Name:  Riddhi SUKHIA
Nationality:  Indian
Hall:  Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4)
Major & Cohort:  Undeclared major; 2014
Favorite Book:  “Deception Point” ~ Dan Brown
Favorite Quote:  “Do I just want to survive, or do I want to live?” ~ Regis Gonzalez

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Hi! I’m Riddhi, a full-time international student from India, studying in CLASS at CityU. I like to travel for pleasure and relaxation. My hobbies include watching TV shows and YouTube, reading, drawing, and spending time with friends. Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Higa are my celebrity crushes. I love to socialize and meet new people. I also love enjoying food, especially chocolate. I could describe myself as a positive, happy and curious person. My favorite subjects are biology, English, and psychology.

My stay at HK has been great so far, and I love the city! I find the cultural diversity in our campus and around the campus quite exciting. I hope in my 4 years here, I learn not only Cantonese, but also some other language, like Japanese.

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