Let’s Start from Here—–An experience of the Residence Tutor Training Camp / 從心出發,勇往直前—-宿舍導師訓練營體驗記


It was an unusual Saturday afternoon in a former British army camp where over 60 people, including Residence Masters, SRO staff, Residence Tutors and I were standing still under Hong Kong‘s unforgiving heat. The commander’s voice was really loud and powerful. He was explaining to us the rules of the camp, mainly about how we should behave and self-discipline in the 2-day camp from 29-30 July 2017. Thereafter, we were given 30 minutes to go to our barrack – a big room with 15 bunk beds – where we would sleep that night. That was pretty much how the Residence Tutor Training Camp began. For the next 18 hours, we would be trained like an army.

The first and last sessions were workshops about the roles of Residence Tutors and case studies. Together with our Residence Masters, Dr. Ben LI of Jockey Club Humanity Hall, and Dr. Roger KWAN of Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Mr. Wilson LAM, Director of SRO, enthusiastically gave a welcoming speech and explained the purpose of the camp. In these two sessions, Wilson also defined our duties and roles, illustrated different cases that might happen in the future and explained how Residence Tutors should deal with them. We then had small-group discussions to brainstorm on some real caring and disciplinary cases.

For the outdoor activities, the camp participants were divided into four groups according to our halls. Some of them really challenged your fear and the others relied on teamwork. High Wall was one of the scariest to me in which everyone in the team had to climb up a wall with nothing except the support of our teammates who carried one of us at the bottom and pulled him/her up from the top. It was so terrifying hanging up there without touching the ground, so I just closed my eyes, relaxed and trusted my teammates. Despite my shaky legs and fast heartbeat, I eventually made it. We all made it to the top because of the good team work!

The 2-day camp, along with all the obstacles, definitely shaped and strengthened our friendships, at least between me and my Hall 9 (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall) tutors. This camp was a crucial beginning of our one-year duty as Residence Tutors because it brought us closer and taught us how to trust each other and to build up a good teamwork. In order to create an engaging residence community, it has to start with the solid foundation of residence tutors. The 2-day training camp was definitely a great kick start!

Writer:   Mickey Jane SALIM (Residence Tutor, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)
Photographers:   Mickey Jane SALIM (Residence Tutor, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall), David MA, Wilson LAM (Student Residence Office), Angela MA (Student Residence Office), Hydie CHEUNG (Student Residence Office)






文:   林美琪 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂宿舍導師)
譯:   李怡靜 (賽馬會群萃堂)
攝:   林美琪 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂宿舍導師)、馬富城、林健 (學生宿舍處)、馬傑芳 (學生宿舍處)、張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)

Sandy TO: Running Ahead, Leading by Example / 杜穎珊:一路向前,模範光彩


Lee Shau Kee Hall’s very own residence tutor (RT), Sandy TO, shares her insight in balancing her school work, hall responsibilities and her role as a University Nike Icon (UNI) of 2015/16.

The 3rd year student of Environmental Policy tells us that with time management, stress shouldn’t be a problem. Sandy’s perseverance only got stronger as she took on the role of UNI since last November. Her determination was electrified through the long run events and to this day she is able to remind herself never give up on anything.

Sandy To / 杜穎珊

What is a Nike University Icon? This program is premeditated for local university undergraduates spreading Nike’s brand culture in Hong Kong. This puts Sandy in the spotlight acting as one of student role models in residence community. “Actually, it is a 1-year marketing internship for Nike,” She said, “I was selected out of over 100 applicants. I intended to learn some marketing skills of holding and organizing different running events on campus.”

She gets to observe on how a big brand work on their marketing field. “We have meetings like once a week. It takes time to prepare for every event. You need to brainstorm for ideas, plan rundown, go for site checking, recruit participants… It doesn’t really interfere but rather enrich my school life.”  She also did photo shooting for some advertisement. You’ll probably see her posters around Hong Kong!

Sandy (first on the left, bottom row) gains a variety of marketing training and experiences through the University Nike Icon programme and her love of sports. / 喜歡運動的穎珊(左下角)從University Nike Icons 項目中學習到不少關於市場推廣的知識。

She mentions that UNI is more about listening to different opinions and cooperating. As for a RT, a responsibility she got appointed this academic year, needs to take judgment from her own self like individually handling different support to students including emergency cases. Both roles need to act as role model to students in hall and in sports areas respectively.

