HSBC Prosperity Hall organised its monthly SPECIAL Hall Night Talk on the 7th of November in Multifunction Hall C. This time, Dr. Herbert Chia Pun Kok, a very renowned name in the field of Big Data was invited to talk about Data and the future in the field. Dr Herbert, was the former Vice president and head of Data Committee of Alibaba Group, the largest e-commerce company and currently the Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China which controls $1.4 trillion USD stock market value.

The talk attracted an audience over 50 people, with a lot of walk-ins. It was an interactive talk and Dr. Herbert opened the floor to the audience and asked their opinions about Big Data. The audience mentioned about the 4 V’s of Big Data which include variety, velocity, veracity and volume. In general, the audience views big data as a form of more complicated data which needs special measures to be analysed. Dr. Herbert was impressed by the technicality of the responses and further explained about Big Data with various illustrations and cases of renowned companies like Amazon and Microsoft. He also shared his journey from working in HSBC to moving up to work at Sequoia currently, and how he learnt about Big Data and its importance over the years.

He describes Big Data as a discovery cycle, where “data gets more data”. Big Data fills in the gap and creates a lot more data from just little information provided. To explain his point he gave the example of a person searching for flights from Hong Kong to Shanghai from his phone, gets advertisements for restaurants in Shanghai. He explained that the server gets data about where one is going, and predicts what would be the next relevant action, give those advertisements and then takes feedback by the person’s click and then the cycle of Data →Prediction →Action →Feedback, repeats itself getting more and more information about the person’s preference and providing them with relevant information before they could even think about it.



After the informative and insightful talk, the speaker invited questions from the audience. Firstly, he was asked about how he made decisions, that made him so successful in his life. To this, he responded that he made a prediction about the future and formulated a strategy based on that and had a strong belief in his intellect and took charge of his growth. He advised that one should find a good mentor and take full responsibility of one’s growth and learn as much as they can from the mentor. He also said that before declaring something as your passion, think about the two crucial questions, do you believe in it and why do you want to learn more about it, and when you have a strong answer for both, don’t turn back. He discovered his passion and with the help of his mentor acquired the skills.

Since he is a venture capitalist, the audience also wanted to know what kind of business proposals are successful in the present times and what is the future of investment. Dr. Herbert said that he actively looks forward to proposals related to Data Security, since there’s so much data being produced, but little technology is available which ensures the protection and confidentiality of data. He said that a good business proposal, should have an introduction page which describes the problem and gives the treatment for the problem with the new product designed. He also mentioned that he focuses a lot on the personality of the budding entrepreneur, because without a strong belief in what one is creating, the greatest ideas can be unsuccessful.


Talking about the future of data, he highlighted the importance of learning coding and being a big data analyst in the coming years, and mentioned that big data wouldn’t be limited to just IT and Fintech, but take over all the existing services in the near future.

Overall, it was an informative and inspiring talk and the audience got in-depth insight to what Big Data is, its importance and its future along with tips on passion and choosing a career. Even after the talk was finished, students engaged in conversations with Dr. Herbert, who was very willing to address their concerns and give more insights in the field of Big Data and Computer Sciences.


Writer: Muskaan Gandhi, HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)

Photographers: Deepanshu KALRA, HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2), XU Lantian, HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)




“Change hopelessness into possibility”

Continuing the tradition, Hall 2 organised their monthly SPECIAL Hall night talk on the 11th of October in the Multi-function Hall B, which attracted a lot of students and staff members. The speaker for the talk: “Serve above self and reconstruct human body” was Dr Peter Pang Chi Wang, who is a plastic surgeon by profession, a Rotarian and has served as the district governor in the year 2015-16. He is also a recipient of the Hong Kong Humanity Award.

Even before the clock struck 9, when the talk was officially supposed to start, Dr Peter and the students had some interesting conversations. Dr Peter shared about his experience as a hall resident while he was studying medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and was curious to know about the current life of residents in CityU. He was amazed to find out that the CityU Student Residence is like a little world in itself with residents from so many nationalities and various opportunities to learn about each other’s culture.

