Withdrawal Recycling day—Say No to Waste / 宿舍回收日—對浪費說不


“Can anyone tell me why I have so much stuff?”

I believe that many of you would complain that when you have to evacuate all the personal belongings before checking out from the Student Residence every year. The common room of each floor would be filled with used items, some of which may even look brand-new to you. Undoubtedly, the room for storage is limited, so how may we recycle and reuse unwanted items instead of just disposing them?

The Withdrawal Recycling Day held in the afternoon of 20 May was organised by Po Leung Kuk, the Environmental Protection Department and the Student Residence Office (SRO) of CityU to provid a perfect platform where students could leave their unwanted items to people in need. This event was held to reduce the phenomenon of waste among university students and to encourage students to carry out the “Use less, Waste less” motto in practice. The stuff collected from residents will be sent to the Sham Shui Po Green Station for distribution to the community. Acceptable items include clothes, shoes, books, daily necessities and electric appliances.

Many residents responded actively to this recycling event.  It is worth mentioning that a fun Natural Anti-mosquito Brick Workshop was held by two local instructors from the Sham Shui Po community at the same time. Molds of different shapes and ingredients were prepared in advance, including water, essential oil and chemical substances.

It is not easy for university students to realise how lucky they are without worrying too much about lacking food and clothing. In fact, many of us are taken over by our “shopping desires” and bought a lot of unnecessary purchases other than necessities. One aim of this recycling event is to stimulate students in thinking of the difference between what we NEED and what we WANT through the exhibition of recycling services. Hopefully, this event could help to reduce the overbuying and waste phenomenon among university students.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:  Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)

Two local tutors from the Sham Shui Po community shared with our residents on how to make natural anti-mosquito bricks at the Withdrawal Recycling Day last Saturday. / 兩名來自深水埗的本地導師在上星期六的宿舍回收日免費向宿生們教授如何自製天然驅蚊磚。




宿舍回收日在5月20日下午舉行,是一個由保良局、環境保護署及城大學生宿舍處共同組織的社區活動,為宿生們提供了絕佳的處理不再需要的物品的平台。舉辦這個活動的目的是為了鼓勵大學生審視自己的浪費現象,切身實踐「不濫用、不浪費」的口號。 這些被收集起來的物品會被送到深水埗社區,免費發放給需要使用這些東西的人。當中的物品通常包括衣物、日用品、電子產品還有書本等等。



文:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
攝:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)

Two local tutors from the Sham Shui Po community shared with our residents on how to make natural anti-mosquito bricks at the Withdrawal Recycling Day last Saturday. / 兩名來自深水埗的本地導師在上星期六的宿舍回收日免費向宿生們教授如何自製天然驅蚊磚。

Setting the Bottom Line for our Planet’s Future / 為地球的未來設定底線


Dr. David SUZUKI is an academic, science broadcaster and an environmental activist. He is also the recipient of the prestigious UNESCO Kalinga Prize for his work in the field of environmental science. Dr. Suzuki was invited to Hong Kong to be the speaker at the CityU Sustainability Lecture Series hosted by Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) and Hall 10. The topic chosen was “Setting the Bottom Line for the Planet’s Future”.

Dr. Suzuki started off the lecture talking about the climate changes occurring in Canada, how the ice caps are melting and the forestry are disappearing. He mentioned the idiocy of the previous Prime Minister of Canada and his government’s historically miserable environmental policies.

Dr. Suzuki believes that the human species might have an abrupt end towards the end of this century. Hence we need to start building the future and it’s not too late. He gave us examples of various instances of global warming which are taking place. Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere is being dissolved in the oceans creating carbonic acid. This carbonic acid is harmful and is creating numerous dead zones in different parts of the ocean. The death of fish leads to the death of birds and other animals causing an ecological reverberation. 80% of the planet’s forests are gone.