Sandy (second to the right, bottom row) was the Sports Secretary of SIXHOLIC, the Residents’ Association of Lee Shau Kee Hall, from 2014-15. / 穎珊(前排右起第二位)曾是李兆基堂2014/15屆宿生會「六呵力」的體育幹事。

“What kind of personality have you developed? Do you use the same set of abilities for your RT obligations?” I asked.

“Sociable personality, we had the chance to talk to many students from different universities. We have to enlarge our social circle to invite more students to join our events. As for my RT role taking charge of the PEK Cup (Professor Edmond Ko Cup), a sociable personality is very important. You can communicate better with RTs from other halls.”

“Do you ever get stressed out? What advice can you give to students like me, ‘because I CAN be busy sometimes, juggling responsibilities?'”

“Time management is very important in balancing work. Never procrastinate on project work or assignments. It will definitely lead to very heavy workload!” Stress can take a toll on health. There were moments when Sandy’s busy life and intense physical activity have affected her well-being. One can avoid it by planning and looking ahead – do not put everything to the last minute.

An event promo for University Nike Icon. / University Nike Icon 的宣傳海報。

“If someone, I mean not me but if someone, wants to apply to be a UNI of 2017, how much running are we actually talking about?”

“I’m usually the pacer for the running events, meaning the one that leads and run in front of a running group. 3km used to be difficult and it is the minimum length of the run; but my physical strength has definitely improved.”

Sandy is currently serving as the 7/F RT in Lee Shau Kee Hall in charge of PEK Cup and hall facilities.  She is also an award-winning yoga practitioner in international yoga competitions and a member from the CityU Rugby Team.

Extended reading:
Fitness Tuesday‘s interview: “Sandy To: A Sweet Girl and Rugby Player!” (April 2016)

Writer:   Julianne Nicole DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Photographer:   Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall), Hydie CHEUNG (SRO), University Nike Icon @ Pictagram


最近訪問了李兆基堂宿舍導師杜穎珊(Sandy)。作為運動健將和模範領袖,穎珊向我分享了如何平衡學業、導師和擔任2015/16年度University Nike Icon(UNI)三項職責的看法。這位現修環境政策的大三學生告訴我們,只要懂得時間管理,壓力絕對不會成為負累。穎珊在十一月成為UNI後,人變得更加堅毅,鬥志更盛,總能夠督促自己,永不放棄。

Sandy To / 杜穎珊
什麼是UNI?這是Nike 推廣其品牌文化的宣傳項目,主攻本地大學生,這也使穎珊成為學生宿舍的模範學生之一。「事實上,這是一個為期一年的Nike實習項目。我在100多個候選人中被選中。我想要借此機會學習一些在校園組織和舉辦活動的市場宣傳技巧。」
Promoting for running with fellow athletes from other university campuses. / 和來自其他大學的精英運動員一起拍攝宣傳跑步的海報。
Sandy was the Sports Secretary of SIXHOLIC, the Residents’ Association of Lee Shau Kee Hall, from 2014-15. / 穎珊曾是李兆基堂2014/15屆宿生會「六呵力」的體育幹事。
At the Residence Tutor Training Camp in July 2016. / 宿舍導師訓練營2016。
With other UNIs at the NRC Women’s 10K. / 和其他UNI 一起參與了NRC Women’s 10K 的女子跑步盛事。
Performing with Master Yogaraj C.P., Guinness Record holder and Yoga-Guru-in-Residence, at the first CityU Yoga Day in November 2015. / 與世界紀錄保持者兼駐學生宿舍瑜伽大師Yogaraj C.P. 在2015年11月的瑜伽日一起表演。
文:   Julianne Nicole DIONISIO (賽馬會敬賢堂)
攝/圖:   文苳晴 (李兆基堂)、張凱貽 (學生宿舍處)、University Nike Icon @ Pictaram

Bruno LOVRIC: Life is A Stage / Bruno LOVRIC:生命就是舞台


“Drama is just like a therapy for me.”