He started by talking about his desire of being an architect and how he eventually decided to explore the vast field of medicine and decided to be a doctor. The desire to build and construct still stayed and he decided to specialise in plastic surgery, and now instead of constructing on the ground he does it on the human body. He discussed more about the different areas that come under the field of plastic surgery. To the surprise of many, he also told how aesthetic surgery is just a very small percent of what they do. The talk gave students a new insight to what people seemingly think of as a luxury is what so many people need due to various medical reasons. He shared images of transformation and recovery of his several patients as well.

He used powerful words like choice, plan, time and smile to further dwell on the theme of the talk. He took this platform to create awareness about cleft deformities due to genetic factors which hinder such people to fully integrate into the society and also face discrimination but in reality are as good as any normal human. He talked about how we can effortlessly adorn our face with a smile, but people with cleft lip deformities cannot even think of it, unless they get plastic surgery. He reflected back on his past experiences and shared how he could change hopelessness into possibilities. He also emphasised how everyone can engage in humanitarian work. He said “there is always an overlapping area between what you are good at and what the world needs, and this overlapping area is exactly what you can focus on to be a gift to the world”



He also talked about the importance of exploring new things by saying “yes” to every opportunity that comes along the way and moving out of one’s comfort zone. He said “moving out of our comfort zone to move into the uncomfortable zone is the process of expanding our comfort zone”. Thus leaving no stones unturned.

Towards the end, the floor was open to questions. Most of the questions asked by the students were regarding time management and making choices in life, to which Dr Peter advised that one should clearly know their priorities and passion and then finding time for things that matter is not difficult. He stressed on the fact that being completely present rather than just physical presence should be maintained at all times, so that the learning can be maximised at each moment. He also recommended that we should take care of our health and humorously said “if you don’t take care of your health now, the doctor will take care of it 20 years later but with an expensive price”. Finally, Dr Ray, the Hall 2 hall master asked Dr Peter about his opinion of CityU students on the basis of the interactions so far. To that he replied that he finds CityU students to be very energetic and eager to learn, not just from books but from practical experiences.



The next SPECIAL Hall Night Talk would be held on 7 November and the speaker invited is Mr. Herbert Chia Pun Kok, who was the former Vice president and head of data committee of Alibaba Group, the largest e-commerce company and currently Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China which controls $1.4 trillion USD stock market value. Join it to know about “Data and your future”.

Writer: Muskaan Gandhi, HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)

Splash! Splash! It’s PEK’s Aquatic Time!

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18


Splash! Splash! It’s PEK’s Aquatic Time!

The much anticipated annual CityU Aquatic Meet was held with great success on the afternoon of 1 Oct 2017. Despite the almost nonsensical thunderstorm erupted that morning, the sky cleared up and the event was carried out smoothly. As usual, being a part of this proceeding was exciting. Filled with thrills and close finishes, the audience and cheering teams were kept on their toes right till the very end. Excellent sportsmanship and athleticism was displayed by our fellow hall mates and the best of the best earned their halls points towards the PEK Cup tournament:

[Men’s 4x50M Freestyle Relay]
Champion:               Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1)
1st Runner-up:         Jockey Club Harmony Hall (Hall 7)
2nd Runner-up:        HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)
3rd Runner-up:        Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9)

[Women’s 4x50M Freestyle Relay]
Champion:               HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)
1st Runner-up:         Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1)
2nd Runner-up:        Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4)
3rd Runner-up:        Hall 11

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

After the prize distribution ceremony, I had the chance to catch up with some of the swimmers from the women’s team from Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4). Jemmima GONSALVES (Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 2, Bioengineering, Oman) was overjoyed by their bronze medal win in the 4x50m relay competition. She shared that this was her first competition since high school and that she was nervous before, since she was intimidated by the tall participants from other halls. “I’ve been into a lot of sports since I was very young, and growing up sports has really been important to me and I love being in the water,” she explained.

I also had a chat with Hannah LI (Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 3, Social Work), a U-team swimmer. Winning seven medals that day, she was tired and exhausted, but clearly still elated by her wins. “I wasn’t scared of our competition, I think we had confidence.” Talking about her swimming career, she said, “I started swimming when I was four, because I always got a runny nose and my mum thought that swimming would make me stronger.” She wasn’t the best student at such a young age and disliked competition, but picked up the sport more seriously in her primary school years, and has been swimming since. She enjoyed the competition but felt that more people could join the event in the future. She suggested that if there were more events with shorter distances, many more amateur swimmers would be interested to take part.