People don’t understand the consequences of this global warming and climate change. They don’t realize that they are digging their own graves.  The problem with us human species is that we can’t avoid these negative consequences because we don’t know enough or have substantial information to anticipate the effects of our invention. Dr. Suzuki gave us an example of the invention of DDT. DDT was invented to kill insects and pests which would damage crops. What the inventor of DDT did not know was that it would affect the food chain and be the reason for the depletion in the number of Eagles. Another example was the invention of CFC. Although CFC proved to be extremely useful in the market, it caused the started to destroy the ozone layer.

“We are at a pivotal point where our actions will determine our own existence.” The above statement made by Dr. Suzuki is undeniable. We are undergoing and existential crisis. The Earth’s temperature will rise by 3-4 Degree Celsius by the end of this century and with the population growth at it’s all time high, there is a very little chance that our race can survive. We need to start taking responsibility and try to build a better future for the generations to come.

Writer:   Suhas YOGISH (Jockey Club Academy Hall)
Image:   Metro News Toronto


大衛. 鈴木博士是一位著名的學術科學傳播者和環保鬥士。他也因為在環境科學領域的成就獲得了聯合國教科文組織頒發的卡林加獎。鈴木博士此次受亞洲及國際研究部及舍堂十的邀請下,前往城市大學作持續性發展系列演說。主題是「為地球的未來設定底線」。





文:   Suhas YOGISH (賽馬會群智堂)
譯:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖:   Metro News Toronto

No more talks, No more excuses: We Start NOW / 為時未晚——地球的最後呼喊


On 16th Februrary, a group of roughly 30 people gathered in Multi-function Hall B, hoping to learn a lesson on climate change through the documentary Before the Flood (2016). The documentary was the Academy Award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DICAPRIO’s personal journey of understanding climate change, he was first being introduced to the term ‘climate change’ when he had a meeting with Al GORE in 2000. He then went to different parts of the world to see how badly the world was affected by vigorous acts of civilization, he had seen the sea level rising in Florida and low-lying Pacific islands, air pollution in China, the climate denial industry in the U.S., and how politics led to U.S.’ failure of addressing climate change issues.

While the movie revealed many gloomy and depressing truths of climate change, and DiCaprio himself admitted several times in the movie that he was a profound pessimist towards this issue, his face still lit up knowing that 100 lithium-ion battery ‘Gigafactories’ can provide renewable energy to the entire world, and he used the word ‘manageable’ to describe how it is hopeful that the world can be powered with cleaner energy.

After watching the movie, residents reflected on their own living styles. “My friend told me that everyone should watch this documentary, and I was deeply shocked by how our food choice made the most impact on the world. I used to be a vegetarian in the past and I quitted a few years ago, after watching this documentary last year, I turned back to being a vegetarian. I don’t want to be a part of the crowd that contributes to the destruction of the planet.” said Sankalpana AGRAWAL, an exchange student from India (Jockey Club Humanity Hall, Year 3, Electrical Engineering).

Indeed, are we doing enough to protect this beautiful planet of ours from further damages? Or are we the ones who are persistently doing harm to Mother Earth? The easiest step towards being a greener citizen is by changing your diet, it is something that you can do tonight, or even right now. The founder of Green Monday, Mr. David YEUNG, led a post screening discussion with everyone, and he acknowledged that it is important that individuals, or even the government, to recognize that climate change is real, and it’s indisputable that it’s adversely affecting our environment. He also called on different parties’ joint effort in reducing carbon footprint, and performing social and environmental responsibilities.

Start playing your part in eliminating climate change, just like what Sankalpana said concluding the short discussion, “As a hall resident, lessen electricity or water usage not only to fulfill social and environmental responsibility, but to treat them as actions which embody our hall spirit, and try spreading this message and get more people to become more active in this issue.”

When it comes to acting against climate change, it is time that we say: no more talk, no more excuses, we start right now.

GreenWise is a series of programmes initiated by recipients of Joseph’s Catering Outstanding Student Leader Awards 2015/16, Tina ZHAO (Residence Tutor, Alumni Civility Hall, Year 4, Accounting)and Sadhika NANDA (Residence Tutor, Hall 11, Year 3, Asian & International Studies). Another programme was a D.I.Y. Mini Potted Plants Workshop held on 13th February.