A passion actor, Bruno Lovric studied Theatre in the United States before joining CityU. / 熱愛戲劇的Bruno Lovric在加入城大以前,曾在美國深造戲劇。

“Drama is just like a therapy for me which got me through the shyness and anxiety in my adolescence.” This is what led Bruno LOVRIC, Residence Tutor of Hall 10, to the colorful world of drama. Majored in Media and Communication, the PhD student from Croatia is not only a new instructor in his department, but also an active organizer of drama workshops in the hall community.

Bruno has been studying in CityU since 2013. Before he came, he spent several years studying theatre in the U.S. He considered drama as an important way to express his thoughts and emotions. It gives him freedom to become what he dreams of. The time he spent on stage teach him to view things from new perspectives and walk in others’ shoes. Drama has changed his life and transformed him into a confident person. He decided to bring his passion on drama to CityU. With the funding support from the University, he organized a drama workshop called “Break a Leg” in 2014.

By organizing the workshop, Bruno believed that drama can bring students from diverse cultural backgrounds together. The invisible wall between local and non-local students could be broken down as participants were not only learning how to act, they also met like-minded people and become friends in spite of language barriers.

For Bruno, helping new participants to step out of their comfort zones is always be the most challenging part during such workshops. The process of learning and acting is not easy for some people. Most of them are often surprised by themselves when they realize that getting into a role is not as difficult as one imagines. When people discover new abilities on themselves, they become inspired.

“Break a Leg” was a success in its first round so Bruno plans to organize it again this year to welcome new participants. This time, he wants to focus on encouraging personal growth rather than the drama show itself (which will be held at the end of the workshop). The message he wants to convey is that there are no mistakes in drama. Drama encourages the freedom to interpret as well as self-discovery. That is exactly why Bruno loves drama and hopes to share his passion with everyone.

As a Residence Tutor, Bruno thought it was a hard job which required a lot of personal time. While he found it challenging, he showed strong confidence in fulfilling his responsibilities at the same time. Drama workshop is just one of the meaningful programmes he hopes to promote and enrich residents’ lives.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Images:   Bruno LOVRIC (Hall 10)



Bruno’s “Break a Leg” workshop allows participants to free their minds for self appreciation and discovery. / Bruno 舉辦的「Break a Leg」戲劇工作坊鼓勵參加者開發潛能,探索自我。

「戲劇對於我而言具有療效作用,它幫我渡過年少時的仿徨與不安。」 這正是讓舍堂十導師Bruno LOVRIC走進多彩戲劇世界的原因。他是一個來自克羅地亞的博士生,現就讀香港城市大學的媒體與傳播系。現在的他不僅在努力當部門裡的新講師,更在宿舍積極籌備戲劇工作坊。

Bruno自2013年便就讀於城大,在這之前他曾在美國攻讀了幾年戲劇。於Bruno 而言,戲劇表演是一個表達內心的極好方式,讓他有機會透過想像去實現自我。舞臺上的時光教會了他站在別人的角度思考問題。出演戲劇的經歷改變了他,把他變成了一個更自信的人。所以,他想把他對戲劇的熱情帶給更多人。在得到大學的資金支持之後,他在2014年組建了一個叫做「Break a Leg」(意為:祝賀演員大獲成功)的戲劇工作坊。

當被問及為什麽要組建這個工作坊,Bruno 認為表演能讓來自不同文化背景的學生都參與到同一件事情來,可以改善本地學生和非本地學生之間存在的分化現象。因為參與者不僅僅會學到如何演戲,更能遇到很多志同道合的朋友。共同的愛好能幫助他們跨越語言的障礙。


「Break a Leg」在第一次舉辦的時候便大獲好評,所以Bruno決定今年繼續辦這個工作坊。這一次,他會更注重鼓勵工作坊的每個人都參與其中。他最想傳達的觀念是,在戲劇表演中其實無錯可犯,因為演員有很大空間自由發揮,實現自我探索。這也正是他為什麽喜愛戲劇表演的原因。


文: 陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖: Bruno LOVRIC (舍堂十)

A Warm Welcome to our RTs / RT茶會看過來


The Welcome Tea Session for Residence Tutors and Residence Masters 2016 began at 5PM in Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Thursday. The event was graced by the presence of our 10 elegant and handsome Residence Masters (RMs) as well as our passionate Residence Tutors (RTs). The atmosphere continued to brighten up as more people arrived to chat with one another and take photos together. They were eager to immerse themselves in joy and happiness.