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

Writer:   Riddhi SUKHIA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)
Photographers:   REN Ling (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall), Deepanshu KALRA (HSBC Prosperity Hall)






<男子4 x 50米接力泳>

冠軍:   賽馬會敬賢堂
亞軍:   賽馬會群萃堂
季軍:   滙豐業昕堂
殿軍:   胡應湘爵士伉儷堂

<女子4 x 50米接力泳>

冠軍:   滙豐業昕堂
亞軍:   賽馬會敬賢堂
季軍:   賽馬會群智堂
殿軍:   舍堂十一

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

在頒獎儀式後,我有幸追上了幾位來自賽馬會群智堂女子泳隊的泳者。Jemmima GONSALVES(賽馬會群智堂/生物工程系二年級,來自阿曼)表示非常開心能拿到4×50米接力賽的銅獎。她分享說,這是她高中之後的第一場比賽,賽前她一度非常緊張,因為其他宿舍的參賽者都身材高挑,讓她有些怯場。「我年紀很小時就非常喜歡各項運動,運動在我成長中有著重要的意義,而且我很喜歡待在水中的感覺。」她如是說。



PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

PEK Cup: Inter-hall Aquatic Competition 2017/18

文:Riddhi SUKHIA(賽馬會群智堂)
攝:任伶(胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)、Deepanshu KALRA(滙豐業昕堂)


Only to the Struggling / 致掙扎奮鬥中的你


Whether you’re struggling personally, professionally, academically or otherwise, I’m sincerely here to help. Here are 10 things that I want to say to you, as a struggling student myself:

  1. Believe in yourself: learn to be your own cheerleader. If everyone’s against you, at least one person is there to support you.
  2. Be grateful for the smallest of things: you’re alive, that’s a good enough reason.
  3. You can cry for an hour, but then force yourself to go out and do something. Eat, write, draw, get out of bed, whatever. When you’re struggling, celebrating seemingly small accomplishments can help you gain your confidence.
  4. Whatever your position is right now, it’s doesn’t define your future. You still have the same chance to change the world as anyone else.
  5. When people rub their GPAs and scholarships in your face, kindly smile and walk away.
  6. When people complain about how fabulous their life is, kindly smile and walk away.
  7. You don’t have to proof anything to your parents, friends, anyone, or yourself.
  8. Trust me, it’s gonna get better. You really just have to believe in yourself.
  9. Be kind to yourself. If you fail worse than everyone else, improve yourself. You can change only when you want to.
  10. Just laugh it out. Life is ridiculous anyways.

Kindness towards yourself and others is a choice.

Writer:   Dazi CREMONITA



  1. 相信自己:要學著為自己吶喊助威—即使周遭都是反對的聲音,你還可以堅定支持自己。
  2. 為最不起眼的小事心懷感激:你還在人生道路上求索,這就足以感激和歡欣。
  3. 你可以哭上一小時。但之後,即使是強迫自己,你也要出去走走,做些其他事。去覓食,去寫作,去畫畫,總之是不能賴在床上。於痛苦掙紮時,為一切看似細微的成就而歡欣,能讓你更加自信。
  4. 無論你現在的位置如何,這都不能決定你的未來。你與其他所有人一樣,都有同等的機會去改變這個世界。
  5. 若是有人在你面前反復炫耀他們的績點和獎學金,你大可微微一笑,瀟灑走開。
  6. 若是有人向你甜蜜地抱怨,以顯示自己過得有多好,你亦可微微一笑,瀟灑走開。
  7. 不必將事事都擺到父母面前,不必非要向他們證明自己。
  8. 相信我,事情總會好起來。你真的只需要給自己一點信心。
  9. 善待自己。如果你覺得自己落敗得很慘,那麽就去提升自我。只有真的渴望改變,你才能實現它。
  10. 笑對人生,因為生活本就荒誕不經。



作者:   Dazi CREMONITA
譯:   李怡靜 (舍堂十)

Uni? U-N-I? You and I? / 大學戀愛——必修課?



Romance smells like freshly cut daises just as I imagine how deforestation would smell like.  It looks pretty on the surface but in all honesty it’s just a call for an allergic reaction from pollen – perhaps even a bee sting.

