LIM Hanna Suchanya

Name:  LIM Hanna Suchanya
Nationality:  British
Hall:  Lee Shau Kee Hall (Hall 6)
Major & Cohort:  Psychology; 2015
Favorite Book:  Waves by Sharon Dogar
Favorite Quote:  “We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same” ~ Carlos Castaneda
LIM Hanna Suchanya
LIM Hanna Suchanya

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Hi my name is Hanna, a Psychology major minoring in Public Relations and Advertising.

I was born in England but soon after moved to Cape Town, South Africa, which is where I was living before coming to CityU.

Since I was young, I have travelled to various different countries for vacation purposes but mainly to Thailand and Malaysia to visit relatives. I believe this is where my passion, or rather, borderline ‘obsession’, for learning about different cultures, stems from. Thus, I adore the diverse community at the CityU residence.

On most days, I am daydreaming, watching YouTube videos or getting lost in a good book. On rare occasions, you might catch me singing or playing the piano – or eating, I am ALWAYS eating…

Otherwise, I am a storyteller. I hope to captivate your attention and show you my world – just a small but vibrant window of Hong Kong.