“The questions often brought back memories from my freshman year and I felt like seeing my old self again!” ~ Sarina LEI (Hall 10)

I took the chance to speak with a few RTs and RMs. When asked about how she felt to be a new RT, Sarina LEI (Hall 10) smiled broadly, “The workload is way more than I expected. The new residents have been asking me a lot of questions everyday since they have moved in. The questions often brought back memories from my freshman year and I felt like seeing my old self again! I’m so glad that I can help them.”

In fact, both new and old RTs all described their job as challenging. Our new RTs worried that they might not be able to address residents’ problems efficiently thus being not welcomed, though they also saw hope and confidence in bettering themselves from future challenges. By contrast, the old RTs indicated that part of their pressure came from the unpredictable changes in traditional hall activities.

(From L to R) RTs Tracy CHEUNG, Steve WONG, RM Dr. Justin ROBERTSON, and Sarina LEI of Hall 10 / (從左至右) 來自舍堂十的宿舍導師張翠騫、黃嘉樂、舍監Justin Robertson博士及李莎莎
(From L to R) Prof. Ben LEUNG, RTs Catherine YIU, Phoebe YUNG, Lucy PUN, Francois YIP, Bauhinia HO, MO Ka Chun, and CK Khoo of Jockey Club Academy Hall / (從左至右) 賽馬會群智堂舍監梁國華教授、導師姚衍諾、翁曉欣、潘淑君、葉文浩、何曉瞳、巫嘉俊及邱子強
 RTs from Chan Sui Kau Hall and Hall 11 photographed with Dr. Ron KWOK (Dean of Students), RM Mrs. Bonny Ip (Chan Sui Kau Hall), and SRO Staff Ms. Esther LEE and Ms. Hydie CHEUNG / 來自陳瑞球堂及舍堂十一的導師們與學生輔導長郭致偉博士、陳瑞球堂舍監葉嚴仁敏女士及學生宿舍處職員李德芬小姐、張凱貽小姐合照留念

Dr. FANG Yulin, RM of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9), took over Hall 11 as the Acting RM this year. He was exploring the unique culture of Hall 11 currently and said that the RTs from both halls had been in close contact ever since. While the cultures of the two halls shared their own similarities and differences, Dr. Fang looked forward to host joint-hall activities between the two.

RM Dr. FANG Yulin (second to the left) with his RT teams from Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11 / 舍監方鈺麟博士與他的兩大導師團隊:胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一

Later at the opening ceremony came the SRO staff and our 10 RMs! Prof. Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs), conveyed his encouragement and expectations in his opening speech, “Our Student Residence accommodates more than 3,000 students from all over the world. It’s a miniature of the society and a mini-Hong Kong… My hope for you reflects in the responsibilities of our RMs and RTs, which is to maximize happiness and minimize unhappiness.” His words was highly motivating to those who were present.

The subsequent video screening of RT training activities captured our RTs’ never-failing spirit in challenging themselves to become better leaders in the residence community. Oh, and by the way, have you heard the beautiful music when you passed by MFH A that evening? That was the performance brought by our versatile RTs–Darian CHAN (Alumni Civility Hall), CHEUNG Sai Hung (Chan Sui Kau Hall), and Tracy CHEUNG (Hall 10)–in presenting Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

CHEUNG Sai Hung (Chan Sui Kau Hall), Darian CHAN (Alumni Civility Hall) and Tracy CHEUNG (Hall 10) performed A Thousand Years. / 陳瑞球堂導師張世洪、校友樂禮堂導師陳展楠及舍堂十導師張翠騫共奏一曲《A Thousand Years》。

When the Tea finally came to an end, the hope and desire to build a better hall life were sparkling in everyone’s eyes. The Tea has not only reflected their common belief to make the upcoming residential year a fruitful one, but it also symbolized their promise to carry out their responsibilities in full.