I take on this view because I’m a person who can barely take care of myself, how can I expect myself to care for another human being? Hall return, GPA, social life, sleep – fitting a relationship into all of this would be chaotic. It is something that takes energy and time to be maintained and if it does not last in the future then, why bother?

I am a firm believer that there are only two perspectives to this topic which is divided by a clear line: skeptical people like me against people who are more positive about relationships.

I try to understand those who are in a relationship and seem to be galloping on their rainbow unicorn with their prince or princess (or two princes or princesses, I ain’t hating) into the blazing sunset. University is all about trial and error, here you can try all sorts of new things and not be scared of judgment. It can be a learning point in preparation for your future relationships. A wise friend once told me that it reduces stress and you never have to sit alone for lunch.

But for those who want to be in a relationship just so you can show off your boyfriend or girlfriend as if they were an accessory is something you should reconsider.  Don’t compare yourself to others and be pressured to have #RelationshipGoals.

Just be happy with yourself, whether you are in a relationship or single.

Writer:   Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Image:   HJ Story









文:   Julianne DIONISIO (賽馬會敬賢堂)
譯:   陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖:   HJ Story

Flick off Those Homesick Blues / 想家愁緒通通走

It was already late in the afternoon, and I was still rolling around my bed with a heavy body; I could have easily blamed the weather and the whole new atmosphere for my sickness but there was something more.

Homesickness. That thing that I labeled as a myth finally caught up with me and proved itself. No matter how much I had anticipated this new independence and change, it was affecting me physically.

It is an easier choice to stay indoors and sulk all day until the feeling wears off but push yourself to get out there and explore your surroundings. Remind yourself of why you were so excited about this new place in the beginning. If your schedule is too loose, fill it up and discover things that you truly appreciate. On the other hand, find ways to relax yourself if your days are too stressful; put down your book and go for a breather.

Meet new people; having friends that can support you whenever you feel down is what makes an environment a place to call home. We all need worthy individuals to whom we can pour out your time and effort.

There are few bits of ritual that I maintain whenever I crave for home; I would occasionally cook my dad’s chicken stew – it does its magic of taking me back to our family dinner table. However, it is still on its way to perfection.

There is no shame in wanting to reconnect with people that has been part of your previous daily routine. Be it a 30-seconds-call or a simple Facebook message, constantly keeping in touch with your loved ones will flick off those homesick blues.

Writer: Julianne DIONISIO (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Images: Rachel MAN (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Some of us may be missing our family already. After all, they are our main source of support. You are not alone on that. We are happy to support you always. 新來的宿生可能已經開始想家了,畢竟在家千日好,家人永遠是你最好的支持。別怕,我們也在你的身邊支持著你!








文:Julianne DIONISIO(賽馬會敬賢堂)

[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love] 【你有沒有愛上香港的夏天】


[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Images: LCSD

The sun is strong, the air is heavy. The days are getting longer while your hair is getting shorter. Water from air conditioners is dripping down on Mongkok while you wait for the rain over in Kowloon Tong. And then, on a sweltering afternoon in June, here comes the rain! The rain- how relieving it is, for all of five minutes before you realise you wore your nice shoes today!

To me, all of this truly epitomizes a Hong Kong summer; not to forget the sunglasses and summer dresses, the beaches and clear blue skies and most importantly, the relief of Festival Walk’s air-conditioned, ice-cool air after the walk down from the Student Residence!

But here is why I truly, with all my heart love a good Hong Kong summer:

  1. The Colours
    Don’t get me wrong- I love grey winter coats and black leather boots just as much as anyone else, but there is something else about seeing everyone dressed in happy colours. Everyone and everything, too: the flowers are abloom, and the trees have their lush once again.
  2. Longer Days

The sun sets after 7 P.M. every single day of summer. It is an unparalleled feeling to see daylight for 12 hours a day- imagines waking up from an afternoon nap and still having enough time to make it to the Peak for sunset!

  1. The Views

Hong Kong has spoiled us all with its breathtaking sky-high buildings and the views that come with. And there is no time like the summer to catch these views at their best- with no clouds tainting your experience, and the lights dazzling in the warm air.

  1. Art Month!

This aspect is our summer’s most unique: the season starts with March, Hong Kong’s unofficial month of art. While art adorns the streets of our beloved city, there is no dearth of places to visit to immerse oneself in Hong Kong’s culture of art. March kick starts summer on the best note possible- with passion.

