Betty WANG Qi

Name:  Betty WANG Qi(王琪)
Nationality:  China
Hall:  Hall 10
Major & Cohort:  Translation and Interpretation; 2013
Favorite Book:  Dream of the Red Chamber 《紅樓夢》
Favorite Quote:  “You still have a long way to go.” ~ Tennis Prince
WANG Qi, Betty
WANG Qi, Betty

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我叫王琪,英文名字叫Betty,聽說白羊座的女孩子起這個英文名會帶來好運,便選了這個。我來自中國大陸,家鄉是壹座寧靜的北方小城。我住在Hall 10,這裏是壹個溫暖的大家庭,很幸運地結識了來自世界各地的小夥伴。我的專業是翻譯及傳譯,我的夢想就是做壹名出色的傳譯員。我最喜歡的書是中國古典文學名著《紅樓夢》,這部書“草蛇灰線,伏延千里”的高超伏筆和照應的技巧,瑰麗華美的語言都讓我讚歎不已。我最愛的一句格言是“你還差得遠呢”,這句話出自我最愛的日本動漫《網球王子》主角的口頭禪,它時刻提醒著我還不夠優秀,要努力讓自己變得更強大。

My name is WANG Qi, Betty. It is said that the name “Betty” could bring good luck to Aries girls. I come from Mainland. My hometown is a small peaceful city located in northeastern China. I live in Hall 10, which is a warm big family. I feel very lucky to get acquainted with so many friends that come from all over the world. My major is Translation and Interpretation. My dream is to become an excellent interpreter. My favorite book is Chinese classical literary classics A Dream of Red Mansions. I highly praise its superb foreshadowing and coordinating skills and the magnificent and colorful language. My favorite quote is “You still have a long way to go.” It is the pet phrase of main character in my favorite Japanese comic Tennis Prince. It could remind me at every moment that I am not excellent and I should be more hardworking to make myself more formidable.

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