Be a Heavy Polar Bear and Break the Ice / 利用幽默 打破沉默

It’s the start of a new semester, whilst meeting up with your old friends, perhaps you’re thinking of making NEW ones? But how to start that first conversation?

Actually, everybody likes a bit of humour, so might as well start a conversation off that way. Try some of the lines below, if you look confident and engaging, you might just pull it off – no matter how ridiculous.

[Disclaimer: These are not guaranteed to help you get new Facebook friends. In some situations you might find yourself looking like a borderline crazy person.

  1. Hi I’m [your name]. Don’t worry if you forget it in about 2 seconds, I’m also not good with names.
  2. Do you know the wifi password?
  3. Hi, my mom told me to make a new friend, so I thought that could be you.
  4. So…catch any Pokemon here yet?
  5. Please tell me you know where the closest McDonald’s is?
  6. So…what do you think about Imagine Dragons? Yes or HELL YES?
  7. It is so hot right now, my sweat is sweating.
  8. So how did you find out Santa doesn’t exist? Wait…you know he is not real, right?
  9. Captain America or Iron Man? Come on! Pick a side.
  10. Do you know any funny ways to start a conversation?

Writer:   Hanna Suchanya LIM (Alumni Civility Hall)

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  1. 你好!我是[你的名字]。不用因為兩秒之後就忘了而感到困擾,我自己也不擅長記名字。
  2. 你知道這兒的WiFi密碼嗎?
  3. 我媽讓我交個新朋友,所以我認為你或許是個不錯的選擇。
  4. 那麽……你抓到新的小精靈了嗎?
  5. 你知道最近的麥當勞在哪?
  6. 你覺得Imagine Dragons這個樂隊怎麽樣?好還是好極了?
  7. 這會兒實在太熱了,我的汗都開始流汗了。
  8. 所以你怎麽看聖誕老人其實並不存在這件事?呃……你知道他不是真的,是吧?
  9. 美國隊長還是鋼鐵俠?來吧!你得選邊站。
  10. 你知道怎麽以一個有趣的方式搭訕嗎?

文:Hanna Suchanya LIM (校友樂禮堂)
譯:陳妍宇 (舍堂十)