Sumanth William LAZARUS


Sumanth William LAZARUS

Nationality: Indian
Hall: Jockey Club Harmony Club (Hall 7)
Major & Cohort: Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Favorite Book: Kane and Abel
Favorite Quote: “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you” – Lewis B. Smedes
LEE Yeeun, Isabelle
Sumanth William LAZARUS

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Hello there passerby, come closer for there is much to learn between the two of us. Well I’m mostly free on most days I am not busy and on other days you can find me meeting new friends around the corner. I vainly prefer the habit of reading over all other guilty pleasures of mine but sometimes I disagree when I’m found singing, sometimes in the shower. Offering me a penny for a thought, are you? You can’t find the recipe to have everyone happy in this world, mostly because I’ve placed it inside the box under my king size bed; that would be another penny luv, if you want to have it of course. Well I better get writing on that article now, you don’t think the commonwealth is going to take care of matters itself, do you?