Go on, then. Beat the heat- by embracing it.



文: Sadhika NANDA (陳瑞球堂)

譯: 高路延

圖: 康文署




  1. 夏日的顏色


  1. 更長的白晝


  1. 香港的美景


  1. 藝術的盛宴



[A Letter to HK] 【致香港的一封信】



[A Letter to HK]

By: Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)



Dear HK,


It has been 19 years. How have you been?


I heard that you have changed, a lot. There are things I love and things I hate.


I love that you have a strong sense of your own identity. You are proudly Chinese, but distinctly westernized – expressing in an open embrace of your local culture.


I have always loved animals, and I love that you now have four adorable pandas at your themed park.


I love that you weathered many economic storms. There were tough times in 1998, 2000 and 2003, but you survived anyway, with a low unemployment rate and a booming tourism industry.


However, I am disappointed on your emphasis on tourism. Tourists are not here to appreciate your culture or your beautiful landscape. Most of them are here for jewelry, watches, gold, and other branded products.


I am upset that your mother language is being threatened. Before 1997, English was once hailed to be the language that is more superior and yet you were still able to celebrate your root in Cantonese through your famous Hong Kong movies and music. After the handover, your native language is further bumped down to the third-ranking language with the rise of Mandarin. How does the future of Cantonese seem to you, when you children don’t even speak the language at school?


I hate that your freedom is now being constraint. You used to speak what you want, express what you feel. But now, someone might condemn you if you do.
Even so, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best.


I loved you and I will always love you.

Yours faithfully,
A girl of the 90’s


文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)




















[The Glamour of Aurora] 【極光之下】

20160630 aurora-clair

[The Glamour of Aurora]

By: Clair GAO

Image: Clair GAO


I went to UBC, Canada for exchange last semester. In February, I left Vancouver and went to Yellowknife with my friends to see the aurora. Aurora viewing has been on my wish list for a long time.


Yellowknife is very close to the Arctic. When we arrived, it was around – 30℃. I wore all the clothes I had, but it was still freezing. There was even ice on my eyelashes. The town was very quiet. Most people were travelers from all over the world. Everyone seemed excited. They were either playing with the knee-high snow, having a cup of hot coffee in the café, or waiting for a seat at the most famous restaurant in town for its world-loved fish and chips.


Around 9 pm, we were taken to the campsite. Aurora was not guaranteed every night because it had a lot to do with the weather and geographical factors. We didn’t see any obvious ones on the first day. However, on the second day, the view was amazing. Aurora was in different shapes: line, circle, belts… Most were green, but you could also find purple and pink on the edges. I couldn’t find any appropriate words to describe my feelings. I was so tiny compared to the nature. I kept looking up into the sky and tried not to blink. We got even luckier on the third night when we witnessed the aurora moving very fast.


Although you were not able to join me to witness this wonderful experience, I hope you like my sharing and photo just as much. Hope you would have your own aurora experience some day!



文: 高路延

圖: 高路延









[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos] 【和蚊子說再見】

201690629 mosquito-control-san-antonio

[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos]

By: Clair GAO



Summer is coming.


We go hiking, go swimming and enjoy the sunshine with all our hearts. However, we are annoyed by one thing—the mosquitos. Mosquitos are everywhere and they especially like humid environments, for example, the bushes in the garden. Mosquitos have a bite on us without making any noises. We do not realize being attacked until our skin turns red and gets itchy. How can we get rid of mosquitos? Let me introduce some ways to help you tackle them!


First of all, buy a bottle of insect repellent spray. It’s very convenient and you can use it anywhere at any time. There are many different brands. Remember to check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


Secondly, use electric mosquito repellent before going to bed. It’s quite annoying if we find a mosquito flying around us when we are asleep. The smell of repellent can keep them away and guarantee a good sleep for you. (Be aware thought that naked flames are NOT allowed in the Student Residence so please DO NOT burn any incense!)


Thirdly, keep moving when you are outdoors. Mosquitos are more likely to target you if you stand still.


Finally, use repellent stickers or try using sonic waves to drive mosquitos away with sonic waves with mobile apps.


It is said that whether mosquitos “like” you depends on your body temperature, breathe and even blood type. Anyway, hope these tips can help you get rid of the abhorrent mosquitos and enjoy the summer time!



文: 高路延