Clair GAO Luyan

Name:  Clair GAO Luyan
Nationality:  China
Hall:  Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)
Major & Cohort:  Finance; 2013
Favorite Book:  The Kite Runner
Favorite Quote:  “Seize the day”
Gao Luyan, Clair
Gao Luyan, Clair

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My name is GAO Luyan, a Year 2 student from College of Business. You may just call me Clair. I am from Beijing and enjoy the life here in Hong Kong a lot. Reading books, writing some articles and walking around to explore the city, these are what I like to do when I set myself free from the deadlines. Novels with impressive plots can always attract me, for example, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Studying in CityU and living in the Student Residence provide many chances for me to experience various activities, adapt to the surroundings better and get familiar with Hong Kong. I hope to bring more exciting things to you, contribute to Student Residence as well as our university though my work as a newsletter writer.

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