Christine KAN Yuen Yee

Name:  Christine KAN Yuen Yee  (簡婉兒)
Nationality:  Canadian
Hall:  Hall 11
Major & Cohort:  English; 2013
Favorite Book:  Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Favorite Quote:  “Every cloud has a silver lining!”
KAN Yuenyee, Christine
KAN Yuenyee, Christine

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Hello! I am Christine, a Canadian-born Chinese living in Hall 11. This is my second year living in the hall and I must say I have a great time there! Although I am a local student, I have spent about 1/3rd of my education in each of 3 places: Canada, Thailand and Hong Kong. I love reading and writing short stories and I am a huge animal lover (dogs especially!). If you love dogs too, check out Hong Kong Dog Rescue! It’s a great dog-volunteering organization. I have many hobbies ranging from sports to volunteering to computer games. Hopefully I can continue writing interesting entries for ResLink in the coming semesters!

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