TALK Music: Karton MA / 談音樂: 馬浩俊專訪


Apart from the successful stint at the U-basketball team, Karton MA (Alumnus, Alumni Civility Hall) had another gift to offer us all–his voice. From winning the university singing contest, runner-up at the ICMA Intercollegiate SingCon, and the Professor Edmund Ko Cup three times (but who’s counting), Karton moves as a man of few words and a vast repertoire of melodies.

Karton Ma was a 3-time solo champion in the Professor Edmond Ko Cup Inter-hall Singing Contest. / 馬浩俊(馬仔)是高彥鳴教授盃舍際歌唱比賽的個人演唱三連冠。

Having had the privilege to lose to him at the 2015 MUSO SingCon final, I did leave the event having more questions about Karton.  So I grabbed the first opportunity to circle back and catch him at his latest gig as a professional singer in our city. “I am working for my dad’s car business,” he told me modestly, following up with some good news of the label contract he recently signed under JL Music and the new management that works for him. Whilst getting an average of at least two shows or private performances a month, and the time spent at his dad’s auto, we can find him serenading around the week in the streets of HK with his busking crew. A multi-tasker, he for sure is.

His song writing moves along romantic lines and feels, capturing his own emotion struggles and pursuits in rhyme and verse.

“Songs-an escape, lyrics-a voice to the pent-up troubles, melody-the duvet that preserve the warmth from the cold onslaught.” – Unknown

On discussing his interests in music style and genre, Canto-pop does seem to be his choicest forte, but he prefers his songs to transcend genre and language and confide with the emotional quotient in each of us, which seeks companionship with the shared bittersweet sentiment. His tastes likened to contemporary pop tunes. Karton desires to study other genres with the aim to incorporate its nuances of feel into Canto-pop, and the dream to study in Berklee College of Music-Boston in the future.

Performing in public is no challenge to Karton. / 公開演唱?對熱愛音樂的馬仔來說可謂毫無難度。

With an illustrious hall life, he eulogises his years spent in the hall. “I am very grateful for Dr MA Ka Fai’s encouragement,” he says which helped boost his confidence and helping Alumni Civility Hall retain the PEK Singing Contest championship during his reign. Without the good friends he made in the hall, a usually shy and timid person by his own suggestion, would have been troubled to wring those nervous blues–forget getting in front of the mic! Being a non-instrumentalist, he is grateful to the close mates from Alumni Civility who helped and tutored him at the guitar and piano, which he largely uses as his song composition metre. Reminiscing the song he wrote during his recently culminated hall years, Karton beckons to take his life, memories and his pursuit to the top of the billboard charts onto the real stage, and we as the residence family are with him through and through.

Writer:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Images:   Karton MA (Alumnus, Alumni Civility Hall)



Non-stop applause followed after Karton’s unforgettable performance of Eason Chan’s “Exaggerated” at the PEK Sing Con in 2013. / 2013年在高彥鳴教授盃聯舍歌唱比賽中演唱陳奕迅的高難度名曲《浮誇》,為馬仔帶來觀眾如雷般的熱烈掌聲。

同樣對音樂充滿熱情的我在2015年音樂學會歌唱總決賽中曾不敵馬仔落敗,該天比賽後,我對於這位天才橫溢的得勝者確實留下了一堆問號。借著這次採訪機會,我決定把握良機,一解心中積藏已久的疑團。正在向著專業歌手路前進的他謙稱:「我在幫我爸打理汽車生意。」並透露最近他與新經紀公司JL Music簽約,每月都要出席起碼兩場私人演出,晚上還不時跟其樂隊到街頭獻唱。真是身兼多務,忙裡忙外的。


“歌是一種對生活的逃避,詞是一聲對煩惱的抗議,旋律是一張抵抗驟冷的暖被。” – 佚名


Karton looks forward to explore different styles and genres in mixing with Canto-pop. / 馬仔希望吸收更多不同的音樂風格,為廣東歌帶來更多變化和深度。

馬仔的宿舍生活豐富多姿,對於那些年他如是說:「我很感激馬家輝博士鼓勵我。」宿舍的生活令他自信倍增,更多次為校友樂禮堂奪得高彥鳴教授盃歌唱比賽冠軍。若沒有在宿舍認識到這班好朋友,他或許還是個羞羞怯怯的男生,更不用提在台上表演! 幸得校友樂禮堂的密友用心教他這個新手彈吉他和鋼琴,大大幫助他作曲。憶起當年作的曲,馬仔決心投身音樂、進軍樂壇、登上真正的舞台,而我們舍堂的大家庭會一路相伴相隨。

文:   William, Sumanth LAZARUS (賽馬會群萃堂)
圖:   馬浩俊 (校友樂禮堂校友)