Writer:   Jessie LOCK (Jockey Club Academy Hall)
Images:   JEONG Jiwon (Jockey Club Academy Hall), Kerstin LANGENBERGER




看完紀錄片後,宿生對於自己看待全球暖化問題的態度也有所轉變,「我的朋友曾說過,每個人都應該看一次這套紀錄片。最大的反思是,自己所做出的食物選擇,竟對環境有如此大的影響,對此我很意外。我曾經是素食者,但幾年前放棄了。上一年看完這套片,我再次成為了素食者,因為我不想成為加速氣候變遷的幫兇之一。」一位來自印度的交換生Sankalpana AGRAWAL(賽馬會敬賢堂/電子工程三年級)表示。

我們能夠在為時未晚之前,採取適當的行動,減緩全球暖化,防止災難發生嗎?想為地球盡一份綿力,最簡單的一步,便是從飲食入手,例如少吃肉(美國10-12%碳排放量是牛隻造成),或以雞肉代替牛肉(雞肉可以減少80%的排放量),甚至以素食為主。Green Monday創辦人楊大偉先生於活動當天亦有到場,並於片後與宿生進行分享,他認為無論是個人、團體、機構,或政府,承認氣候變遷是個不爭的事實,並勇於正視此問題為環境帶來的傷害,對現今社會來說尤其重要。他也呼籲公眾實踐健康低碳生活,減少肉食,進而減少對地球帶來的負擔。

我們的時間已不多,在全球溫室效應惡化前,是時候踏出我們的一小步,從自己出發,減少碳排放。住在宿舍的你,依然能盡一份公民責任,就如Sankalpana 所說:「在宿舍減少用水及用電,不單單是對環境負責,更是體現舍堂精神的行為,我們應以身作則,並嘗試把這訊息帶給更多人。」


GreenWise《洪水來臨前》電影放映會由兩名「嘉年華美食到會有限公司傑出學生領袖獎」得主趙藝婷(校友樂禮堂導師/會計學系四年級)和Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一導師/亞洲及國際學系三年級)舉辦。是次放映會是GreenWise 的其中一個活動,另一個活動是迷你盆栽工作坊,一系列的活希望向同學推廣環保、保育環境的意識。

文:   駱嘉時 (賽馬會群智堂)
攝:   JEONG Jiwon (賽馬會群智堂)、Kerstin LANGENBERGER

Go Green! A Small Garden on Your Desktop / 迷你盆栽工作坊


Everyone wishes to have a beautiful garden inside their homes. Sadly, it is almost impossible to happen in Hong Kong. Well, perhaps a mini potted plant may help you making this wish comes true!

GreenWise: D.I.Y. Mini Potted Plants Workshop guides students to create their own take-home miniature landscapes to symbolise a micro-level sustainability cycle at home. GreenWise is a series of programmes initiated by recipients of Joseph’s Catering Outstanding Student Leader Awards 2015/16, Tina ZHAO (Residence Tutor, Alumni Civility Hall, Year 4, Accounting)and Sadhika NANDA (Residence Tutor, Hall 11, Year 3, Asian & International Studies).

On the event day, people arrived at the venue in great excitement. They couldn’t wait to make their own mini potted plant! Our GreenWise helpers explained the steps to us carefully while we worked on the mini landscapes.

After putting a portion of dry moss and soil, we cut a piece of moss into an appropriate size that suited our individual designs. Then we placed our plants and different decorations unto it. After a few steps, we finished our own DIY mini potted plant! It was so easy to make!

As the day following the workshop was Valentine’s Day, many participants were eager to make it a gift to their loved ones. What a good and GREEN idea!

