Bruno LOVRIC: Life is A Stage / Bruno LOVRIC:生命就是舞台


“Drama is just like a therapy for me.”

A passion actor, Bruno Lovric studied Theatre in the United States before joining CityU. / 熱愛戲劇的Bruno Lovric在加入城大以前,曾在美國深造戲劇。

“Drama is just like a therapy for me which got me through the shyness and anxiety in my adolescence.” This is what led Bruno LOVRIC, Residence Tutor of Hall 10, to the colorful world of drama. Majored in Media and Communication, the PhD student from Croatia is not only a new instructor in his department, but also an active organizer of drama workshops in the hall community.

Bruno has been studying in CityU since 2013. Before he came, he spent several years studying theatre in the U.S. He considered drama as an important way to express his thoughts and emotions. It gives him freedom to become what he dreams of. The time he spent on stage teach him to view things from new perspectives and walk in others’ shoes. Drama has changed his life and transformed him into a confident person. He decided to bring his passion on drama to CityU. With the funding support from the University, he organized a drama workshop called “Break a Leg” in 2014.

By organizing the workshop, Bruno believed that drama can bring students from diverse cultural backgrounds together. The invisible wall between local and non-local students could be broken down as participants were not only learning how to act, they also met like-minded people and become friends in spite of language barriers.

For Bruno, helping new participants to step out of their comfort zones is always be the most challenging part during such workshops. The process of learning and acting is not easy for some people. Most of them are often surprised by themselves when they realize that getting into a role is not as difficult as one imagines. When people discover new abilities on themselves, they become inspired.

“Break a Leg” was a success in its first round so Bruno plans to organize it again this year to welcome new participants. This time, he wants to focus on encouraging personal growth rather than the drama show itself (which will be held at the end of the workshop). The message he wants to convey is that there are no mistakes in drama. Drama encourages the freedom to interpret as well as self-discovery. That is exactly why Bruno loves drama and hopes to share his passion with everyone.

As a Residence Tutor, Bruno thought it was a hard job which required a lot of personal time. While he found it challenging, he showed strong confidence in fulfilling his responsibilities at the same time. Drama workshop is just one of the meaningful programmes he hopes to promote and enrich residents’ lives.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Images:   Bruno LOVRIC (Hall 10)



Bruno’s “Break a Leg” workshop allows participants to free their minds for self appreciation and discovery. / Bruno 舉辦的「Break a Leg」戲劇工作坊鼓勵參加者開發潛能,探索自我。

「戲劇對於我而言具有療效作用,它幫我渡過年少時的仿徨與不安。」 這正是讓舍堂十導師Bruno LOVRIC走進多彩戲劇世界的原因。他是一個來自克羅地亞的博士生,現就讀香港城市大學的媒體與傳播系。現在的他不僅在努力當部門裡的新講師,更在宿舍積極籌備戲劇工作坊。

Bruno自2013年便就讀於城大,在這之前他曾在美國攻讀了幾年戲劇。於Bruno 而言,戲劇表演是一個表達內心的極好方式,讓他有機會透過想像去實現自我。舞臺上的時光教會了他站在別人的角度思考問題。出演戲劇的經歷改變了他,把他變成了一個更自信的人。所以,他想把他對戲劇的熱情帶給更多人。在得到大學的資金支持之後,他在2014年組建了一個叫做「Break a Leg」(意為:祝賀演員大獲成功)的戲劇工作坊。

當被問及為什麽要組建這個工作坊,Bruno 認為表演能讓來自不同文化背景的學生都參與到同一件事情來,可以改善本地學生和非本地學生之間存在的分化現象。因為參與者不僅僅會學到如何演戲,更能遇到很多志同道合的朋友。共同的愛好能幫助他們跨越語言的障礙。


「Break a Leg」在第一次舉辦的時候便大獲好評,所以Bruno決定今年繼續辦這個工作坊。這一次,他會更注重鼓勵工作坊的每個人都參與其中。他最想傳達的觀念是,在戲劇表演中其實無錯可犯,因為演員有很大空間自由發揮,實現自我探索。這也正是他為什麽喜愛戲劇表演的原因。


文: 陳妍宇 (舍堂十)
圖: Bruno LOVRIC (舍堂十)