Decorating Your Room——a Creative Outlet for You / 裝飾房間--一個發揮創造力的時刻


Have you ever thought about differentiating your room from others’? Have you ever thought about that the way you decorate your can put you in a good mood every time when you come back? Let’s decorate our rooms!

Here are some tips for DIY decoration:

  1. Put up your creatively designed name tags on the door. This can impress your floor mates while informing them of your name at the same time.
  2. Before you start decorating your room, think and decide the overall style of the decoration. You can choose a Modern Simple style, Medieval theme, Fantasy style, etc. As long as you have decided the overall style, you can buy some fitting gadgets or small furniture.
  3. As for buying gadget, there are several wonderful shops where you can nearly buy all the items on your list at a relatively low price. IKEA and MUJI alike promote various Modern Simple styles, so you can always find a lot of well-designed gadgets or furniture there. Also, you can turn to online shops and buy customized, tailor-made products.
  4. Put up posters, stickers, paintings or photos you like on the wall or on the whiteboard. These things can show your personal features and even life mottos.
  5. Classify your personal items in the room. This habit can make your decoration stand out to a large extent as well as improving your efficiency of studying.

At last, if you think your room is the best room in town already, do enter our decoration contest——My Room Rocks Contest——to win a prize: Good luck!

Writer:   Joanna CHEN (Hall 10)




  1. 設計自己的名字牌,張貼在房門上。這不僅能給途經的層友留下印象,還能讓他們知道你的名字從而更快的認識你。
  2. 在裝飾房間之前, 仔細考慮和確定裝飾的整體風格。例如,現代簡約風格、中世界風格、夢幻風格等等。接著你可以著手買一些相同風格的裝飾物件。
  3. 購買小物件?這些商店是你購買的不錯選擇:宜家,無印良品都主打現代簡約風格;你也可以在網店上私人定制。
  4. 在墻上或者白板上張貼中意的畫報或者照片,以彰顯你的個性或者人生信條。
  5. 將房間裏的東西分類歸置。這不僅能讓你裝飾的風格更突出,也能助你提高效率。

假如你說,不用了,我的房間已經是全城最美了,那歡迎你參加我們的【My Room Rocks Contest】以分享你的裝飾成果,贏取豐富獎品。請通過下面的網址獲取更多相關信息:。祝你好運!

文: 陳妍宇(舍堂十)