬧鐘的作用。很多時候,被鬧鐘吵醒的不是自己,而是你室友。然後他再喚「早安」叫你起床。下課後,背靠背坐著自修,雖然不一定是在努力同一門課,卻抱著同一樣的精神 – 要過三爆四!


文: 楊雅怡(賽馬會群智堂)

Share your life’s joy and sorrow with your new roommie. 人生中的喜與悲,可與你的室友共扶持。

 community care 1