Alan DUAN Yanlin

Name:  Alan DUAN Yanlin
Nationality:  China
Hall:  Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4)
Major & Cohort:  Accountancy; 2012
Favorite Book:  The Moon and Sixpence
Favorite Quote:  “I cannot choose the best, the best chooses me.” ~ Stray birds, by Tagore
Alan DUAN Yanlin
DUAN Yanlin, Alan

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Hi everyone, my name is DUAN Yanlin, Alan, from Beijing. I am a 17-year-old junior, majoring in accounting. This is my third year living in the student residence. I am currently a resident in Jockey Club Academy Hall.

I love traveling when I was pretty young. I enjoy experiencing different lifestyles in different cities. This challenging but interesting feeling brings me energy every day. I have been to a lot of Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippine and Thailand. During the past summer vacation, I participated in the study tour held by my home department and paid a visit to UK, Luxembourg and Germany. Last semester, I packed my bag again and flew to the American continent. Being an exchange student, I studied and travelled around Pittsburgh, New York and Washington DC in United States. Now, I am lying on the beautiful beach in Da Nang, Vietnam and writing this self-intro to all of you!

For me, traveling means more than a physical journey. It is a spiritual refresh as well. I feel so excited every time I step out of my comfort zone, and choose to broaden my horizon outside of it. Apart from being more international and culturally-diverse, I also get a lot of common topics with other international students and exchange students living in the hall. Talking about something that they are familiar to helps me start a conversation and finally become really good friends with them!

If you are also a big fan of traveling, do come and talk to me! I am sure we will have a great conversation!


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