A Dynamic Beginning of a CityYOU Story / 元氣滿滿開始你與城大的故事


For many new Mainland students, residence life in university is a completely new experience. To help them adapt to the new environment, a Res.life Talk held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Undergraduate (CSSAUG) was organized at Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Saturday to offer them with information and advice about their new life in the residence halls.

Dr. FANG Yulin, Residence Master of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11, delivered a short speech first to welcome all new Mainland students. He provided some basic information about hall life in order to help students adapting themselves to their new living environment as soon as possible. The core point of his speech, however, was to prepare students for the multi-cultural environment they are surrounded with. “You should equip yourselves with a global perspective by trying to integrate into this international environment.” Dr. FANG said. This was not only his expectation for the Mainland freshmen, but one of the significant goals of CityU. After Dr.FANG’s speech, a student representative shared his experience in CityU and encouraged the freshmen to engage themselves in a diversity of student activities and stay exposed to the different cultures around them.

Dr. FANG Yulin, Residence Master of Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall and Hall 11 / 胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一舍監方鈺麟博士
Mr. Derek KWAN and Mr. Issac KIU from Student Residence Office joined the sharing / 學生宿舍處職員關允聰先生及喬駿先生加入分享會

The sharing was followed by a second-hand book sale. Student helpers of CSSAUG piled up all the books collected from students on a desk. A large number of students flocked in, searching for the books they wanted. When they queued up to pay for the books, I interviewed some of them.

When asked about whether there was anything different from her expectations of CityU, LI Yuting, a resident from Jockey Club Humanity Hall, shared with me her initial fear to be isolated as a non-local student, while the truth was that local students were rather friendly and willing to help her. “I thought I may suffer from prejudice as a Mainland student, but local students offered me a lot of help! I’m looking forward to my new life here!” I also interviewed a gentleman about his prospect of study and life in this university. GUO Jinxu from Jockey Club Academy Hall spoke of his wishes with pleasure but not without shyness–that he did not only expect to achieve great academic performances, but also a sweet romance within his four years here. When he was asked to give advice to improve the book sales, he offered some suggestions on technical support, “Maybe a computer system is needed for such an activity so that the working efficiency could be improved and students could get the books they want quicker.”

“I thought I may suffer from prejudice as a Mainland student, but local students offered me a lot of help! I’m looking forward to my new life here!” said LI Yuting from Jockey Club Humanity Hall / 賽馬會敬賢堂的李玉亭同學分享說:「我曾擔心作為一個中國大陸學生,我可能會遭受一些偏見,但本地學生給了我很大的幫助!我很期待在這裏未來的生活!」

This activity aimed to provide students with used textbooks at a relatively low price. New textbooks could be expensive if students were to buy them at bookstores. A second-hand book sale did not only reduce the financial burden on students, but it also benefited the environment. Freshmen received warm help from their upper classmates both in study and in life. I believe that they will remember these kindness in their hearts forever.

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)
Photographer:   Ellen DING (Alumni Civility Hall)



A Res.life Talk held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Undergraduate (CSSAUG) was organized at Moon Chun Multi-function Hall (MFH A) last Saturday to help Mainland freshmen to adapt their new living environment / 為了幫助來自中國大陸的新宿生盡快適應新的環境,香港城市大學中國內地學生學者聯合會(CSSAUG)於上週六在滿珍綜合禮堂組織了內地新生談話會,為他們提供關於宿舍生活的信息和建議。

兼任胡應湘爵士伉儷堂及舍堂十一舍監的方鈺麟博士首先發表了簡短的講話,歡迎所有大陸新生。他提供了有關宿舍生活的一些基本信息,幫助學生盡快適應新的生活環境。 他講話的核心點,是學生所處的多元文化環境。 「你們應該具備全球視野,努力融入國際環境。」這不僅是他對大陸新生的期望,更是城市大學的辦學目標之一。 方博士的演講結束後,學生代表分享了他在城市大學的經驗,鼓勵新生參與不同的學生活動,接觸多元文化環境。

此後,二手書銷售活動開始。 CSSAUG忙著將收集回來的二手書堆放在桌子上。大量學生隨後來到禮堂,尋找他們想要的書。當他們排隊支付的時候,我采訪了其中的一些同學。

當被問及城市大學的生活和預期中有什麽不一樣的時候,來自賽馬會敬賢堂的李玉亭同學告訴我,她原本以為作為一個非本地學生,她可能會感到孤立,而事實是本地學生都十分友好。 「我曾擔心作為一個中國大陸學生,我可能會遭受一些偏見,但本地學生給了我很大的幫助!我很期待在這裏未來的生活!」此外,我還采訪了一位男生有關對未來學習生活的展望。賽馬會群智堂的郭金旭臉上帶著羞澀的微笑說,他不僅在學業上想要拿到好成績,也期待在大學四年間找到一段浪漫的感情。當被問及對此次活動的看法時,他提出了技術層面的一些建議,「或許這樣的活動需要一個計算機系統,可以提高工作效率,學生可以更快找到想要的書籍。 」

Freshmen GUO Jinxu from Jockey Club Academy Hall did not only expect a great achievement in academic performances, but also longed for a sweet romance before he graduated. / 賽馬會群智堂的郭金旭臉上帶著羞澀的微笑說,他不僅在學業上想要拿到好成績,也期待在大學四年間找到一段浪漫的感情。



Life Hacks: How to Make the Most of Your Space / 生活小技巧:如何充分利用你的空間



It is almost common sense, that Hong Kong has been one of the cities on earth with the most expensive housings for several years. However, international and exchange students might not know that the residence halls you are now living in CityU – is among the most expensive districts in Hong Kong.

With an average of HK$12,285 per square feet, you are actually living in a 13-square-metre luxury mansion.

To make the most out of your dorm room, here are some tips you can consider:

  1. Utilize your wardrobe doors with sticky holders 
    • Since sticking holders on the wall often damages the paints, you can stick them on the wardrobe doors instead – to hang towels, the clothes you are going to wear, pocket hangers and etc.
  2. Share the shelf (the one next to the wardrobes) with your roommate
    • Make the shelf as a ‘sharing station’, and put nothing else but things that you share with your roommate. Toilet papers, tissues, food, cooking utensils and etc… When you share, you can save a lot of money, and also space.
  3. Organize your stuff with storage hacks
    • Go on a shopping spree at IKEA, get some cheap storage containers… There are many ways you can organize your things without making your room and shelves look like a battlefield. There are a lot of “storage hacks” ideas online that you can learn from.

Don’t hesitate to make the most of your space. After all, you should enjoy living in one of the most expensive areas in Hong Kong. Local students always tell this joke, “We live on top of the hill of Kowloon Tong… Well, not the mansions, but right next to one.”

Writer:   Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10)
Image:   www.bobvila.com






  1. 在衣櫃門上貼黏鉤
    在墻上貼黏鉤可能會造成油漆剝落,所以你可以貼在衣櫃門上── 掛毛巾,要穿的衣服,掛口袋的架子等等。
  1. 和室友共用衣櫃旁邊的架子
  1. 整理物品時運用一些小技巧