Writer:   Betty WANG (Hall 10)
Translator:   Violet CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographers:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall), Kelvin NG


上星期四傍晚五點半,坐標滿珍綜合禮堂(MFH A),一場低調奢華有內涵的茶會拉開帷幕。舍監們(RM)優雅帥氣, 導師們(RT)笑容燦爛.。是了,這是新學期RM與RT的歡迎茶會。說到這次茶會呀,精緻的小食種類不少呢!(咳,跑題了……)隨著大家陸陸續續到來, 會場逐漸熱鬧起來,大家互相交談拍照,不亦樂乎。

“新生剛搬進宿舍,每天有很多人問我各種問題,解答他們時,就想起我自己剛剛入學的時候,就像找回了幾年前的自己一樣!能夠幫助他們覺得很滿足!”~ 李莎莎(舍堂十)



(From L to R) RTs Melvin MO, Ivan SIU, Tim KWONG, Edly WAI, Charlotte YAO, Emma WONG and RM Dr. Roger Kwan of Jockey Club Harmony Hall / (從左至右) 來自賽馬會群萃堂的導師毛浩然、蕭澤平、江俊豪、衛嘉宜、姚明君、黃良蕙及舍監關偉康博士
(From L to R) RTs CHAN Wing Yan, Dennis CHAN, Karen NG, Bowie CHAN, RM Dr. Elaine AU, Dr. Ron Kwok (Dean of Students), Cynthia WANG, Jovian CHAN, CHAN Ka Yiu, and Ada FUNG of Jockey Club Humanity Hall / (從左至右) 來自賽馬會敬賢堂的導師陳詠恩、陳靖朗、吳凱琳、陳寶怡、舍監區廖淑貞博士、學生輔導長郭致偉博士、王詩雅、陳葭灝、陳嘉耀及馮倩瑩

胡應湘爵士伉儷堂的舍監方鈺麟博士今年接手管理舍堂十一,他表示正在熟悉舍堂十一的文化,並讓兩個Hall的RT們保持著緊密的聯繫。 因為兩Hall的文化既有相同之處又各有千秋,方博士很期待未來舉辦的聯舍活動,令兩座舍堂更加親近。

茶會終於要開始了,學生宿舍處的工作人員和舍監們隆重登場啦!副校長(學生事務) 葉豪盛教授給大家寄語和鼓勵:「我們宿舍住著三千多位來自世界各地的同學們,這是一個小社會,一個小香港… 我的期望和RM、RT的職責不約而同,便是將這裡的快樂放到最大,將不快樂最小化……」這番話振奮在場的每一位,也感動著大家。

Prof. Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs) / 副校長(學生事務)葉豪盛教授

回顧RT們在過去一個月裏接受培訓時的照片和短片,看到大家努力地為宿舍而成為更好的自己,RT們開心之餘亦感觸良多。對了,傍晚路過MFH A時你是否聽見了美妙的音樂和歌聲呢?那正是我們多才多藝的RT陳展楠(校友樂禮堂)、張世洪(陳瑞球堂)和張翠騫(舍堂十)為大家帶來最美好悅耳的享受。


A great start to the new year 2016/17! 新一年又開始了!

Selfie session of Alumni Civility Hall RM Dr. MA Ka Fai and his RTs Darian CHAN, Jerry ZHANG, and Tina ZHAO / 校友樂禮堂舍監馬家輝博士和他的導師們陳展楠、張嘉芮及趙藝婷歡欣自拍


Word of Advice for Newbies / 學長的話


“Life is tough and tiring, but you learn and grow from your experiences –
and you find happiness within yourself.”

I remember the first time I stepped into the HSBC Prosperity Hall when I was a freshman. The warm greetings from the hallmates overwhelmed me with love. After joining a variety of hall activities, such as the orientation camp, Chinese New Year gathering, high table dinner, carnival and etc., I started to grow interest in joining the Residents’ Association (RA). In the following year, I was extremely lucky – not only that I have become one of the members of the executive committee, but I also got a group of good teammates. We organized numerous events and activities, and those I can say, gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.

Some people would say that joining the committee is tough, and that you won’t be able to handle your academic work and many other things. But the truth is, being a committee member is like living your life. Life is tough and tiring, but you learn and grow from your experiences – and you find happiness within yourself. After joining the committee, my Cantonese improved tremendously; I learned how to communicate and connect with local people; to cooperate with people; better time management; and most importantly, to think in other’s point of view. Since you always have to organize events mostly for local Hong Kong people, you have to understand their likes and dislikes in order to make the activities more enjoyable for them – and from that, you can truly experience and learn the local culture.