Writer:   Carmen YIU (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Photographer:   Emily JIA (Hall 11)


翠綠山丘、青青小草、流水淙淙…… 優美的園境,定是不少人所嚮往的。香港串金呎土,擁有花園又談何容易呢,不過,迷你盆栽就可以滿足大家的願望。

GreenWise 迷你植物工作坊是由兩名「嘉年華美食到會有限公司傑出學生領袖獎」得主趙藝婷(校友樂禮堂導師/會計學系四年級)和Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一導師/亞洲及國際學系三年級)所舉辦的活動。是次工作坊是GreenWise 的其中一個活動,另一個活動是電影放映會,一系列的活希望向同學推廣環保、保育環境的意識。




活動結束後,參加者臉上都掛上滿足的笑容,並且逼不及待要與自己的成品合照!氣氛樂也融融。把盆栽放於房間一角可以為房間帶來一點點生機,亦添上一絲絲悏意。當然,要記得每幾天幫盆栽澆水!否則…… 盆栽便命不久矣了!

文:   姚嘉敏 (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   賈藝琛 (舍堂十一)

Farming Buddies: Farming journey of Green hands / Farming Buddies: 攜手種下 綠色種子


Growing vegetables, one kind of work which is nearly related to university life. Have you tried digging the soil and found earthworms wriggling into the depth? Have you tried sowing different kinds of seeds and arranged the seedling in rows? Have you tried watering the vegetables everyday and waiting for harvest eagerly?

Well, I believe such experiences are quite familiar to the Farming Buddies——our residents who devoted part of their spare time to grow vegetables at the Roofgarden of Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (AC2) under the guidance of Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) and Mr. WONG Yu Wing of Au Law Organic Farm. On 9 Dec, the farming work for Semester A ended with a meaningful event, GROW’s Harvest Day—a vegetable donation to Mr. CHAN Cheuk-ming (Ming Gor), restaurant owner and founder of Pei Ho Counterparts, for charity purpose.

dsc_8478 dsc_8554
The Farming Buddies programme started in late September. The student coordinator LEI Sasa (Residence Tutor, Hall 10, Year 1, MA Integrated Marketing Communication) received an overwhelming response when the program was first open for registration. “Many students considered this program as an opportunity to possess a new life experience, as nowadays many university students born and raised in urban areas have few chances to do the farming work.” Sasa told me. Through seeding, weeding and regular watering, we finally had an exciting harvest. A large portion of vegetables was harvested and donated to Ming Gor, a well-known restaurant owner who often gives out food boxes to the homeless in Sham Shui Po.

The Farming Buddies consist of students from different residence halls and some faculty members. This program has not only enabled students to learn how much efforts it takes to grow vegetables, but also developed their spirit of teamwork. The Farming Buddies programme will continue in Semester B and hopefully, you will be able to join us!

Writer: Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer: Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall)


在剛過去的一個學期裡,一班Farming Buddies 付出自己寶貴的空餘時間,在李達三葉耀珍學術樓(AC2)上的天台花園種菜,一定少不了上述的苦工了。宿生們在亞洲國際學系和歐羅有機農場創辦人黃如榮先生的協助和指導下,種出了小棠菜、西藍花、紫椰菜、冬瓜等農作物。十二月九日,Farming Buddies 參與了亞洲國際學系舉行的亞洲國際學系主辦的GROW’s Harvest Day,捐出這幾個月來的成果給北河燒臘飯店東主兼慈善組織「北河同行」創辦人陳灼明先生(明哥)作慈善用途,為上學期劃上標誌性的句號。

dsc_8478 dsc_8554
Farming Buddies 計劃於九月底開展,身兼舍堂十宿舍導師的學生統籌李莎莎(整合營銷傳播文學碩士生一年級)表示當時報名反應熱烈。她表示:「同學均視這活動為一次體驗另類生活方式的機會,因為現今大部分大學生從小到大都在市區生活,鮮有機會接觸農務。」經過一番育苗、除草、灌溉,Farming Buddies 終於收採到碩果累累的農作物,使人為之振奮。收成的蔬菜都捐給常在深水埗為流浪者送上愛心飯盒的餐廳東主明哥。

Farming Buddies 由城大各舍堂的宿生和不同學院的教職員組成。計劃不但讓同學領略到「粒粒皆辛苦」的道理,而且加強了團隊合作的精神。Farming Buddies 在來年會繼續招募,希望你到時也可加入!

文: 陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
譯: 楊雅怡
攝: 文苳晴 (李兆基堂)