Jey MIN Jiyun

Name:  Jey MIN Jiyun
Nationality:  Korean
Hall:  Alumni Civility Hall (Hall 3)
Major & Cohort:  Global Business Systems Management; 2013
Favorite Book:  “One Day, Perhaps (Je reviens te chercher)” ~ Guillaume Musso
Favorite Quote:  “One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night” – Khalil Gibran
MIN Jiyun
MIN Jiyun

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To begin, my favourite quotes are always changing because there are so many great words from good people that I wish to cherish. I love eating very much that my hobby is to visit restaurants and discover the delicious ones. For the past two years in HK, my favourite food has been dimsum. I love sunny days. I like watching movies so I do watch movies every night possible. I can swim. I can snowboard. I can’t see anything clearly without my glasses or lens. I hope to have many cans than cannots. I take photos. I believe aliens exist. I like people. I think the world is so wonderful.

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