In regards to the saying about the drop in your academic achievements – it was just a saying. There are people who can balance both their committee and school work, and even get into the dean’s list. Even if you don’t join any committee, it doesn’t guarantee your grades will be better – it is up to you, your personality and your will. For me, being an RA urges me to have better time management, and this benefited me a lot in whatever work I do.

In this coming year, I have the chance to see things from a new point of view — as a Residence Tutor (RT). I believe that not only I can learn more from handling more hall activities, but also to be able to spread the hall culture that I love a lot.

For the incoming residents, here is a humble list of suggestions for you. If you ever find yourself clueless about studying and living in Hong Kong, here are five suggestions that may help you enjoy your stay here.


1. Take initiatives, and open up to strangers

Do not worry about the language barrier! If you want to truly understand and enjoy the local culture here, take the courage and try to speak to both local and foreign students. Always take initiatives and be positive. People will accept you the way you are.

2. Be objective and open about cultural differences and seek for common grounds

We all grew up in a different environment, with different educational and social background and social. It is normal if you find yourself alienated from the local culture and in the interactions with others. However, if you spot a discrepancy or find yourself situated in a conflict, be calm, do not fight or do anything that could worsen the situation.

3. Find a way to express yourself

Sometimes, challenges in life or stress is inevitable, especially when you are a newbie. However, don’t let that negative vibe and energy overwhelm you. Find and learn the right way for you to express your emotions and frustrations. You can always talk to a friend, or go for a jog. If necessary, you may even seek help or advice from counselling services available at school.

4. Experience with your heart

Hong Kong has a very unique and interesting culture. The best way for you to experience it is to be passionate about learning it. Always spare some time to participate in hall activities, and chat with your roommate, floormates and hallmates.

5. Think responsibly, rationally and sensibly

No matter what adversities you are situated in, do not get too overwhelmed with your emotions into doing something extreme. Learn to think responsibly and do things rationally and sensibly. If necessary, your friends, your Residence Tutor, Residence Master and SRO will be there for you.

Writer:   Caesar TANG (HSBC Prosperity Hall)
Translator:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)
Images:   Caesar TANG (HSBC Prosperity Hall)




在我大一剛進滙豐業昕堂的時候,舍堂裡宿生會成員的熱情問候就讓我深深地感受到了這座舍堂的溫暖。之後的各種活動,包括迎新營,盆菜宴,高桌晚宴,嘉年華等活動更是讓我對上莊產生了濃厚的興趣,希望能通過這樣來更深入的融入到舍堂文化。於是大二的我成功地上了莊,成爲宿生會的一員,結交了一班特別好的莊員,組辦了舍堂里大大小小的活動,成就感油然而生。也許有人會說,上莊會很苦很累,會忙得顧不上其他的事。我要說的是,做什麼事情都會苦都會累,但是上莊會讓你在苦累中得到快樂,收穫很多。你的廣東話會突飛猛漲,你會懂得如何更好地與人交流,如何更好的團隊合作,如何更好的管理安排自己的時間,懂得去換位思考,你甚至會了解到 不同國家地區的風俗,因為你要面對的是整座舍堂所有的人,他們在活動中怎樣才能更加享受會讓你去更加了解它們。至於有人說上莊會忙得顧不上學習,我想說,上莊後成績進步甚至爆四的人也並不是沒有。有壓力才會有動力,不上莊,你或許也不會用那些事情去學習或幹其他有意義的事,而上莊會促使你更好的安排自己的時間,讓自己有一個特別充實的大學生活,而這些,我認為,對我將來的事業或工作也是確有裨益的。



#1 大膽交流,主動融入


#2 客觀對待文化差異,求同存異


#3 自我宣洩,學會釋放


#4 親身體會,切身經歷


#5 獨立思考,理性處事。

無論面對什麼樣的事情,都不要意氣用事,甚至產生極端的想法,要冷靜下來,學會獨自思考,理性處理,必要時求助於朋友,舍堂導師(Residence Tutor, RT),或是舍監(Residence Master , RM) 和學生宿舍處(SRO)。