A Tennis Club for You / 送你一個網球社

When I was ten, a Japanese anime, The Prince of Tennis, impressed me so much that tennis has become one of the most amazing sports in my mind. Although it is obvious that those magical techniques in the anime are too magnificent to imitate in reality, tennis is definitely a great choice for you to keep fit (or even to meet your Prince/Princess?). Well, now, attention please: here is A TENNIS CLUB right here for you!
Albert MENSAH came from Ghana, Africa. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Accountancy and playing the role of a Residence Tutor in Hall 8. He started the Tennis Club a year ago, with most members recruited from Hall 8 and Jockey Club House (Dr. Alexandar DJORDJEVICH and Dr. Ray CHEUNG, Residence Masters of Hall 8 & JCH and HSBC Prosperity Hall respectively, are members also). The good news is that the Tennis Club welcomed more members from other residence halls through Hall 8’s HIT Tennis classes last semester! Many residents joined HIT Tennis and kicked off their tennis journey.
Q: Can you give us some basic information of your Tennis Club?
Albert: The initial purpose was to provide fellow residents with a good way to relax and keep fit. The activity is held on Sunday evenings at Shek Kip Mei Park. There are additional trainings for beginners to prepare them in joining others after acquiring the basic skills. I have applied for funding from Global Services Office’s Student-Initiated Project this year, which means the club will expand. And actually I have always looked forward to see residents from other halls.
Q: Apart from keeping fit, what other missions does the Tennis Club carry?
Albert: Our members of the Tennis Club came from all over the world: Hong Kong, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, China, US, Sweden… It is truly international. It is never just about tennis. We share meals together when the training ends. We talk about everything and take lots of pictures. It’s all because of our common interest. We really have a great time together, which I believe is a success in cultural integration.
Q: Any new plan for the Tennis Club this year?
Albert: We will take part in big competition events, which can motivate club members to their full passion. The training period for beginners may extend to 10 weeks.
I visited the Tennis Club during one of their activities one Sunday. No painful, forced training happened there. Everyone simply played and had fun. If anyone intended to improve his/her skill, the coaches were always glad to help. It was a place for you to feel and learn tennis through your heart. If you like tennis like Albert and his members do, you will not regret being here!
Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Photographers:   Albert MENSAH (Hall 8), Unnat CHOUDHURY (Hall 11)



來自非洲加納的舍堂八導師Albert MENSAH 現正在我校攻讀博士學位會計系,他在一年前創立了網球社,社員多來自舍堂八與馬會樓(滙豐業昕堂舍監張澤松博士和舍堂八舍監Alex DJORDJEVICH博士也是成員唷)。


小編:「 簡單介紹一下網球社吧。」

Albert:「 當初創立網球社的時候只是希望大家有個休閒運動的方式,活動時間在每個星期日晚上,大家在石硤尾公園集合,自由練習。初學者有另外的培訓,基礎的技巧學會以後再加入大家。今年我向環球事務處申請了資金援助,可以擴大規模,我一直也希望所有舍堂都能參加。」


小編:「 網球社除了強身健體之外,還有更深的意義嗎?」

Albert:「 是有的,我們網球社的成員來自世界各地:香港、德國、法國、斯里蘭卡、中國、美國、瑞士的成員都有,我們可是國際化的網球社(笑)。我們的交流不僅限於網球,大家活動結束以後會一起去吃東西,談天說地,合影留念,由於有共同愛好,所以相處會很融洽,我想對於文化的交流是很有貢獻的。「」

小編:「 這一年網球社有什麼新計劃嗎?」

Albert:「 會增加大型的比賽,這樣可以激發大家的熱情,初學者的培訓增加到十週。」

小編在某個星期日參與Albert 網球社的活動時,進行了實地參觀。在這裡,沒有強制的訓練,大家自由組隊,開心地打球,想提高技術,可以跟前輩學習,想休閒娛樂,就跟朋友結伴切磋,按照自己的心意去觸摸感知這項迷人的運動。喜歡網球的小夥伴,你們會喜歡這裡!

文:   王琪 (舍堂十)
圖:   Albert MENSAH (舍堂八)